Pig and Rooster Compatibility

The Pig and the Rooster may need lots of mutual understanding to get along smoothly, since their differences aren’t exactly complementary. The Rooster is likely to find the Pig’s sensualist nature to be excessive; the Rooster abhors messes and to this ultra-practical sign, anything beyond bare necessity could constitute a mess. The Pig is generally an easy-going sign that gives in to stronger personalities, which may have to be the case with the Rooster. The Rooster likes to be in charge, to keep everything and everyone in order, and this sign has its work cut out for it with the luxury-loving Pig.

As a Pig, you are very social, but don’t demand to be center stage. You are a very supportive friend, and are always ready with a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. You don’t have much negative drama in your own life, because you hate conflict and tension and will resolve it at all costs. With your own life free of conflict, you are free to help your friends with theirs! You do love to indulge yourself in pleasures like viewing fine art and being surrounded by pretty things. You need to watch your finances to make sure you aren’t enjoying more than you can afford! Although you like having a partner that can help you afford luxuries, you are no stranger to hard work yourself, and don’t mind working steadily towards a goal.

It’s hard to miss a Rooster. Roosters are dashing, and they know it. A Rooster always dresses in the finest clothes, and makes sure they flatter her body perfectly. Roosters think quickly and well, and they are perfectionists in every sense of the world.

A Rooster’s schedule is always packed, and she will consider it the worst form of disrespect if you are late for a date or stand her up. To impress her, you must be organized and punctual. A Rooster’s finances are always in perfect order, so although she is willing to spend money on the best clothes, she never spends too much or buys out of her range. Despite their responsibility with finances, they are generous and giving. They simply need to know where all of their money goes, and if you want to have a relationship with a Rooster, you had better be willing to keep track of your money, too.

Although there are many things in which Pigs and Roosters can find common ground, they have fundamental differences. You mainly follow your emotions, whereas Roosters are intellectual and analytical. Although you consider things carefully before acting, you still give your emotions and physical comfort far more weight in your decisions than a Rooster does. This could cause a rift, because Roosters will have a hard time understanding why your choices aren’t more logical.

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Pig and Rooster Love Compatibility

If these two are lovers, their smooth communication might rely, again, on the Pig’s affable nature. Especially if these two live together, conflict is almost a certainty. The Pig loves creature comforts: fine food, lovemaking, sleeping in a deliciously soft bed … The Rooster loves practicality and perfection and can’t tolerate laziness. The Pig isn’t lazy; this sign is actually very hardworking, but the Rooster may mistake its sensuality for indolence. The saving grace between these two as lovers may be their mutual dedication when in love. The Rooster is very loyal to its intimates and the Pig makes a generous, dedicated mate.

Pig Woman and Rooster Man Compatibility

The Pig woman will always support the Rooster man in the relationship, giving him love, affection, and support for all of his endeavors in life and in business opportunities. Although the Rooster man is often dominating in relationships, the Pig woman’s own female presence and overall femininity helps to ward his domineering personality away. The Pig woman is comforting and will always ensure that the Rooster man is number one in her life, even when he expresses insecurity or jealously.

Pig Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

The Rooster woman is more aggressive than when the Pig man and her began dating in many cases, as the Pig man is often more attached than the Rooster female first believed according to the Chinese horoscope. Although the Rooster female is often jealous in relationships, the Pig is able to prove his loyalty, helping to rid her jealousy to keep both partners happy and satisfied. Both the Pig man and the Rooster woman excel with handling finances, allowing them to work well together in their home and even in running their own business together.

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