Ox and Dog Compatibility

The Ox and Dog compatibility is difficult to predict. Much in their union depends on the influence of the elements on a particular sign, on the vital sphere in which people interact. You canโ€™t call such a tandem neither stable nor meaningless, since in life there are a lot of absolutely opposite examples. For a more accurate prediction of compatibility, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of each member of the union.

Compatibility Horoscope for Ox and Dog

The horoscope of compatibility of the Ox and the Dog is so complicated, because in many characteristics the signs diverge from each other without forming attractive opposites. The Ox is distinguished by an enviable patience and perseverance, a desire to subjugate others and dominate the situation. Such leadership qualities often lead to conflicts with colleagues and friends. The Dog is inclined to avoid direct collisions and maintain a softer relationship, however, it will also easily accept the principle and will defend its opinion if the controversial issue is of sufficient importance.

One of the most deplorable nuances that adversely affects the compatibility of the Ox with the Dog is that the last mentioned sign does not take control of itself, considering it offensive. This can lead to a quiet collapse of the union โ€” without loud quarrels and insults, when only a drop of misunderstanding will overwhelm the jug of patience. The Ox loves to establish rules in everything: about the order at home, about the rules of conduct in relationships, about the organization of leisure. The Dog will avoid the established framework, as it cannot achieve a sense of comfort without a sense of freedom of action and self-expression.

Ox Man and Dog Woman

Ox man and Dog woman will make the most successful union, in this case their compatibility will be high. Mutual understanding will come when engaging in common affairs, as both are well related to partnership. The most important thing for them will be to find these common ground. A man will rightfully want to play the main violin in tandem, and a woman will not resist the desire to obey him, not at all losing initiative and trying to please his partner. The Ox will be glad of such attention to his affairs, this will surely find a response in his soul, and the Dog will be able to realize the desire to help a person who often borders on self-sacrifice. With this option, compatibility of signs guarantees their mutual satisfaction with the union.

Ox Woman and Dog Man

An Ox woman and a Dog man make up a less successful tandem. Their compatibility is much lower than it might seem at first glance. Although both value relationships, for the Ox, control over the partner remains the main thing, while for the Dog, personal independence. On this basis scandals are inevitable. In order to at least somehow smooth out the situation, the woman will have to loosen her grip, and then the man will be able to realize himself, without feeling the limitations, which are extremely painful. The duration of such an alliance depends on how much each person in a pair is able to accept the character traits of a partner that are unusual for him; compatibility is very much affected by the willingness of the parties to compromise.

Ox and Dog Business Compatibility

In general, signs will contradict each other. The compatibility of the Ox and Dog in the work is low, because everyone sees their own way to solve current problems. Their approach to professional activity also differs. The Ox is aimed at the result, calmly transferring hardships towards the goal. The Dog seeks to enjoy the process, while the final result is not as important as participation in the work. Often this becomes a cause of contention, in which both refuse to cooperate. More acceptable is the option in which the Ox occupies a leadership position, and the Dog obeys. In this case, the compatibility of signs in the work will be higher, because both are responsible for their work and are ready to diligently fulfill their duties.

Despite the fact that both characters value loyalty and devotion and are able to always come to the aid of a friend, the compatibility of the Ox with the Dog in friendship is low. They have different interests and ideas about leisure, it is difficult for them to find a common language. The Ox will always stand on his opinion, expecting the comrade to share such views, accept the proposed point of view. However, the Dog will prove his case, sincerely believing that only truth will help the common cause. Disagreements will occur about and without it, rivalry will become the main characteristic of such a tandem. The friendly compatibility of the Ox and the Dog is so small that everyone prefers to stay away and not waste time unsuccessfully substantiating his position to his companion.

Ox and Dog Love Compatibility

The development of romantic relations among representatives of signs will not be swift. The Ox is assertive and straightforward, immediately says what he wants from a relationship and is not exchanged for short engagements. The Dog is a softer and more romantic nature, however, it takes the choice of a partner very seriously, as it knows that it will be ready to sacrifice a lot for it. It takes time for both signs to feel confident in their feelings. Nevertheless, the compatibility of the Ox and the Dog in love is not so small as to exclude the possibility of forming a happy couple. However, for this, everyone should be ready to review their behavior.

The Ox considers the partner his property and is capable of direct criticism, even if it causes negative emotions and resentment, justifying it with a desire to change attitudes for the better. The Dog is able to patiently relate to the person whom he loves, however, constant pressure tolerates very poorly, being locked in himself and preferring loneliness to such communication. If the Ox does not catch on time and does not pay attention to the consequences of his behavior, this can lead to a quiet disagreement and severance of relations. Moreover, for both, such a step can be a relief. The compatibility of the Ox and the Dog in the relationship will increase if each of them strangles selfish tendencies in itself and becomes more attentive to the partner.

Ox and Dog Sexual Compatibility

Both signs love sex, they need it to confirm the status of their relationship. However, the compatibility of the Ox and Dog in bed will suffer if they do not find out all their grievances before intimacy. Both love to indulge in passion to the fullest, however, omissions and disagreements will significantly interfere with the purity of the process and will affect the openness of partners to each other.

In this pair, people will not look for pleasures on the side, because they remain completely satisfied with the partner when their relationship is at the peak of mutual understanding. Such a sincere passion often encourages experiments, which also tend to be quite successful. The compatibility of the Ox with the Dog in sex is very high if the partners are able to find spiritual harmony in their union. However, they cannot separate intimacy from other aspects of their life. Therefore, such an idyll is easy to destroy, even despite the fact that both experience a real delight in proximity.

Ox and Dog Family Compatibility

The compatibility of the Ox and Dog in marriage is even more questionable than their friendship. The influence of the elements of the year of birth will be crucial, and their inconsistency and hostility will immediately affect the family atmosphere. The Ox is a wonderful family man, gives all his strength so that their unit of society does not live in poverty and enjoy all available material benefits. The Dog is just as loyal to his family, however, he will still require signs of attention, tenderness and manifestation of love. This can become an obstacle to achieving harmony in relations, because the Ox is stingy on emotions, believing that he fully repays his conjugal debt with material values. This nuance is often the cause of quarrels.

Another stumbling block in the compatibility of the Ox with the Dog in family life is jealousy. Both of them value their freedom, but they are clearly possessive towards their partner. An attack on personal space can be taken literally with hostility and become a cause for contention. The Ox needs to learn how to weaken control, to trust its other half. And it is advisable for the Dog to get used to the fact that sometimes you have to do as your partner requires, so as not to bring the situation to scandal. In other nuances, the representatives of the signs in a pair will be satisfied with each other. Both will be caring parents, guardians of family traditions and devoted spouses.

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