Pig and Dog Compatibility

The Pig and the Dog can make a grand match, due to their mutually sunny demeanors and good intentions. The Dog sometimes slips into a testy mood and needs to spend some time alone to recuperate, but the Pig is an affable sign that generally tries to let others live as they please, so the Dog’s moods shouldn’t be much of a problem. The Pig sometimes allows itself to be taken advantage of, in fact, due to its urge to please; that isn’t likely to be a problem with the Dog, since the Dog is an honorable, trustworthy sign that holds itself to high standards of conduct.

Dogs have much in common with Pigs in many areas. They are reliable and extremely honest-in fact, they can be honest to a fault. Dogs will not lie for any reason, even if it would benefit them. Both of you are clear, logical thinkers who take practical action, and you are also givers in relationships instead of takers. Where the two signs are different is that Dogs are more pessimistic than you are. Your Dog partner will be suspicious and tend to see bad in a situation where you see only good. Sometimes you will be wrong, because you tend to be too naive and trusting, and in these instances your Dog will protect you. You are more intellectual and prefer soft living more than Dogs do.

So what does the future have in store for the romantic union between you and a Dog? Your love will be steady, stable, and very good for both of you. Since both of you are extremely loyal and honest, it is unlikely that any fidelity or betrayal will occur. Although you do have a need to socialize, both of you are comfortable having a quiet evening at home together.

You will be willing to do just about anything to cheer up your love when she descends into one of her anxious moods. Since you are fond of pleasure and good food, you have a lot of ideas for little present to bestow upon your Dog. You are sensitive enough to know when the Dog needs cheering up. Your Dog’s natural pessimism and anxiety will save you from getting yourself into trouble. Dogs like to guard their families fiercely, and your Dog will do the same for you. In return, you will provide the love she needs to soothe her anxiety.

Even a match made in heaven will experience the odd difficulty. Luckily, if you are married to a Dog, the problems are not likely to be explosive. The main problem is the possibility of getting into a rut with the same routine. Even though neither of you are likely to cheat, you may find yourselves feeling a tad empty if you never mix up the routine. Of the two of you, you are more likely to feel this. Happily, you are the imaginative and romantic one who will be able to think of new things to get out of the rut. Just be careful, as large sudden changes frighten Dogs.

Pig and Dog Compatibility Horoscope

Pig and Dog Love Compatibility

As lovers these two could get along very well. The Pig is a sensualist who delights in creature comforts: good food, lovemaking, long baths and naps … While the Dog generally possesses higher energy and a more adventurous spirit than the Pig, it will delight in how well-loved it feels in the Pig’s hands. Both these signs place great importance on home and family; they will connect on those levels. There may be problems between these two as a result of their differing energy levels, but the Pig’s good nature and the Dog’s powers of diplomacy can work together to smooth over almost any problem. Also, the Dog in love is very protective of its mate, which the Pig will greatly appreciate.

Pig Woman and Dog Man Compatibility

If a Dog man is feeling down and depressed, the Pig woman is able to provide emotional support that helps with boosting him up, allowing him to be more optimistic and open-minded. The Dog man and Pig woman both appreciate a stable home life and enjoy working together, and often have a satisfying sexual relationship when they are dating and beyond.

Pig Man and Dog Woman Compatibility

A Pig man in Shengxiao is quite accepting of the Dog woman’s personality and will never force her to change who she is to satisfy himself. Both the Pig man and the Dog woman will spend time complimenting each other and giving one another gifts. The Dog woman and Pig man have no trouble communicating in the bedroom when sex is involved and often have plenty of chemistry to go around in Chinese astrology.

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