Monkey and Snake Compatibility

The Monkey and the Snake may have too many opposing qualities to get along very well. They do both love to have a good time and are both charming and popular; this may be the saving grace of their relationship or it may simply point to the forum in which they initially connect. However, the Snake’s popularity and seductive charm belie a much more reserved nature; this sign is actually something of a homebody, one that loves to curl up and lose itself in a good book. The Monkey, on the other hand, is always interested in having a good time, in following its own pleasures and adventures.

Although you are very smart, as a Monkey you do make some short-sighted choices because you are led by your attention span. A romantic at heart, you may believe each new love interest is "the one" and throw all of your energy into grand gestures that win you the woman of your dreams. With you ability to charm and seduce, it isn’t difficult for you to get a woman’s attention. Unfortunately, you tend to fall out of love quickly, too, and your wandering eye doesn’t help matters. When you find a woman you really click with, you will be willing to put the effort in to keep her, but this is more likely to happen when you are older and have settled down a bit. It will also help if you search inside yourself honestly to determine whether a woman is really the love of your life or just another passing interest.

If you have been captivated by a Snake, it is really no surprise. Snakes are cool customers, and a female Snake is like the femme fatale from the movies; beautiful, aloof, intelligent, and ruthless in the pursuit of her goals. Snakes are just as good as Monkeys at wrapping people around their little fingers. They use their intelligence and speaking abilities to convince others of anything they want, and they usually want power. You may admire your Snake’s ability to keep a cool, calm head in a crisis, and motivate others to solve the problem rather than panicking.

This relationship is likely to be consuming. The chemistry will be intense and amazing. You must be careful not to try and fool the Snake; she will see right through it and become very angry. Snakes are jealous lovers, and you must get control of your wandering eye if you are to make this work. Snakes have many admirers as well, so you are likely to feel jealousy from time to time too.

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Monkey and Snake Love Compatibility

As lovers these two might have a lot of fun together going out on the town with friends; they are also capable of an intense sexual connection. However, the Snake tends to be the jealous, possessive type and the Monkey will have a hard time not providing reason for the Snake’s jealousies to flare up. The Monkey is a loyal sign and, though it does have the potential to be an unfaithful lover, won’t necessarily fulfill that potential; however, its urge to be out with a different group every night will leave the Snake worrying anyway, no matter how faithful the Monkey has been.

Monkey Woman and Snake Man Compatibility

A Snake woman and a Monkey man in Chinese astrology work well if they both enjoy social outings. They are both charming, but often to others who are not involved in the relationship. The Snake woman may feel unappreciated from the Monkey man if he is spending too much time out. Although the couple is highly sexually compatible, they tend to have wandering eyes and may be unfaithful when they are with one another while they are dating, this however may change if the relationship deepens.

Monkey Man and Snake Woman Compatibility

The Monkey woman is more practical and sensible than the Snake man, who enjoys meeting new people and seeking new adventures. According to Chinese compatibility the Snake man in prefers to have the Monkey woman always appearing her best, although he is firm on stating he is not materialistic or in the pursuit of fame and riches.

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