Ox and Rabbit Compatibility

The Ox and the Rabbit are well-compatible signs of the Chinese horoscope. Despite the likelihood of disagreement on some issues, they fit together. No global conflicts are foreseen between them. Both signs belong to the female, passive principle of Yin, so the struggle for supremacy in the pair will not happen. Usually their interaction is successful.

Compatibility Horoscope for Ox and Rabbit

The native element of the Ox is the Earth, and the Rabbit is the Wood. This makes the compatibility of the Ox with the Rabbit successful, although there may be a misunderstanding in the relationship. Belonging to the Wood element may consider his "earthly" partner too boring, fixated on the material side of life and predictable. And it will seem to the born under the Earth sign that his partner is too frivolous, divorced from reality.

Both will have to show diplomatic abilities in order to build long-term relationships. The Ox is a born leader by nature, the Rabbit is more likely a subordinate, but can not stand it when they openly command it, they control it too sharply, directly. His friend or loved one will have to act more gently and tactfully so that there are no conflicts between them. If this issue is resolved, the compatibility horoscope of the Ox and the Rabbit looks favorable.

Ox Man and Rabbit Woman

Highly compatible Ox man and Rabbit woman couples have a solid foundation. This is a traditional, strong family, where the wife feels “like behind a stone wall”, the husband enjoys the atmosphere of home comfort, coming home after a hard day. A woman will receive the necessary security, confidence in tomorrow. A man will be happy to live with a kind, caring wife. They will always have something to talk about, because the wife in this couple is well-educated, has a broad outlook, the husband is an attentive, grateful listener. There is a risk of conflict because of jealousy. The Ox will have to learn to trust its partner. The problem may be that the Rabbit woman needs more romance than a practical husband can give her. He is not against beautiful gestures, but he does not always realize that they are expected from him. A woman needs to be informed what exactly she wants to receive, whether it is a bouquet of flowers or a romantic dinner. If this task is accomplished, little can be threatened by their union. A strong point of such a partnership is mutual love for children.

Ox Woman and Rabbit Man

Less successful is the union of the Ox woman and the Rabbit man. A man will be bored with a pragmatic, conservative woman, for whom the material side of life is more important than the spiritual. He will inevitably seek outside communication, spend less time at home. His partner, who prefers to spend all her free time with her loved one, will not like this. The woman’s increased suspicion will also be a problem; attacks of jealousy will push her freedom-loving partner away. Rabbits rarely cheat, but they like to get to know each other, chat, and flirt. Their relationship can be long-term, if Rabbit convinces his chosen one of his loyalty, will spend more time with her, will not give rise to suspicion. The woman in this pair should devote more time to spiritual development in order to remain interesting for her partner.

Ox and Rabbit Business Compatibility

As for business partnerships, the situation is worse. The compatibility of the Ox with the Rabbit is low. Representatives of these signs of the Chinese horoscope are not so often colleagues — because of different interests and abilities, they choose different areas of activity. However, if, by the will of fate, they work together, then disagreements are likely due to different approaches to the labor process. Oxen perform all tasks at a slower pace, carefully approach all processes, check everything to the smallest detail. They are quite conservative in the choice of working methods, rarely they are enthusiastic about innovations. This will annoy the active Rabbit who likes various innovations.

Low compatibility of the Ox with the Rabbit in friendship. Representatives of these signs have different interests, they have few common topics for conversation. They prefer different ways to spend hours of leisure. Their temperaments and reactions to life events are different. The Ox will be annoyed by the friend’s indecision, the desire to evade direct questions, a certain duality of nature. The rabbit will be unpleasant of isolation, the silence of a comrade, the constant desire to dominate. They can become good friends if they learn to honestly talk to each other that each of them is not happy. Then each of them will be able to become better next to his comrade, smooth out the sharp corners of character.

Ox and Rabbit Love Compatibility

The forecast of romantic relationships for these signs is much more favorable. The high compatibility of Ox and Rabbit in love is due to the fact that the representatives of these signs are very attractive to each other. Formally, the initiator of the beginning of the relationship will be the Ox — a more decisive sign. But the ground for this will be prepared by the Rabbit, which has the ability to please almost everyone. Unbeknownst to a future partner, he will make it so that he will be offered to meet, although he was the first to want it. Being in a relationship, he will push his partner to romantic actions. Usually they are not typical for the Ox, but the Rabbit can achieve the desired subtly and imperceptibly.

Being in a relationship, partners will positively influence each other. The horoscope of compatibility of the Ox with the Rabbit looks especially successful if the first was born under the influence of the elements of Water (born in 1973) or Wood (1985), and the second — Wood (1975). These elements combine well with each other, no conflicts will arise in a couple. Partners in such relationships will easily, naturally adapt to each other. Changes in their character will be invisible to themselves, over time they will lead them to a perfect understanding.

Ox and Rabbit Sexual Compatibility

Sexual problems are unlikely in this pair. Both partners love frequent, regular sex. Their preferences may vary, especially if a woman in a couple was born under the Ox sign. She may be more conservative than her partner, not always accept his offers to try something new with enthusiasm. But the Rabbit is able to liberate its partners gradually, imperceptibly for themselves. The compatibility of the Ox and the Rabbit in bed will increase some time after the beginning of the relationship, when they better recognize each other. Over time, there is no problem in their intimate relationship. A very harmonious intimate life awaits a couple if Rabbit is a woman.

Partners do not bother each other even after a long time. Both of these signs are not prone to physical adultery. They prefer to regularly use new sexual techniques with a trusted, beloved partner, thereby adding variety to relationships, strengthening them. Their sex life will be intense, harmonious and enjoyable for both. This is the key secret to the good compatibility of these characters.

Ox and Rabbit Family Compatibility

There is a high chance that an official marriage will be concluded shortly after the start of relations between the representatives of these signs. They are not prone to frivolous, superficial relationships. The initiator of the creation of the family will be the more determined Ox. The rabbit will gladly support his idea, because despite the external frivolity, he strives for a serious relationship in his soul. The compatibility of the Ox and Rabbit in marriage is high. This will be a traditional family in which the husband acts as a breadwinner, the breadwinner, and the wife maintains a home and raises children. Such a family is usually large. This is not a burden to mother and father — they love their children, and they are happy to devote time to their upbringing, development, and education. Pedagogical talents allow them to raise children in moderate severity, not to go too far with punishments. Ox parent will instill in children hard work, perseverance, perseverance. Rabbit — love of science, art, communication skills.

Family problems can arise over time if the Bunny gets bored of the home routine. It is important for his partner to understand that representatives of this sign need to regularly meet friends of interest, attend any events, or go out. Locked in four walls, the Rabbit may one day not withstand and sever relations. The Ox should understand this without tormenting the partner with bouts of jealousy, distrust. Otherwise, the compatibility of the Ox and the Rabbit in family life promises to be harmonious. This couple is little threatened, they are capable of a long, fruitful, happy partnership.

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