Pig and Monkey Compatibility

The Pig and the Monkey can have a lot of fun together. Both these signs are generally happy, positive types and both are sensualists, albeit the Monkey in a bit more of a decadent way than the Pig. The Pig loves fine foods, luscious surroundings, lovemaking, even simple pleasures like sleeping in a comfortable bed and taking a long bubble bath. The Monkey is more decadent than this in that its interests are less home-based and more centered in party atmospheres and big, noisy crowds in which anything can happen. To the Pig, family and close friends are the most important things in life; to the Monkey, the pursuit of pleasure is the important thing.

As a Pig, you are upright and honest. You would never think to tell a lie, and you would never deceive anyone in any way; in words or in actions. This honesty makes you somewhat gullible; since you never deceive others, you are not on the lookout for deception.

You have impressive stamina and endurance and always finish the projects you start. You are quite devoted to friends and family, and you are not afraid to work hard once you have started something. Friends and family may find you a bit slow, because you prefer to think things out thoroughly and carefully before committing to them. You are very intelligent, but hate to make snap decisions about anything. Because of this, you will sometimes miss out on opportunities that required quick thought and action.

You love luxury. Although you don’t mind hard work, you believe that you deserve to be surrounded by fine things in reward for all of your efforts. You like a partner who is hardworking enough to give you a secure lifestyle.

Monkeys are pranksters. They use their charming ways and swift intelligence to wind anyone around their little fingers! You will find a monkey cute and seductive, no matter what she looks like, but Monkeys are prone to using people and being selfish with their love. A Monkey usually has a string of failed relationships behind her, unaware that it is mostly her fault.

When a Monkey is finally ready to commit, she gives her heart completely. She will be devoted and faithful to her true love, even though it is hard for her to commit to just one person. Monkeys may find you to be an easy conquest due to your gullibility, but if your love is true a Monkey will not take advantage of you.

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Pig and Monkey Love Compatibility

As lovers, then, the Monkey might spend some time trying to convince the Pig to go out rather than staying in; after all, the Monkey is definitely a sexual being but doesn’t want to spend hours on end in the bedroom. After a while, though, the Monkey will tire of trying to motivate the Pig and will go out on its own. The Pig will have to be ready to compromise, since the Monkey isn’t too flexible. The good thing is, when in love, the Pig is a very generous, acquiescent sign who wants nothing more than to please its mate; the bad thing is, this trait sometimes leads to the Pig allowing itself to be taken advantage of. The Monkey would never knowingly mistreat the Pig but might not be very careful either.

Pig Woman and Monkey Man Compatibility

A Pig woman may feel more sensitive when dating a Monkey man, although the Monkey man does not intentionally mean to seem insensitive or disconnected from her, it is just part of his nature. The Monkey man appreciates the Pig woman’s femininity but he is not as comfortable with complimenting her and showing her affection. This can often lead to the Pig woman feeling insecure in the relationship entirely.

Pig Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

A Monkey woman is able to provide courage and even confidence to a Pig man when they are romantically linked and when sex is involved. The Pig man attempts to solve most of the arguments and disagreements in the relationship with the Monkey woman to keep peace. It is possible that the Monkey will find the Pig man too giving and may take advantage of him. It is important for the Pig to stand up for himself at all times to avoid losing the spark in the relationship when dating a Monkey woman sexually in the Chinese zodiac.

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