Pig and Pig Compatibility

Two Pigs can be a very loving and compatible match, as two of this sign share the same love of family and sensual comforts. Pigs delight in rich foods, lovemaking, long baths and naps … Two together may not get much done, practically speaking, but they will enjoy their time together immensely. Two Pigs enjoy their connection most if the relationship is personal, so two of this sign make wonderful lovers, family members or best friends.

If you are a Pig, you are determined and dependable. You hate arguments, conflicts, and even tense situations. Because of this, you don’t hold grudges; you want situations to return to being peaceful as soon as possible. You are extremely trustworthy and would never let someone down if you could help it. Since you are so honest yourself, you have a hard time comprehending that other people can be deceitful or manipulative, which means that you sometimes get taken advantage of. In love, you must be especially careful, because so many people engage in trickery when they are in love. You need a respectful, honest partner who will treat you properly and shun mind games.

As a Pig, you have quite a bit of endurance. You tend to work steadily until you complete a task. Before committing yourself to any project, or any relationship for that matter, you think it through fully. Only once you have weighed all the pros and cons do you decide upon your course of action. This means that you sometimes miss out on good opportunities because you think for too long. As a Pig, you are fond of comfort and luxury. This can be a problem because you sometimes pursue pleasure to the neglect of other important things, or spend too much money in the pursuit of pleasure. Of course, you do lighten up the days of the people around you with your ability to enjoy life.

Two Pigs are fairly compatible in a relationship. They are both honest and trustworthy, so neither one has to worry about being taken advantage of by the other. The two of your will be equally good at finishing a task once you start it, and so any joint projects you undertake are likely to be a success. Pigs have good luck, and even if you experience minor setbacks you will easily recover and have more prosperity.

Since neither one of you likes conflict and you avoid it to the best of your ability, you will tend to hide your disappointments and resentments from each other. This is not healthy and should be avoided. Despite your dislike of conflict, it is important to air grievances before they fester and grow, or by the time you are willing to share them a fight will be unavoidable. Thankfully your relationship should recover from even battles like these, since neither of you hold grudges.

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As lovers the Pigs’ relationship will likely take place mostly at home, rather than out on the town, and will focus on making one another feel as wonderful, as full and as rich as possible. If these two live together their home will be very comfortable and perhaps luxurious, with plenty of places to sit or lie down. Bath products make a great gift for this couple! When in love, Pigs are even more generous and affable than normal and will bend over backward to make their lover purr with pleasure. The only problem that may exist here is that two Pigs spend so much time together experiencing with all the senses that they often forget to talk, to express themselves verbally. Thus, misunderstandings sometimes result between these two and, though the Pig is generally very good-natured, this sign can be quite fearsome when angry.

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Both of the Pigs in the relationship enjoy showering the other with love and affection in addition to luxurious and lavish vacations, gifts, and presents that are unexpected according to Chinese astrology. Pigs, when dating one another, are often in-tune with each other’s emotional thoughts and feelings, helping to create a strong and long-lasting bond between the two parties who are committed to one another.

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The only major concern when two Pigs find love is that they are often frivolous spenders and may find themselves in financial debt due to their insatiable tastes and yearnings for all luxurious things. Pigs can also be fierce when they argue with one another, but their generally naive nature allows them to be forgiving and to fall back in love nearly immediately after an argument or disagreement with one another.

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