Ox and Tiger Compatibility

The Ox and Tiger are little compatible signs. Between their representatives, there is a high probability of conflicts related to the struggle for the main role. It is not typical for any of them to be led, therefore, contradictions on this basis cannot be avoided. The interaction of representatives of these signs can be successful if both want it and put in enough effort.

Compatibility Horoscope for Ox and Tiger

Ox and Tiger compatibility is low. The native element of the Tiger is Wood, the Ox belongs to the Earth element. This leads to the appearance of wariness in the relationship. Earth signs firmly standing on their feet, primarily appreciating material wealth and stability in life, do not understand overly emotional and impulsive people. They have different life values, approaches to the perception of reality.

The horoscope of the Ox with Tiger compatibility is rarely favorable. Under one and the other sign leaders with different properties are born. Tigers are charismatic, bright, prone to flashes of emotions, their mood changes quickly, plans for life are regularly adjusted. Oxen have great internal strength with external coldness, are not prone to frequent changes in views and moods. Representatives of these signs will hardly understand each other, although this is possible under certain conditions.

Ox Man and Tiger Woman

The Ox man and the Tiger woman are a fragile alliance. The emotionality of the Tigress will not find a response from her calm, balanced partner. Her need to maintain a high level of passion cannot be realized in this pair. Gradually, the woman will become bored, she will begin to seek adventures on the side or unconsciously provoke her partner into a scandal in order to get the right amount of emotional energy. A problem may also arise in connection with a different attitude to finances — Oxen are thrifty and do not like spending extra money, Tigresses tend to relate to money easily, they are hated by someone else’s stinginess. They react painfully to reproaches of excessive wastefulness. Serious conflicts can arise on this basis. This pair can be strong if the man and woman learn to agree among themselves.

Ox Woman and Tiger Man

The Ox woman and the Tiger man tend to conflict with each other. The strength of this pair depends more on the woman. Representatives of the Ox sign are conservative in family life, expect fidelity and reliability from a partner. Tigers are not inclined to play the role of an exemplary family man for too long. They constantly want fresh sensations, they love new acquaintances, are easily carried away. This does not mean that the Tiger will necessarily change. His partner should constantly maintain a sense of self-worth in him, recognize his leadership, never arrange jealousy scenes. The Tiger should come to terms with the fact that his companion does not show as many emotions as he does. Then there will be no big problems in the relationship.

Ox and Tiger Business Compatibility

The compatibility of the Ox with the Tiger in the work depends on what roles they occupy. The forecast is favorable if they are colleagues with different job responsibilities. Tiger can be responsible for fresh ideas, creative solutions, innovative approaches. Fulfillment of urgent tasks for the Tiger is not a problem, they perceive such work as another test that must be passed, they do it with excitement. At the same time, the Ox is able to give sober, objective criticism to the ideas of a colleague, to be responsible for translating them into reality. Long-term work is more suitable for him. An unfavorable situation is when one of them is the boss, and the second is a subordinate. Their work in this case will be unproductive.

The compatibility of Ox and Tiger in friendship is higher. Conflicts between them occur less often when they occupy equal positions. Communication will help them reach their maximum potential. The Tiger can learn from the Ox greater caution, prudence, patience. His comrade is the ability to realize more opportunities, take everything from life, act decisively. If the Ox was born in the Fire year, compatibility is especially good. It is also beneficial if the Tiger was born under the influence of the Earth or Tree. The likelihood of conflict in this scenario is minimal. Such friends will have many options for joint leisure. They prefer different ways to spend time, everyone will be able to discover something new. Ox can teach his friend quiet pursuits, no less exciting than another unsafe adventure. The Tiger is able to inspire a friend to outdoor activities, sports, which will be useful for the Ox, often leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Ox and Tiger Love Compatibility

Romantic relationships are often struck up between representatives of these signs, but usually they do not last long. The low compatibility of Ox with Tiger in love is due to the desire of both to take a dominant position. Their different views on what should be a love relationship interfere with them. Tigers love vivid manifestations of feelings, romance, beautiful deeds. For the Ox, stability, comfort, mutual trust, loyalty are more important. The Tiger quickly gets carried away, quickly cools in accordance with its passionate nature. His partner is a jealous owner, hard to bear even hints of flirting his soulmate with someone else. This puts the compatibility of the Ox and the Tiger in a relationship into question.

Such an alliance is stable when partners are ready to negotiate and work on themselves. It cannot be called impossible — the elements of the Wood and the Earth are not aggressive towards each other. To the hand of this pair plays the fact that they belong to opposite principles, Yin and Yang. This increases their chances of a future together. Both partners should adjust their behavior, ponder their reactions, words, actions, before taking anything.

Ox and Tiger Sexual Compatibility

However, not everything in this pair is so complicated. The compatibility of Ox with Tiger in bed is quite high. Significant differences between the representatives of these signs play into their hands when it comes to sexual relations. At first, the passionate, impetuous Tiger will take the initiative. If the Ox does not consider his pressure inappropriate and premature, he will soon begin to reciprocate. Moreover, the representative of the Tiger sign will be pleasantly surprised that his cold and restrained at first glance partner loves sex no less, if not more, than he does. The intimate life of this couple will be regular, frequent, bringing pleasure to both partners.

The only problem that may arise here is some conservativeness of the Oxen, especially the female ones. It can be manifested in the rejection of some experiments in bed, unusual practices or techniques. The Tiger should stock up on tenderness and patience, in some cases compromise with a partner when she persistently refuses to practice anything. Over time, when trust is established in a pair, this problem will occur less frequently. It is possible that the Ox will become more proactive than its partner.

Ox and Tiger Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Ox and Tiger in marriage is higher than in an informal relationship. If they reached this stage, it means that they managed to overcome the inevitable contradictions that arose at first. Representatives of these signs go through a long grinding in to each other before getting married. Therefore, such a marriage will not break up soon after the conclusion. They should continue to work on themselves and their relationships. After the first 2-3 years of life, a crisis sets in, the Tiger begins to remember the old free life and miss it. This may threaten the compatibility of the Ox and the Tiger in family life. Partners should foresee this, be more attentive to each other. It is not realistic to turn family relationships into a boring routine.

Also, you should be wary of conflicts that may arise due to unspoken claims. Talk in time about what doesn’t suit you. This is especially true for the Ox, which tends to be silent for a long time, and then break off at one moment. In combination with Tiger’s emotionality, this can lead to a big scandal up to a break in relations. When they have lived together for more than 3-5 years, their chances of divorce are low. At this point, the partners are already able to talk to each other, their sharp character traits are smoothed out. Partners become attached to each other. The tiger begins to appreciate comfort and homeliness. The Ox does not understand how he used to live without his passionate and loving spouse. In the relationship comes harmony.

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