Ox and Ox Compatibility

The compatibility of two Oxen in a pair is not considered the worst. Many character traits of this sign allow us to find mutual understanding with people who have similar inclinations and habits. Also, this is not the case when the Yin energy corresponding to the Ox and pushing off from the pole of the same name will be a decisive factor determining compatibility. A much greater level of interaction in a couple will depend on the goals set and the correct distribution of responsibilities that each representative of the union will conscientiously carry out without sparing his strength.

Compatibility Horoscope for Ox and Ox

The Ox is stable in nature and does not tolerate unexpected twists of fate. Full confidence in the future is what attracts people of this sign more than sudden surprises, even if they will be pleasant. This feature allows them to get along in one union. Both in their aspirations are oriented towards the future, they are ready to spend their time calculating every step towards the goal and do not welcome spontaneous, spontaneous decisions. Thanks to this, the compatibility horoscope of the Ox with the Ox is also quite predictable — if people of this sign agreed that they have common tasks, everyone will do everything necessary to translate their plans into reality.

The compatibility of the Ox and the Ox can be hindered by their love of control over the situation and the desire to lead in a relationship. This can put an end to their successful interaction, turning into a war for primacy. But in this case, the situation may well be under control, because the representatives of this sign will wage a fair fight, in which tactics to act stealthily are excluded. Both will consider each other as a worthy rival and, most importantly, normally treat the emerging competition, which they consider as a natural regularity in any relationship.

Ox Man and Ox Woman

The union of the Ox man and the Ox woman is such a relationship in which emotions will not prevail over real actions. Both will proceed more from what they do for each other, and what they feel will remain in the background. The man will find himself a faithful girlfriend who will render him all possible assistance in all matters. He will work hard, and a woman will certainly appreciate his hard work, will become his reliable rear. Both love financial prosperity and understand all the costs associated with this – the lack of free time, fatigue after a busy day. However, the goal for them justifies the means, their love compatibility with a mutual desire to preserve the union will be very high.

The Ox woman with the Ox man will also feel confident and calm. He will never allow himself to flare up over a trifle, his behavior will be predictable, and his actions will be deliberate and easily explained. She will never have a reason to call him a bummer, however, swimming in tokens and receiving gifts in between holidays is also not necessary, since a prudent man is unlikely to call this a rational waste of time and money. Therefore, boredom can sneak into their relationship, provoking both to unwind in a more fun company. And then a woman will have to face the possessive nature of her man, which is unlikely to allow her such freedom of action. However, their compatibility still remains quite high.

Ox and Ox Business Compatibility

People of this sign prefer to work more than relax. It is labor and its fruits that determine the quality of life for them, and not the variety of leisure activities. More demanding will be difficult work, which brings tangible profits than a low-paid specialty with various options for corporate parties and leisure activities. People of this sign are not used to being lazy, therefore Oxen will easily work together, but not if they encounter pitfalls in the form of claims to leadership. In this situation, two competitors in one place will start a serious war with each other on all fronts. The compatibility of the Ox with the Ox in the work will be higher if they do not occupy equal positions.

Friends of this sign among themselves are strong enough and for a long time. Thanks to a similar temperament and outlook on life, they understand each other perfectly. However, the compatibility of the Ox and the Ox in friendship will be higher between same-sex representatives of the sign. They will always find common topics for conversation, will substitute a shoulder in difficult times. But in the case of a heterosexual union, everyone will want to show higher rights to a comrade than truly friendly relations suggest. An encroachment on privacy with this option is guaranteed. If the violation of the boundaries of communication is denied, friendship may quickly end.

Ox and Ox Love Compatibility

The romantic relationship between two people of this sign is quite peculiar, although the love compatibility of the Ox with the Ox cannot be called low, and their union is meaningless. Both in a pair force the development of events. The candy-bouquet period almost instantly replaces the mutual desire to legalize relationships by marriage and to continue caring for a partner, building joint plans in which the organization of financial and material issues will occupy a fair amount. Moreover, for both such a development of events will seem quite natural, if not at all the only possible option for their union.

This is not to say that people of this sign are not able to experience passion — they are all right with that. However, their ardor quickly disappears when the partner is already won. Following this, they prefer to plunge into the routine of everyday worries, where they want to feel the full participation of their second half. The moment that should be taken into account by lovers is jealousy. The compatibility of the Ox and the Ox in the relationship will be higher if both do not neglect this feeling and give reasons for its occurrence. Otherwise, a flash of anger and a loud quarrel with all the ensuing consequences are guaranteed, and reconciliation will be fraught with many difficulties.

Ox and Ox Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of the Ox with the Ox in bed is quite high. Although sex will be somewhat stereotyped and stereotyped, both partners are not without passion in intimate relationships. For each of them, intimacy is vital — this is a way to have your other half, and such a need will surely find a response. Since both are not inclined to show vivid emotions in everyday life, bed becomes almost the only place where you can not restrain yourself. Also, sex will be a great way to resolve household differences — resentment will never go into the plane of intimate relationships.

Sexuality in people of this sign is revealed over time, so in bed they can not get tired of each other. If in the remaining pairs partners after a certain period of time become bored with each other, then in this case the quality of sex will always grow. Even experiments may not be ruled out, although the Ox is a conservative even in intimate relationships. However, it will be rather a balanced mutual decision, a practical method to get more pleasure, and the innovation will quickly grow into a tradition. The compatibility of two Oxen in sex is one of the highest in comparison with other areas of their life.

Ox and Ox Family Compatibility

The marriage of two Oxen is a carefully planned and balanced event. Both spouses have special requirements for the practicality of the union, so it will be preceded by thoughts about what their everyday life will be like. The compatibility of the Ox and the Ox in marriage is not without difficulties, but it is here that both can fully realize themselves, since they take their responsibilities very seriously. In their house it will always be comfortable and clean, since the couple love order, misunderstandings about a dead tap or a blown bulb in the corridor will be eliminated.

The only stumbling block in the compatibility of the Ox with the Ox in family life may be the desire of the spouses to control each other in everything. In this, both may not know the measures that will surely turn into heated debates and showdowns, who is more important. The situation is aggravated by the fact that everyone will be ready to stand his ground to the last, so a trifle misunderstanding regarding leadership in the family can develop into a real battle. The rest of the spouses will share the opinion of each other — both take care of money, do not like it when they go down the drain. Also, each event will be pre-planned, unpleasant surprises for the second half will be simply excluded, which will only give the union stability and positively affect the compatibility of people of this sign in marriage.

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