Ox and Pig Compatibility

A pair from a Ox and a Pig will not be indicative, an ideal relationship in it is hardly possible, however, their compatibility is not so low, because these signs in many respects do not contradict each other. If both take a step from selfishness towards shared well-being, try to understand each other and make certain efforts, then such a tandem will have a calm atmosphere, and even significant life troubles will not be able to destroy it.

Compatibility Horoscope for Ox and Pig

The horoscope of compatibility of the Ox and the Pig depends on many nuances, because their values in life are different. Signs are influenced by the warring native elements and have the same polarity of Yin energy. This can cause serious conflicts between them. A Ox under the influence of the elements of the Earth will seek to suppress the Pig, which is in the power of Water, therefore the situation of the struggle for leadership in the pair will periodically come to the fore. However, the love of both signs for directness, their desire to be honest with a partner and the unacceptability of lies in a relationship can be the key to understanding and eliminating misunderstandings, since accepting a problem is tantamount to half its solution.

The compatibility of the Ox with the Pig largely depends on the maturity of the personality of each of them. The more they have a desire to sacrifice themselves for the sake of a relationship, which is typical for adults, the stronger their union will become. The Ox is persistent and hardworking, does not give in to troubles and overcomes all adversities with enviable energy, but he pays too much attention to material values, trying to surround himself with luxury and prosperity. The Pig, however, does not share an excessive love of money, considering it the highest good to have a strong relationship, although he conscientiously approaches his work, often achieving significant heights in business and holding leadership positions. The final compatibility of the signs will depend on how they are ready to reconcile with the partnerโ€™s shortcomings and accept their values.

Ox Man and Pig Woman

An Ox man and a Pig woman represent the best combination of these two characters. Their high compatibility is due to the fact that he will be able to realize his desire to be a leader in relationships, and it will be easier for her to show flexibility as a representative of the weaker sex. The Ox male will completely devote himself to work, he will not hesitate to sacrifice his rest for the sake of a tangible result of his activities, not trying to somehow diversify his leisure. Woman Pig will be happy to deal with this issue. She will be grateful for such a dedication of a man, trying to organize household issues for him, surround him with care and affection. In such a pair, everyone fulfills his mission, making life easier for his partner.

Ox Woman and Pig Man

The Ox woman and the Pig man will have a lot of controversial issues. It is not easy for them to share power in an educated union. The Ox woman is a leader by nature, she will want to control her partner in everything, sometimes imposing her values on him. An independent and more open to communication male Pig will perceive this as an encroachment on his freedom. Also, he will never understand why you can not spend money in an expensive restaurant on a joint romantic dinner, which will strengthen relations, and she will not see the point in such a squandering of money, because she does not feel the need for vivid emotions. This misunderstanding is the reason for the low compatibility of the Ox woman and the Pig man. Each of them may prefer to remain in their own opinion, even if the price would be the well-being of their union.

Ox and Pig Business Compatibility

The Ox loves work, representing a real workaholic. He moves toward the goal ahead, sweeping everything in its path, without ceremony and not particularly thinking about how this will affect others. And such tactics often lead to success. The Pig, on the other hand, understands that all work is done by people and therefore values the atmosphere in the team most of all. This makes it possible to achieve not less heights in the professional field, but in other ways โ€” thanks to acquaintances and good relations with colleagues. Such a difference in signs in the approach to the task being performed can bring confusion to their interaction, especially when both occupy positions of equal influence. The compatibility of the Ox with the Pig is not very high at work.

The friendly tandem of signs is very strong, in this aspect their compatibility is higher than in other areas of life. Both have similar temperaments and have the habit of thinking first, and only then translating their thoughts into reality. The Ox carefully selects the people whom it admits in its immediate environment, this privilege is not given to everyone familiar. However, the Pig is fully consistent with Oxish requests, as it knows how to be considerate in relationships, always remains faithful to the partner and is ready to help at any time. The conversation topics for these signs are easy and natural, both of them find their communication useful and interesting. The compatibility of the Ox and the Pig in friendship is very high in comparison with other unions.

Ox and Pig Love Compatibility

The romance between the Ox and Pig is developing rapidly, however, the very first difficulties will not take long. Between lovers quickly runs a shadow of misunderstanding. A Ox is another conservative who is not able to maintain a romantic relationship for a long time, and his behavior model is often aimed at achieving his own pleasure and comfort. Such egocentrism will not always please the partner. The Pig is more open to the senses, shares them with a loved one and appreciates romance, which is rarely obtained in response to the Ox. As a result, the candy-bouquet period for such a couple ends very quickly, it is replaced by a routine. Therefore, the compatibility of the Ox with the Pig in love remains controversial and depends on the expectations of lovers and the purpose of their union.

But there are also such nuances of the relationship of the two signs, which allow us to consider their tandem quite capable of existence. The Ox is rarely quick-tempered, hides emotions and tries to control them. This captivates the Pig, which appreciates a calm atmosphere of communication and the absence of conflicts over small things. As a result, both signs may like the stability of their union. The Ox and the Pig compatibility in a relationship ultimately depends heavily on their desire to work on themselves. The older these people are, the more likely they are to come to an understanding.

Ox and Pig Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of the Ox and the Pig in bed cannot be called the most successful. Both are demanding enough to partner in minutes of proximity. At the same time, the Ox is inclined to show more selfishness, first, seeking to satisfy his needs and not showing interest in diversity and the presence of an intimate atmosphere. In this regard, the Pig is more inventive and is always ready to try so that proximity is accompanied by an appropriate mood. The bed will not become a place for two characters to resolve differences: they will clearly divide the boundaries of sex with all other aspects of their union.

Nevertheless, if the feelings of the Ox and the Pig to each other are deep and strong enough, they will give them a chance for higher compatibility in sex. In this case, passion will be the key to vivid experiences and mutual pleasure from minutes of intimacy. Under the influence of violent emotions, the Ox is able to do everything in order to transfer their power to a partner. The Pig will surely appreciate it and take steps towards to give pleasure in return.

Ox and Pig Family Compatibility

The marriage union for the Ox and the Pig can be both happy and unsuccessful. Everything is in the hands of the spouses. If they are ready to meet each other and resolve all the misunderstandings that arise between these people, then their compatibility in marriage will be high enough to create a strong family. The Ox is small and prudent, takes care of every penny and loves the order so much that it turns the house into a kind of museum with expensive exhibits. The Pig is less attached to the material, paying more attention to the spiritual aspects of family life and not attaching great importance to finances and things. This may cause contention between spouses.

Another common problem that negatively affects the compatibility of the Ox with the Pig in family life is the different need for emotional contacts. This also applies to the manifestation of mutual feelings, and the relationship to pleasant things. The Ox is undemanding to leisure, perfectly content with routine and easily enduring long loneliness. For the Pig, the manifestation of tenderness, openness and constant emotional support, signs of attention are important. This is not excessive sentimentality, but a really missing aspect of relations with the Ox. The marriage will be successful if the couple love each other very much. If their feelings are not strong enough, the union may break into elementary misunderstandings, for the solution of which no one wants to compromise their opinion.

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