Ox and Horse Compatibility

The compatibility of the Ox and the Horse is in question because of the cardinal differences in their worldview. These two signs represent types of people with different temperaments: the first is slow and stubborn, and the second is restless and fast. However, their native elements of Earth and Fire make it possible to successfully interact with each other, and the opposite polarities of the energy of Yin and Yang provide mutual interest and attraction.

Compatibility Horoscope for Ox and Horse

The compatibility of the two characters is lame due to their different characters. The Ox is slow, but has a stranglehold. All that he has achieved in life should not be attributed to his luck, since this is the fruit of painstaking work. He perceives a partner in the same way — as his honestly conquered property. The horse never remains in one place. She is restless and very easy to climb, which can even be perceived as some kind of frivolity. But in this case, it is rather a rhythm of life, rather than a manifestation of carelessness or windiness. These differences in temperament make the compatibility of the Ox and the Horse high at the beginning of the acquaintance, but promise difficulties later in life.

The Ox loves the home environment. Although he selflessly performs his work, after which he always hurries to his home, where everything is completely subordinate to the order established by him. The emphasis on the material world and leadership abilities allow him to overcome financial difficulties and achieve success. And the Horse appreciates more than what is already behind her. She is seduced by suspense and novelty. Therefore, the Ox immediately after meeting with the Horse will be endowed with sincere attention, but then with regret will note that the focus of interests of the partner is constantly shifting. Therefore, the predictions of the compatibility horoscope of the Ox and the Horse can be contradictory, in many respects they depend on what the representatives of the signs want from each other.

Ox Man and Horse Woman

Between the Ox man and the Horse woman, a fleeting romance is more likely than a long and serious relationship. Both signs often understand this well at the beginning of the meeting. Such unions quickly disintegrate if people do not feel deep feelings for each other. When a man sees that his beloved is self-willed enough and does not want to obey him, he will lose interest in her, because he needs a person who is ready to follow his rules. A woman, especially born in the year of the element of the Tree, will not allow herself to be driven into the appropriate framework, nullifying any claims to her freedom.

Ox Woman and Horse Man

An Ox woman and a Horse man are much more likely to stay together. The woman of this sign, as a rule, is quite restrained, she will gladly accept the bright courtship of the man, and he will try to liberate her. She will give all her strength to establish comfort in the house, being a wonderful housewife, and he will never rest on his laurels, representing a successful earner who knows the value of himself and his work. If a woman accepts the frequent absence of her man at home, gatherings with friends and delays at work, then such an alliance can be successful. However, for this, she will need unlimited trust in her man.

Ox and Horse Business Compatibility

Nobleness in business is not alien to each of the signs, they are used to honestly perform their duties, so the compatibility of the Ox and the Horse in the work is high. However, their approaches to work are different. If the Ox acts as carefully as possible, calculating all the options for the development of the situation in advance, then the Horse is used to relying on improvisation, and therefore it is much more effective in solving sudden problems. As a result, their labor efficiency is different. The Horse can oppress the Horse, surpassing it in activity.

The compatibility of the Ox and Horse in friendship is low, since these people are not connected by common interests. The first one likes a calm and measured rest, spends leisure time in the usual comfort, not wanting to change the situation. And the second does not tolerate uniformity, its destiny is active pastime and the pursuit of new experiences. Therefore, these two signs do not find common topics for conversation, they look at the same situation in completely different ways, not receiving pleasant emotions from spending time together.

Ox and Horse Love Compatibility

A romance between these characters can develop very rapidly, at this stage their compatibility is high. A balanced and calm Ox literally knocks down the emotional power of the Horse. He feels ardent feelings for her, and she finds in him that island of stability and peace, which she so needs because of the frantic rhythm of life. The main question of compatibility between the Ox and the Horse in love is how long the partners are ready to be with each other. Indeed, some time after the candy-bouquet period, nature begins to take its toll, and everyone in the pair returns to the usual model of behavior.

If feelings are strong, partners have every chance to get used to each other. Compatibility will increase if both are ready for a serious relationship. For this, the Ox will have to accept that he will not always be able to control his partner, and the Horse must come to terms with the fact that she needs to adapt to a certain extent to a sedentary lifestyle. An alliance will turn out great if a compromise suits both sides. Therefore, the chances of such a tandem are much greater if people of mature age who are ready to work on themselves enter it. Otherwise, the pair will quickly decay. Without mutual respect for each other’s wishes, the compatibility of the Ox and the Horse in a relationship is very low.

Ox and Horse Sexual Compatibility

In intimate relationships, the signs fit together perfectly. The Ox and the Horse compatibility in bed can be called successful, because for both partners sex is a mandatory manifestation of love. The Ox, although somewhat constrained at first, over time understands the charm of diversity in moments of intimacy and appreciates the changes for the better, and the Horses like to delight him with new sensations, show an unstoppable imagination in organizing an intimate atmosphere. At the same time, both signs are quite passionate and ready to try for the pleasure of the partner.

The longer the Ox and Horse stay in close relationship, the higher their compatibility becomes. The trust of partners in sex in this couple only grows over time. They are fascinated by new experiments, and even a conservative Ox can open himself from a new perspective. The bed becomes for them a place for resolving conflicts and contentious issues, because it is here that both partners sincerely enjoy relations with each other, and best of all open the soul of the partner. This is especially important for the Ox, who in everyday life is used to not giving his emotions his will. The horse, on the other hand, will be pleasantly surprised by the rich inner feelings and sensuality of his chosen one.

Ox and Horse Family Compatibility

The compatibility of the Ox and the Horse in the marriage is controversial, but at the same time such an alliance cannot be called uniquely doomed to failure. If the spouses want, in their power to establish pretty good family relationships. The Ox is a business executive. He carries everything to his home, trying for this, tirelessly. Each penny is on his account, the budget is often allocated several months in advance, and the house itself is always clean and tidy. For the Horse, however, the dwelling is not so sacred, which means that, in the opinion of the Ox partner, she uses the lion’s share of her energy for other purposes, for which she will be subjected to constant harassment. This can completely ruin the relationship in the family. The desire to control a partner or to impose one’s opinion on him will not lead to anything good, since representatives of both signs can stand up for their point of view.

A married couple of people with these signs of the Chinese horoscope must be able to properly organize their leisure activities in order to improve compatibility in the family. If one wants to relax in a resort, in another city or to go on a trip, the second should not hinder this, and at best even keep company. However, the first one should not forget about home gatherings — after all, if you wish, diversity can be achieved in them too. People gain such respect and acceptance of a partner only with time, but this is how harmony can be achieved in the marriage union of this couple. In other nuances, the compatibility of the Ox and the Horse in family life is at a fairly high level — both signs are active and are always ready to make efforts to achieve a result. It is only important to stipulate the interaction in time so that the final goals are the same.

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