Ox and Snake Compatibility

The stubborn, hardworking Ox and the cold-blooded, calm Snake are a couple about whom people will say that partners are perfect for each other. Such a judgment is not without meaning, but it should be noted that the mentioned signs of the Chinese zodiac will never bring out misunderstandings and quarrels to the public, trying to hide the true relationship from prying eyes. However, the compatibility of the Ox with the Snake is not in doubt, since their native elements of the Earth and Fire do not conflict with each other.

Compatibility Horoscope for Ox and Snake

The compatibility of Ox and Snake is quite high, despite the fact that both of them strive to control the situation, to be leaders. The reason for such a productive relationship is that these signs choose different paths to achieve their goals. The Ox is straightforward, does not hide his intentions, publicly declaring his claims. The Snake is more secretive and acts using innate cunning and trying to avoid conflicts. These qualities of signs preclude a confrontation in which the warring interests of the two sides clash head-on-head without compromise. All controversial situations in such a tandem have high chances to resolve amicably.

Both signs prefer to act carefully and prudently, the horoscope of compatibility of the Ox and the Snake is such that this couple will come to an understanding not on an emotional level, but guided by logic. Such practicality guarantees stability in their relationship, excluding quarrels over trifles. However, the assertive and active Ox will not always be able to notice that the Snake will use these qualities for its own purposes, trying to manipulate it. Nevertheless, these two signs revere the same traditional values, therefore their joint activity will be aimed at the common good. The vectors of their efforts are always directed in one direction, which leads to good compatibility of the Ox with the Snake.

Ox Man and Snake Woman

In a pair, an Ox man and a Snake woman can realize themselves, because each partner fulfills its role. A man is a getter, he is purposeful and responsible, and a woman does not interfere with such activity, only directing her in the required direction. Such compatibility is characteristic not only for marriage unions, it is preserved in friendly as well as business relations. The Ox man is self-sufficient, has a strong character and always knows what he wants, and the Snake woman will not tolerate weakness in her immediate environment, she will only connect herself with a strong personality. As a result, he gets complete freedom of action without restrictions, and she is a reliable partner who will always take care of her. Both parties will undoubtedly benefit from such an alliance, experiencing satisfaction from mutual compatibility.

Ox Woman and Snake Man

The Ox woman has an iron will and at any moment is ready to accept the challenge she has, especially if she is under the influence of the Metal elements. This may create some difficulties for her when interacting with a male Snake, who will tend to gently subordinate her to his will. As a result, relations in such a pair are capable of reaching an impasse. However, the compatibility of the Ox woman and the Snake man cannot be called low — since both partners resolve disputed issues calmly, without breaking dishes, they have every chance to agree. Moreover, she will try to keep her word, and he will eventually learn how to make her decisions, showing flexibility in communication.

Ox and Snake Business Compatibility

When conducting a joint business, the Ox will find the ideal partner in the Snake. Patience and perseverance in achieving goals are inherent in both of them, both are also not inclined to make spontaneous decisions. The high compatibility of the Ox and the Snake in the work is also explained by the fact that the first is ready to spend all his strength in the name of a common cause, but at the same time is deprived of the diplomatic skills that the second is endowed with literally from birth. In such a business union, everyone immediately occupies a niche, making maximum use of all their abilities. The Ox immediately translates all plans into reality, and the Snake helps him carefully think out a strategy for further actions.

Representatives of these signs build strong friendships, the basis of which will be not only mutual respect, but also mutual benefit. Their union often lasts for many years without conflict, as both sides have a balanced temperament. The good compatibility of the Ox and the Snake in friendship is a consequence of the fact that the first is ready to help not only in words but in practice, and the second is endowed with a sufficiently penetrating mind to give truly valuable advice, as a result, both will always be the winners. The gender of partners does not matter — strong alliances are formed with any gender of friends.

Ox and Snake Love Compatibility

The Ox and the snake are not particularly emotional, so their love relationship is not romantic. Having liked each other, a guy and a girl, under appropriate circumstances, quickly come to the decision to legitimize their union. They shun the noisy companies, preferring to immediately start creating their own cozy corner, in which they do not want to let anyone in. The compatibility of the Ox with the Snake in love is also based on the fact that partners prefer material goods to spiritual ones. They are more concerned not with feelings, but with the practical benefits of their relationship.

The Ox nature of a true leader often wants to subjugate a partner, especially if the latter is influenced by the water element. At the same time, the snake need for freedom of action will be stopped by them, which cannot but cause counter resistance. The Ox with the Snake compatibility in a relationship will remain at a high level if the lovers learn not to limit each other. On the whole, such an alliance can be called quite successful.

Ox and Snake Sexual Compatibility

In an intimate relationship, the Ox is conservative. Long foreplay tires him, he longs to quickly satisfy his sexual needs. And the Snake is a real find for him, because it takes all the cares to create an intimate atmosphere. Aesthetics and an atmosphere of intimacy are important to her, so she will prepare candles, aromatic oils and all other paraphernalia for intimacy in advance, include pleasant music, and he will be flattered by such attention and surprised by snake ingenuity. She will be satisfied with the real animal Ox passion.

The compatibility of the Ox with the Snake in bed is high, because he wants frequent sex, and for her intimacy is a means to satisfy her sense of ownership. She is flattered by an Ox’ temperament, and he likes the fact that he can fully express his passion. The only cause of contention may be infidelity. Both will not tolerate adultery, although they themselves are rather prone to it. A rash step can lead to the union breaking up, because everyone in it wants the partner to belong only to him. Representatives of these signs are very jealous, and cheating on a loved one is perceived as a betrayal.

Ox and Snake Family Compatibility

The compatibility of the Ox with the Snake in family life is so successful that such alliances are often concluded once and for all. For some, their measured life seems boring, because in such a marriage there are rarely scandals and violent manifestations of emotions. The Ox is economic, all its actions are aimed at the prosperity of the home. He hurries home from work, not lingering with colleagues or friends, and never puts anything above family values. The snake becomes an excellent assistant to him, because he also appreciates home comfort and spares no effort to maintain it. Spouses are caring parents, devote a lot of time to raising children and strive to provide them financially.

The Ox, because of its straightforwardness, often conflicts at work, but the family is for him an outlet where he can regain his strength. The snake will help defuse the situation, relieve negative feelings and return to it a sense of stability and peace in the home. The issue of leadership in family relations disappears immediately, as soon as the spouses share their responsibilities, from which not one of them will take over. Everyone will conscientiously carry out their tasks, so such unions are extremely rarely poor. The Ox with the Snake compatibility in marriage is surprising in that each of the spouses feels the master of the situation, while in reality they just complement each other and both strive for the same goals. This is the real secret of their well-being – each is the missing half of the partner, together they form one complete whole.

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