Ox and Monkey Compatibility

The pair of the Ox and the Monkey is interesting in that people of completely different temperaments converge in it. The first is calm and unhurried, and the second is active and emotional. Nevertheless, they have chances to build a strong union, but with some reservations. The native elements of these signs — Earth and Metal have good compatibility, and the opposite polarities of the energy of Yin and Yang will help attract partners to each other.

Compatibility Horoscope for Ox and Monkey

The Ox never rushes to conclusions. He used to first understand the situation and calculate all the options for its development, only after that proceeding to action. From the outside, this is often taken as slowness, but this tactic minimizes the number of mistakes made. The Monkey is much more efficient. Often is at the mercy of their own emotions, but they will never miss the benefits for which they are even ready to go for tricks and manipulations. Therefore, the compatibility horoscope of the Ox with the Monkey is so ambiguous: partners are drawn to each other, but their interests can easily diverge under certain circumstances.

The Ox is a little boring because of his love of conservatism, he does not want to change the established order of life. His element defines clear rules that must be created and strictly observed. The Monkey prefers improvisation. She will not limit herself to the scope, if in return she does not receive a worthy reward. Blind adherence to the ideals of life is not part of its norms of behavior. As soon as the partner ceases to satisfy her needs, she will easily part with him. Therefore, the Ox and the Monkey compatibility cannot be called high: the first is looking for a reliable companion to whom it will remain faithful, and the second is interested in momentary benefits here and now.

Ox Man and Monkey Woman

The tandem of the Ox man and the Monkey woman is most successful. He will become a zealous earner who works for material wealth, and she will be happy to use them. Oxen perseverance will allow him to succeed and not be poor, and Monkey cunning and sharpness will not allow her to show disrespect to her partner. A man will be a leader in relations, defending his decisions and demanding their implementation. A woman, for her part, is able to be flexible and adapt to the chosen one with whom she feels protected. The weaknesses in their union are as follows: if the Monkey feels that he is deprived of something by the Ox, then he is capable of treason, that the first is not able to forgive. In general, their compatibility makes it possible to create a stable and strong tandem.

Ox Woman and Monkey Man

The Ox woman and the Monkey man are less likely to share happiness. Both characters will strive to lead the relationship. A woman will calmly and reasonably prove her case, and a man will simply switch to emotions without going into logic. This will create fertile ground for quarrels. It will be extremely difficult for an Ox woman to understand the impulsive spending of a partner, and it is difficult for Monkeys to deprive themselves of certain preferences. However, their compatibility will increase significantly if a man settles down and pays attention to ordinary household trifles, to which he often does not show any interest. The thing is that they are of great value to a woman who will always be glad to see an assistant in her partner. However, she will also need to be patient and learn to calm the emotional outbursts of her man.

Ox and Monkey Business Compatibility

The compatibility of the Ox and Monkey in the work is high, they easily find ways to interact with each other. This is justified by the fact that both love to achieve results at all costs. At the same time, the Ox, pushing ahead with its interests, can learn a lot from the Monkey, which often uses its cunning and naturally flexible mind. Such a business tandem can even be dangerous for competitors, because they will be circumvented using all available means. The Monkey will be glad to such a stubborn and hardworking colleague who performs routine work, and not a particularly sociable Ox will gladly throw on her things that require diplomatic efforts. The compatibility of these two characters in their work towards a common goal is indicative of how partners complement each other most effectively.

The friendship between the Ox and the Monkey arises completely spontaneously; they are interested in spending time together. At the same time, each of the signs learns from a comrade those qualities that are not inherent in him. The compatibility of the Ox with the Monkey in friendship is high, because the former has the opportunity to learn the intricacies of relaxed communication, and the latter is personally convinced that restraint sometimes allows you to achieve effective results in resolving conflicts. The tandem is absolutely self-sufficient. If the Ox wants fun, then a friend will definitely support this idea, and in the case when the Monkey gets into a difficult situation, she will always find a useful adviser in a friend. Otherwise, the signs show an enviable tolerance in their union, so we can say that their compatibility in friendship is ideal.

Ox and Monkey Love Compatibility

The romantic relationship between the Ox and the Monkey begins rapidly. However, it is at this stage that they retain the greatest attractiveness for lovers. As long as the feelings of the partners are fresh, and there are no reasons for disagreement, both signs remain satisfied with each other. But in the future, the compatibility of the Ox and the Monkey in love may decrease when the first one begins to try to subjugate its partner, and the second begins to fight for its independence. In the event that the relationship has not yet received serious status, it can easily collapse after these claims to freedom.

The Ox is looking for stability in his beloved man, which he needs as air. The Monkey is used to being on its own mind and is capable of sharp turns. However, these two characters can still get along well together. The compatibility of the Ox with the Monkey in relations is the higher, the more seriously the partners demonstrate their intentions to be together. The secret is that in this case, for both of them, the direct benefit of a love union is more important than the strength of their feelings. And in this case, rationalism will provide greater stability of relations. These signs converge well if they are influenced by the elements of the horoscope, which do not oppress each other.

Ox and Monkey Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of the Ox and Monkey in bed is high if the partners managed to build a trusting relationship. The first can realize his passion, and the second will not refuse to introduce variety into intimate moments. However, the slightest resentment can destroy the whole idyll. The Monkey will easily transfer it to the plane of sexual relations, while trying to manipulate a partner. An Ox that feels the need for intimacy quite often after this can become isolated in itself. To open in intimacy, he needs to have unlimited trust in a loved one.

Another slippery moment of compatibility between the Ox and the Monkey in intimate relationships is fidelity. Each of the signs has its own personal relation to it. The Ox considers the partner his property and is practically not able to forgive infidelity. A Monkey, if not satisfied in sex, can easily try to enjoy on the side. If at the same time it is exposed, the union may break up without the right to restoration. Both the Ox and the Monkey should remember that the best way to maintain a good relationship is to be honest and open in intimacy.

Ox and Monkey Family Compatibility

Compatibility of the Ox with the Monkey in marriage depends on many nuances. But for both signs, marriage will prove to be a test of their feelings for strength. The Ox strives for order. He is meticulous and scrupulous, does not tolerate surprises and disregard for the rules established by him. The Monkey wants to remain free and independent in marriage, but is able to compromise if she feels care and attention from her spouse. She will be pleased to use all the benefits for which the Ox will sincerely try.

Quarrels between spouses are possible on household grounds. A Monkey can easily spend an amount that for the Ox seems too large to not ask his permission for such a purchase. To the routine and uniformity of signs, there are also radically different views. But the compatibility of the Ox and the Monkey in family life can be increased if the representatives of the signs reached elementary compromises in their behavior. The first is necessary to be patient and calmly perceive the expressive inclinations of the partner, and the second — to behave more powerfully. Under such conditions, both will achieve greater mutual understanding, thereby strengthening their family union.

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