Ox and Rat Compatibility

The Ox and the Rat are a successful union of two strong people. They harmoniously complement each other, change for the better when they are together. The flaws of each sign in such an alliance can become virtues.

Compatibility Horoscope for Ox and Rat

The compatibility of Ox with Rat is one of the highest among all the signs. They will be successful business partners, loyal friends, a strong married couple. Excessive thoroughness of the Ox, the desire to think through every business to the smallest detail and bring it to the end will help the Rat, which is quickly carried away by something and just as quickly throws it. At the same time, the Rat will charge the partner with its energy.

The horoscope of compatibility of Ox and Rat is favorable, promises them a strong, reliable relationship. The Rat can inspire his partner to grandiose achievements, stimulate to action. But the Ox can cool the ardor of the Rat, if its ideas are too unrealistic. This approach to relationships will make them enjoyable and fruitful.

Ox Man and Rat Woman

The Ox man and the Rat woman is a couple with an ambiguous future. A man should not be too reserved — this happens in some Oxen, they can be gloomy and uncommunicative. It is better if this character trait is moderately expressed in him and manifests itself in dislike for empty conversations — the Rat also cannot stand them, however, she needs to communicate. In a love union, a man should not be too jealous. Despite the fact that women of this sign are not prone to betrayal, they are sociable, have many friends, including men. This can make the jealous suspicious. The Ox should think in advance whether he is ready for this and whether he can trust his beloved. This couple will be happy if partners learn to accept each other for who they are.

Ox Woman and Rat Man

The Ox woman and the Rat man have good chances for a lasting, fruitful union. These are strong people with a large supply of energy and a stable psyche. It is these qualities that make their partnership sustainable. Unreasonable scandals will not break out between them. They can conflict only because of the difference in reaction speed — a woman can be somewhat slow, while a man is active, mobile. If the Rat man learns not to get annoyed and compromise, this will solve the problem. Representatives of these signs can successfully collaborate in joint projects — responsible and purposeful, they will never fail each other. The same is true in family relationships — both are used to occupying traditional gender roles, they will not argue because of the distribution of responsibilities. Both the Rat and the Ox will be comfortable in such a family.

Ox and Rat Business Compatibility

Compatibility of the Ox with the Rat in the work is quite high. The decisive factor here is the responsibility and determination of these signs. Both the one and the other value their career very much and will do a lot for the work to be done as qualitatively as possible. If one of them is the boss, and the second is the subordinate, it is better if the Ox is the leader, and the Rat is the executor. The Ox is a more solid sign related to the elements of the earth: it stands firmly on its feet and soberly evaluates reality. The Rat is more of an adventurer, who should be limited from time to time in the manifestations of imagination and directed in the right direction. If the roles are distributed differently, then a calm Ox will have to work faster than he used to. In addition, such a boss can pose non-standard tasks, the solution of which will require a considerable share of creativity.

The compatibility of the Ox and the Rat in friendship can be high if the characteristic features of both are not very pronounced. A typical Ox can be overly slow and conservative, prefer quiet forms of leisure like board games or watching movies, reading. Rats, by their nature, cannot live without outdoor activities, sports, dancing, and outdoor entertainment. But the strength of this alliance is the ability to negotiate. The Ox can show its partner the charms of a relaxing holiday, and the Rat can inspire an active pastime. If they find a compromise, their friendships will be long and the meetings regular and interesting.

Ox and Rat Love Compatibility

But if friendship grows into something more? It is worth considering the compatibility of the Ox and the Rat in love. Speaking about the beginning of a romantic relationship, it is important to note that the initiator, most likely, will be the Rat, regardless of gender. This sign is more aimed at the embodiment of quick, impulsive decisions. The Ox ponders everything slowly and carefully, calculating the possible options. For him, a situation is impossible when he says something without thinking. This is one of the most uncommunicative characters. Because of this, his partner may mistakenly consider himself unloved and underestimated. Words and active actions are important to him, which the Ox cannot give.

But still, if romantic feelings arise between them, it will be for a long time. The compatibility of the Ox and the Rat in the relationship is high if the Rat agrees that the leading role will belong to the partner. Both signs have significant internal strength and leadership qualities. But in view of a more thorough approach to life and relationships, global decision-making is best given to the Ox. And the Rat should be delegated everyday, but not too important tasks — its speed and ease in decision-making will benefit. In this case, this pair will be harmonious and stable. Also, since both signs are endowed with an extraordinary mind, they will always have something to talk about. If before meeting their interests differed — in a pair they will quickly become common. These signs understand each other well, are able to openly discuss their problems. You should learn this right away, then nothing can threaten their relationship.

Ox and Rat Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Ox and Rat in bed can be harmonious. It is quite high if the partners are already in adulthood – at least they are 25-27 years old. Until this time, their temperaments are too different. Young Oxen of both sexes conservatively approach intimate issues. Girls of this sign, as a rule, consider innocence a value that should be given only to a loved one, a trusted person. Young men are also in no hurry with their sexual debut. In the early years of an intimate life, they are often cold in bed, to liberate them, a lot of patience and tenderness will be required. At the same time, the active temperament of Rats extends to the intimate sphere. They need frequent intimacy, like unusual practices, they like to constantly try something new.

In adulthood, these features are softened, and the chances of mutual pleasure in bed in the representatives of these signs becomes greater. The initiator in bed is usually the Rat. Her imagination and emancipation will bring a lot of bright colors and variety to intimate life. The Rat is ready to offer something new, and her partner will agree — the sexual temperament of the Ox becomes higher with age. Next to the right partner, his attitude towards sex is changing, he begins to receive more pleasure from him.

Ox and Rat Family Compatibility

Since these signs are not one of those who love easy relationships for one night or a couple of months, most likely, their candy-bouquet period will end with the creation of a family. The compatibility of the Ox with the Rat in marriage is high, but there are a number of nuances. One of the main ones is the age of the representatives of the signs, or rather, their difference. The smaller it is, the easier it will be for them to create a strong family. If the Ox is much older, it will resemble parent-child relationships, the senior partner will annoy the younger with his tediousness, and the other with irresponsibility and restlessness. A more favorable situation is if the Rat is older.

The compatibility of the Ox and the Rat in family life is harmonious, especially if both are adults, went through an experience of relationships with other characters. So they can more fully appreciate the benefits of the current partnership. Housekeeping and thoroughness of the Ox will appeal to his companion, who, although she loves home comfort, is reluctant to create it. The Ox loves all this very much — to cook, decorate the house, and engage in growing flowers. The Rat likes to build a career and make money, can make a significant contribution to the family budget. This family has every chance of becoming happy and prosperous. A thorough approach to relationships will make separation unlikely.

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