Ox and Dragon Compatibility

The Ox and the Dragon are a union of two extraordinary, strong people. This is a vivid combination, there are many positive and negative sides in it, this couple will not be bored unambiguously. Representatives of these signs have the most passionate, unforgettable relationships. They are strongly attracted to each other, they will not be able to remain indifferent if they meet. Great love and great conflict are their common characteristic.

Compatibility Horoscope for Ox and Dragon

This is a complex relationship that cannot be described in a nutshell. The compatibility of the Ox with the Dragon can not be called simply high or low, it will not be true. Both of these signs belong to the elements of the Earth, which increases their level of understanding and the chances of a lasting alliance. Belonging to different principles — Yin and Yang makes them attractive to each other and at the same time increases the likelihood of conflict.

These signs have a different temperament. The Dragon is more energetic than the Ox, thinks and acts faster, more often relies on luck, a happy combination of circumstances. The Ox acts slower, but more thoroughly, relies on the results of its painstaking work, does not trust the volatile Fortune. The compatibility horoscope of Ox and Dragon largely depends on the properties of each individual person and the desire to change for the sake of harmonious relations with another person. In their union, a struggle for leadership is likely.

Ox Man and Dragon Woman

The Ox man and Dragon woman often become an inseparable couple. Their relationship cannot be called an idyll: they have the whole spectrum of emotions taken to extremes, both positive and negative. The man admires the beauty of the Dragon woman, her wit, the ability to create a holiday atmosphere on any day. A woman likes the reliability and thoroughness of a man, his willingness to love, admire, and be faithful. Their passionate temperament will not allow them to live measured and calm. Quarrels between them often occur, but, as a rule, end with a quick reconciliation. The problem may be a mutual desire to take a dominant position. Their key task is to learn to agree among themselves, to compromise, to restrain the manifestations of their difficult character. If it is resolved, the relationship will develop harmoniously.

Ox Woman and Dragon Man

Not so successfully formed a love relationship in a pair of Ox woman and Dragon man. They also often begin to meet, but when creating a couple, they have incorrect ideas about their partner. It seems to the woman that the man is “stepping up” over time, will settle down and will devote all his free time to the family. A man thinks that he can change his partner, make her easier to climb and free in views. This is partly possible, but the desire for too quick changes will lead to serious conflicts, probably parting a few months after the start of the relationship. A woman will be worried about the number of fans of her chosen one — the Dragon is almost always popular with the fair sex and, as a rule, is in no hurry to refuse female attention, even while in a constant relationship. Despite the fact that he is not inclined to physical adultery, he likes to flirt, be in the spotlight. If he wants to stay in a relationship with the Ox woman, he will have to constantly prove his loyalty and love for her.

Ox and Dragon Business Compatibility

The compatibility of the Ox and the Dragon in the work is high enough. The common element — Earth — makes their approach to solving business issues similar. Both relate to the assigned tasks responsibly, fulfill them diligently and on time. Set themselves extremely realistic goals, do not build unlikely plans. Representatives of these signs are equally hardworking, not lazy to fulfill their duties. Problems may arise if the boss in this tandem is Ox — he will inhibit the creative activity of the Dragon and suppress his will. Best of all, if they are equal colleagues, contributing to the common cause. This will unite them. They have an understanding of what the rules of business ethics are and will not conflict at work on trifles.

Representatives of these signs often become friends, but rarely close friends. The low compatibility of the Ox with the Dragon in friendship is due to the contradictions that arise in their relationship. Both seek to impose their point of view on everything from simple everyday decisions to worldview issues. Conflict will not arise only if the Ox agrees to give the Dragon a leading role in tandem — he will have to do this or come to terms with the inevitability of breaking friendly relations. They are capable of mutually enriching each other’s life, habits and interests if they decide the issue of the struggle for supremacy. The Dragon is able to bring more celebration, spontaneous decisions to the life of the Ox, teach him to enjoy life, notice all the available opportunities and use them. His companion can show the Dragon an example of a calm exit from difficult situations, diplomacy.

Ox and Dragon Love Compatibility

Being members of the opposite sex, they rarely become friends. Their attractiveness to each other makes this almost impossible. The compatibility of the Ox and the Dragon in love is high, despite possible conflicts, this is a favorable combination of the same elements (Earth) and the opposite principles of Yin and Yang. Relationships can be initiated by both the Dragon and the Ox — both are quite confident in themselves and are used to getting what they want. The first is attracted by the confidence and reliability of the potential partner, his thoroughness. The second is the beauty, artistry and wit inherent in most Dragons.

The love affair is developing rapidly, they are not used to waiting and beckon each other too much. But at the initial stage, conflicts are most likely, so the relationship can end as quickly as it started. The compatibility of the Ox with the Dragon in a relationship will become more harmonious over time, when they learn the art of understanding and compromise. They need time, sometimes considerable time, to get used to each other, get used to the peculiarities of their soul mate and come to terms with those shortcomings that cannot be fixed.

Ox and Dragon Sexual Compatibility

Representatives of these signs are attractive to each other as lovers, the compatibility of the Ox and the Dragon in bed is high. The Dragon has a more active temperament, but this does not turn into a problem — he knows how to stir up desire in his partner. The bed will be a place of reconciliation after violent conflicts. Their intimate life is rich and diverse, they are not bored together. The temperament of the representatives of both signs increases with age, so they should not be afraid of the fading of mutual interest over time.

The Dragon will initiate new, unusual sexual practices, some changes in intimate life, will not allow her to turn into a routine. A hardy Ox will keep the Dragon in good shape and regularly convince that he is the best. Making love can be the main factor on which their relationship is held. The Ox and the Dragon often become simply lovers without obligations, although the former is not quite happy with this format of meetings. One day they will have to make a choice: break up or take the relationship to a new level.

Ox and Dragon Family Compatibility

The initiator of creating a family in this pair will be the Ox. He has more traditional views on gender relations and believes that they must be formalized. The Dragon is not a fan of this, but if he loves his partner, he usually agrees, although not immediately. The compatibility of the Ox and the Dragon in the marriage is high — if this marriage is concluded, it means that they have already overcome the initial stage, full of serious contradictions. Their life will be harmonious, and their family will be strong. Representatives of earth signs are well capable of raising children and can instill in them the very best qualities of character, grow in love and prosperity. For the sake of their children, they are able to overcome many difficulties.

The compatibility of the Ox with the Dragon in family life has been increasing with the years spent together. Gradually, they completely get used to each other, learn to interact without conflict, bypass sharp corners, and solve emerging problems calmly. And there are fewer problems — their love and desire to change for the sake of a dear person helps in this. They are becoming more compatible with each other. In addition, they are characterized by increased responsibility — if they have married and lived together for quite some time, they will no longer leave the family. Their house will be full of happiness and love when the desire to fight for supremacy and argue fades away, and feelings begin to burn only brighter.

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