Ox and Goat Compatibility

Although both the Ox and the Goat are influenced by the same native element – the Earth, the fundamental features of their characters are fundamentally different. However, this may not always interfere with their compatibility. The conservative and stubborn Ox, representing the exact opposite of the windy and impatient Goat, still has a chance to find understanding with her in tandem, but with the exception of some individual cases.

Compatibility Horoscope for Ox and Goat

The compatibility of the Ox with the Goat is complicated by the fact that people of the first sign are distinguished by a love of stability, do not suffer unexpected changes, while representatives of the second sign are tired of constancy, and they constantly want to be new. The Ox is used to walking through life leisurely and confidently, patiently overcoming difficulties. He is not afraid of temporary hardships, he boldly collides with them forehead and forever and tirelessly goes ahead. The goat is more passive and usually evades difficult situations. She is not a fan of visionary strategies and prefers to have fun here and now. However, these qualities are the key to the compatibility of these signs.

An Ox can be selfish, but he will spare no time or effort to provide all that is needed for a loved one. He needs a partner who will not cheapen, evaluating his work, diligence and activity. It is the Goat that is capable of doing this. She herself often lacks leadership qualities, courage to go into conflict for the sake of a common cause, but it is precisely these character traits that cause her sincere admiration. The compatibility horoscope of the Ox with the Goat is successful only if the first one gets the opportunity to realize himself as a leader and master, and the second gratefully accepts his gifts. The Ox will not tolerate betrayal from a partner, while the union will break up instantly. Therefore, Goat should be faithful to him, although she is inclined to quickly change partners, especially, being subject to such a volatile element as Water.

Ox Man and Goat Woman

The tandem of the Ox man and the Goat woman is most successful in compatibility. He will play the usual dominant role in the union, making the most important decisions, and she will meekly take her subordinate position, while being under his reliable protection. Relationship difficulties can arise due to the conservatism of a man who will quickly get bored with a woman. He will not understand her impulsive aspirations, and she — his monotonous pastime. To exclude possible conflicts, a woman will have to consciously pay more attention to everyday life, and a man will have to try less to restrain her in hobbies, contrary to the desire to lead her every step.

Ox Woman and Goat Man

The compatibility of the Ox woman and the Goat man is a big question. Both signs in such a tandem will not be easy. A woman will want to fit her partner into the framework of the criterion, which she largely draws from herself: punctuality, reliability, firmness and constancy. For a man, such traits will be unacceptable, because he prefers spontaneity, lightness and does not consider union as a reason to endure any deprivation. Their interests will constantly clash, especially if he is influenced by the elements of the Tree, draining female powers by an unwillingness to conform to her ideal. Compatibility of signs in this option is possible only if the woman consciously assumes the obligation to constantly push the man to more deliberate actions.

Ox and Goat Business Compatibility

The compatibility of the Ox and Goat in the work is quite high. The first got used to diligent work, to careful planning of future steps, and the second acts more creatively, showing great imagination and determination in a suddenly changing situation. And in this two signs harmoniously complement each other. The Ox is engaged in strategy and routine issues, he is knocked out of a rut of surprises, with which the Goat copes very willingly. Difficulties may arise in the distribution of finances. The Ox loves to save and has a rather meticulous financial policy, while the Goat is prone to impulsive spending, not particularly going into boring bookkeeping for her. In this matter, representatives of the two signs may not agree with each other in the general opinion, and may not come to an understanding.

The friendship of the Ox and the Goat is quite strong. Their opposite traits contribute to mutual attraction. The balance and tranquility of the first sign are complemented by a certain eccentricity and immediacy of the second. Therefore, they are never bored together. The compatibility of the Ox and the Goat in friendship will be even higher if they learn to avoid mutual criticism, develop the ability to compromise in contentious issues and forgive each other for their own flaws.

Ox and Goat Love Compatibility

The beginning of a love relationship between representatives of these signs is swift. The Ox will win the sympathy of his partner, without special preludes and romance, seeking reciprocity. A sensual and emotional Goat will be pleased with such an onslaught, willingly getting involved in a love game and even sometimes taking the initiative. At this stage, relations are built easily, nothing darkens them. Problems in the compatibility of the Ox and the Goat in love can begin when a question about the seriousness of intent arises. A bullish propensity for possessiveness can easily be ignored by a more freedom-loving partner, which will lead to mutual claims and conflicts.

However, Ox’ innate self-confidence can seduce a Goat who needs a person to rely on. And this gives this pair a chance to succeed. Both characters can find each other their missing half. The compatibility of the Ox and the Goat in a relationship will be possible if the first will turn a blind eye to the inconsistency of the partner’s mood, and the second will put up with his penchant for banal things, simplicity and directness. All people need grinding in love. It takes time to understand and accept the shortcomings of a loved one. The Ox needs to cope with its desire to control the partner in everything, and the more volatile Goat — to find the strength in himself to adapt to his preferences. In this case, the union will be completely organic.

Ox and Goat Sexual Compatibility

The bed is a place of reconciliation between the Ox and the Goat. In sex, these two signs show the greatest compatibility. The Ox will not take the initiative to make his intimate life more diverse. For him, the main thing is that sex be, but which one exactly is a secondary question. And here the passionate and inventive Goat is able to show itself in all its glory. She will try to achieve harmony in sex and strive to deliver pleasure to her partner, which will surely find a response in him.

The compatibility of the Ox with the Goat in bed will only grow over time, because he will not immediately be able to liberate himself in intimacy, but later will master a new behavior for him and will be attentive and caring towards his partner. And she will always find a way to refresh sex and try to change the situation, which will necessarily cause a reciprocal gratitude. It is in bed that two signs will be most frank with each other, will be able to learn more about their partner and thereby strengthen their union.

Ox and Goat Family Compatibility

Marriage will be a serious test for both the Ox and the Goat. Signs radically differ in their temperament, as well as in their approach to routine matters, so life will become the basis for frequent conflicts. The Ox is hyperresponsible to his duties and will demand the same from the second half. He carefully compiles the family budget and requires unquestioning obedience to the rules, which he himself seeks to impose. For Goat, this monotony seems boring. She loves to live one day, not particularly looking to the future, which will become a stumbling block in cooperation with a partner. Therefore, the compatibility of a Ox and a Goat in a marriage depends on many nuances.

If the spouses can competently approach the distribution of their duties and begin to respect the wishes of each other with respect, the union can be happy. To do this, they need a common goal: children, hobbies, pet care. The Ox is not particularly sentimental, but very caring. He will be pleased to deliver positive emotions to the partner by participating in a common cause. The goat will never be stingy with compliments and will be sincerely grateful to such attention. An emphasis on common interests will be a salvation for marriage. The compatibility of the Ox and the Goat in family life will be significantly higher if they take the effort to find as many common points of contact with each other as possible.

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