Pig and Rat Compatibility

The Pig and the Rat make a great pair, in friendship, in business or in love. The Rat loves to be the center of a large group of loyal friends and knows how to treat its loved ones with a special, warm generosity. The Pig puts friends and family first and makes a great, loyal member of the Rat’s social group. The Pig tends to be an optimist and an idealist who sees only the best in others; thus, this sign will likely overlook some of the Rat’s less stellar qualities, such as its occasionally greedy nature and its constantly scheming mind. The Pig will just appreciate the Rat’s wit and good humor, its fun-loving nature and, best of all, the Rat’s luck with money. The Pig possesses a truly luxurious nature, which meshes well with the Rat’s good taste.

As a Pig, you really enjoy pleasurable things. In fact, the pursuit of pleasure could become too large a part of your life if you aren’t careful. Thankfully, you are very lucky and good fortune follows you, so slight overspending doesn’t tend to hurt your finances too much. One of your most amazing qualities is your impeccable honesty. You would never even think of deceiving anyone in any way. Unfortunately, this puts you at risk of being deceived yourself, since you are so honest that you don’t see dishonesty coming from others.

You are very conscientious, and do not make decisions until you have weighed all the pros and cons thoroughly. As a result, you rarely find yourself in trouble, but you do sometimes miss out on things because you took too long trying to decide if it was a good idea or not. You need a partner that supports you, restrains you somewhat in your pursuit of pleasure, and would never betray you or lead you astray. You would benefit from someone who takes a few risks, because they can help you capture those opportunities you might miss.

Rats are compatible with you in a variety of ways. Rats also work hard to achieve their goals, and they enjoy socializing with happy groups of friends just as you do. Rats are sensitive and excellent listeners, which provides you with the support and attention you need. Rats are extremely devoted to their families, and if you are in love with a Rat, she will do anything to make sure you’re happy.

Rats are great with finances, but they have a hard time resisting a bargain. Your Rat will help you restrain yourself from spending too much, but she may need your help in resisting a really great deal. Rats are very sentimental, and tend to hold onto objects that remind them of happy times. Your patience may wear thin if the things she keeps are becoming old and worn, because you prefer to be surrounded by nice things. Rats are always in the know, and they keep secrets for the ones they love, but don’t hesitate to use information about others to their advantage. You may find that your sense of honesty is offended by this, but rest assured that your Rat would never do this to you.

Pig and Rat Compatibility Horoscope

Pig and Rat Love Compatibility

If these two are very close or in love, the Rat will love treating the Pig to the good foods and lush treatment the Pig so desires — though the fast-paced Rat may become impatient with the Pig’s penchant for sleeping late! This can be good or bad, depending on which course of action the Pig has chosen and whether it agrees with the Rat’s point of view!

Pig Woman and Rat Man Compatibility

Within the Chinese zodiac, the Rat man and Pig woman are great matches, romantically and sexually as well as simply just platonic friends. The Rat man enjoys being a provider, and the Pig woman enjoys giving love and affection back, which is ideal to a Rat man who values family including his spouse and children. Although the Pig woman in Shengxiao generally tends to overspend, they do so out of love and their desire for luxury, which the Rat can help to balance with his intellect and his ability to properly manage money.

Pig Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

Because the Pig man and Rat woman in Shengxiao are sensitive and enjoy the sensual parts of life according to the horoscope when dating and when involved sexually, they are highly compatible and both make for excellent listeners. The Pig man enjoys spending quality time with his partner, which makes for a happy Rat woman, who appreciates nothing more than a happy and healthy household and family. The Rat woman is trustworthy with the ones she loves and will always be there to comfort and support the Pig man she is dating.

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