Ox and Rooster Compatibility

Having found each other, the Ox and the Rooster will create a strong and stable tandem. Their high compatibility is due to many reasons: a similar way of thinking, the same attitude to material wealth, the expectation of stability from a partner. Both characters prefer long-term alliances to fleeting romances, so their choice will be well-reasoned and balanced, which in itself contributes to the formation of strong ties.

Compatibility Horoscope for Ox and Rooster

The Ox always strives to take a leading position in relations, not hiding his intentions. This is not a whim, but a mindset — it is vital for him to control the situation, and relying on someone, he will feel out of place. The Rooster is also a fairly strong, open and honest person, especially born in the year of the element of Fire. He chooses the shortest way to interact with others: straightforwardness and truth in communication. These character traits of characters make the Ox compatibility with the Rooster very high, despite the mutual desire to dominate. Both will know that the partner will not hide the knife behind him, which will only benefit their union.

The horoscope of compatibility of the Ox and the Rooster is favorable for the reason that both give preference to material values, rather than abstract concepts. Although this fact may cause someone to associate with mercantile spirit, these signs consider this position as a point of contact. They perfectly understand the motives of each other’s actions, both want to provide for themselves and their family, pay special attention to prosperity in everyday life. Only their temperament is slightly different: the Ox is more slow and calm, while the Rooster is quick-tempered and sometimes fussy. However, this also plays into their hands in the event of emerging minor conflicts — the former will always call for the peace of the latter, bringing in argument iron arguments that cannot be disagreed with a certain love of truth.

Ox Man and Rooster Woman

The Ox man is solid, enjoys authority among people around him. He is always busy and does not tolerate inaction, as evidenced by his successful financial affairs. He is very strict towards himself and others, therefore he immediately sets about serious communication with himself, which will please the woman Rooster, positively influencing their compatibility. She wants to feel not only protected, but also financially secure, to enjoy respect in society. She appreciates work and care, although she is prone to criticism in detail. The Ox man and Rooster woman in a pair will be completely satisfied with their partner, as they will soberly appreciate all the advantages of the union. Their compatibility is high thanks to rationalism: he will be happy with a bright and effective companion in life, who respects his work, and she will gratefully take care of herself, expressed not only in words but in deeds.

Ox Woman and Rooster Man

The Ox woman is a thrifty and prudent housewife who will become a reliable support for her partner. Her actions are built on logic, she likes to distribute responsibilities and requires their rigorous implementation. And the active male Rooster is the best suited for her to direct his energy in the right direction. He is very ambitious and hardworking, but not always able to calculate his steps, which his partner will gladly help him with. The Ox woman and the Rooster man will be satisfied with each other in union: she will receive a charge of positive and fun with the support of fundamental values, and he will be a reliable rear, care and attention that will contribute to his self-realization.

Ox and Rooster Business Compatibility

The compatibility of the Ox and the Rooster in the work is very high, since these two signs perfectly interact with each other, regardless of their gender and the influence of the elements. Both are not inclined to intrigues and scams behind their backs, they are well aware that only hard work can guarantee success, so their professional union will be based on trust and respect for the partner. Thanks to this, they can lead a prosperous joint business without conflicts for a long time, above all, trying to invest their capabilities in it, and not grab their piece of profit. The Ox will be inspired by the zeal of the Rooster to success, his sincere interest in the matter. Each of the partners is ready to provide the ally with not only moral, but also material support in difficult situations.

The compatibility of the Ox with the Rooster in friendship is also ideal. They feel this even in childhood, so they form alliances at this time, drawing close to people in their mature years. These signs have common interests, so they do not get tired of each other’s society. The rooster is more impulsive, it generates a lot of ideas that the Ox likes to reflect on, trying to determine how realistic it is to realize them. In this tandem, friends provide mutual support, showing willingness to sacrifice their time and energy for the sake of a friend. Both appreciate the profitability of the union, not showing interest in communication just for the sake of fascinating the process itself. Their compatibility is based on the practical benefits of interacting with each other.

Ox and Rooster Love Compatibility

The Ox and the rooster immediately distinguish each other from the total mass of people around them. Both of them love to look spectacular and attract attention. Acquaintance will quickly grow into a much deeper relationship, since nobody will bustle and beat around the bush, immediately laying out all the cards to the partner. The love compatibility of the Ox and the Rooster will be based on the fact that both appreciate serious intentions, without exchanging for short-term novels without further prospects. They are more interested in a stable future together than momentary pleasure, so everyone wants to find a reliable ally in their partner.

The Ox is not distinguished by sentimentality, he is extremely stingy with emotions and their manifestation, not at all prone to romance. A rooster is able to fill this gap, as it is easier to communicate and can beautifully care for a loved one. And both signs in this harmoniously complement each other. The compatibility of the Ox with the Rooster is high in relations, since the former sometimes needs to be stirred up and rushed, and the latter needs someone to cool his ardor. Over time, the atmosphere of harmony in this couple only strengthens, since loved ones can work on themselves for the sake of general psychological comfort and material prosperity.

Ox and Rooster Sexual Compatibility

Test for compatibility in intimate relationships the Ox and Rooster will pass very easily. Sex is important to them, while not being a source of exclusively carnal pleasure. In bed, partners appreciate spiritual closeness, are very attentive to each other and are always ready for the manifestation of tenderness. The Ox was initially quite constrained in moments of intimacy, but over time it completely opens to the Rooster, which is more inclined to experiment and diversity in intimacy. This couple retains passion in sex for many years, attracts partners to each other, and they are always able to reach new horizons in close relationships.

The compatibility of the Ox and the Rooster in bed is so high that they deliberately use sex as a way to defuse domestic conflicts. In moments of closeness, they are able to abstract from all misunderstandings, insults and claims to each other, enjoy intimate communication and completely restore trust. Another reason why sex is so significant for this couple is that both signs give it an outlet for their emotions and feelings, which they prefer to hide in public.

Ox and Rooster Family Compatibility

Compatibility of the Ox with the Rooster in marriage, many will envy, because this couple will in every way create the impression of success in public. Both spouses give a lot of time to work, achieving material wealth for their family. Their life will be carefully adjusted, a comfortable atmosphere with a claim to luxury is created in the house. The desire of the Ox not to be in distress will be readily supported by the Rooster. This family is able to easily change their home or place of work if they find more favorable living conditions. The main thing for spouses is the constant movement and growth of financial opportunities.

The compatibility of the Ox and the Rooster in family life is high, because the first sign is patient and restrained, and many potential conflicts with an impulsive partner are extinguished by him even in the bud. This ensures a prevailing calm atmosphere in marriage. However, the opportunity to infuriate the Ox for the quick-tempered Rooster still remains real, and such an argument can be very loud and have dire consequences. In general, the Ox compatibility in the family with the Rooster is one of the best of all the signs of the Chinese zodiac, both spouses will be satisfied with this union.

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