Rabbit and Dragon Compatibility

Rabbit and Dragon have medium compatibility. The characters of the people of these signs are opposite to each other. The first – calmly, confidently go to their goals. Escape the hustle, bustle, uncertainty. The second — they look at life as on a battlefield. Fearless adventurers are ready to take risks even when it is not required. Building relationships with these people is difficult. A mutual desire to be together, to understand a partner, to compromise can help create a harmonious alliance. But you should not count on an idyll. The ardent passion of these people for each other can suddenly be replaced by a fierce cold. Moreover, they themselves rarely understand the reason for the changes.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rabbit and Dragon

Representatives of the signs are sensually attracted to each other. Often in the first days of acquaintance they are sure that they met a soul mate. This is due to the opposite polarity of the Rabbit and the Dragon. The feminine principle of the first — Yin, as a magnet, attracts the male energy of the second sign — Yang. Because a sudden, vivid, emotional romance in such a pair flashes often. The compatibility of the Rabbit with the Dragon in the subsequent interaction depends both on the desire of the lovers and on external factors. Both are ambitious, confident personalities. It is important for them that the partner be on an equal social and material level. The similarity of interests and hobbies matters. Otherwise, the differences begin to manifest themselves clearly. This leads to quarrels, conflicts.

Faithful, romantic Rabbits appreciate the attention of a partner, confidence in reciprocity. At the slightest doubt, they will abandon the struggle for the heart of a beloved person. Dragons are not stable in feelings. Romantic evenings, intimate conversations are hardly combined with an impulsive, eternal search person. At the same time, they understand what an “eared” friend expects from them. In the presence of passionate feelings, such an understanding depresses, deprives the Dragon of vitality. This is due to the incompatibility of the elements of signs. The first — are in the power of the Wood, the second — the Earth. According to Chinese philosophy, the Wood depletes the Earth. This has a devastating effect on relationships. The horoscope of compatibility of the Rabbit and the Dragon depends on whether the man or woman in the pair will be the representative of the first sign.

Rabbit Man and Dragon Woman

The Rabbit man is calm, purposeful, romantic gentleman. Ready to compromise, accepts reasonable criticism. But external softness and complaisance are deceiving. Adhering to the classical model of the family, he will not tolerate insincerity. Attempts to manipulate oneself will be regarded as a signal for parting. The Rabbit man and Dragon woman have low family compatibility. A bright, fickle lady is surrounded by fans. He sees no reason to refuse attention even while in a relationship. In everyday life is not distinguished by the desire for order, comfort. Which is contrary to the expectations of men. Between such a pair there will be a bright, sensual romance. But it will end quickly.

Rabbit Woman and Dragon Man

The Rabbit woman shares the traditional distribution of family roles. Good hostess, faithful companion, tender lover. I am ready to endure the adventurism, the frivolity of the Dragon, provided that he respects her, financially ensures a joint life. I agree to agree, to concede. The compatibility of the Rabbit woman and the Dragon man has a good prospect if both abandon the idea of remaking each other. A cautious lady loves a calm life. Therefore, it is unlikely to participate in the adventurous adventures of a companion who does not tolerate a measured life. If the couple manages to resolve these issues, romantic meetings will develop into a strong, happy union of loving people.

Rabbit and Dragon Business Compatibility

Business horoscope of signs promises a fruitful tandem. Rabbit compatibility with the Dragon in the work is based on common professional goals. The first — they will consider options, give competent advice, warn a colleague against unreasonable risks, spontaneous acts. The second are talented organizers, negotiators. Unwillingness to understand the details, to summarize, to plan expenses — the “herbivorous” colleague gladly compensates. Joint business is a successful area of interaction between these people. Business compatibility is enhanced if Dragon takes the lead.

The friendship between people of signs begins with a single hobby. They quickly find topics for conversation, common ground. The compatibility of Rabbit and Dragon in friendship is based on the mutual complement of the missing qualities of the character of each other. The first are endowed with natural artistry. They like to dance, sing, participate in sporting events. But modesty, shyness often deprive of this pleasure. The second — attract the same activities. But excessive pride, arrogance robs the company. And singing, dancing, arranging bike races alone is a boring task. Finding each other in hobby, these people often become reliable, faithful friends.

Rabbit and Dragon Love Compatibility

The love passion between these people flashes with lightning speed. Mutual attraction makes you see each other on the street, in transport, at work. If the lovers do not make a hasty decision to live together — the love relationship will continue. The compatibility of the Rabbit with the Dragon in love is based on the sensual attraction of partners to each other. The first excites passion, pressure, the breadth of the soul of a lover. The second — dissolve in the tenderness, sincerity, gratitude of the partner. In a state of falling in love, both are generous with compliments and gifts. At the stage of dates, they do not notice the opposite qualities of each other. Having decided on a joint life, they risk losing their relationship. Horoscope advises lovers to verify the sincerity of feelings. Only a mutual desire to create a family is able to keep these people together.

The prospect of a joint life of the representatives of the signs is determined by the Dragon’s readiness to admit restrictions, duties, and responsibilities. This does not mean that they are selfish, masterful personalities. It’s just that consciousness needs to “grow” to live together. Recognize the value, the need for family. Otherwise, even the patient Rabbit will not withstand the proposed pace of life. And both signs refuse to change habits. The compatibility of the Rabbit and the Dragon in a relationship will be favorable if the first ones learn to accept the energy of the chosen one as an invariable feature. The second horoscope recommends remembering that the immensity cannot be embraced. The desire to keep up in all fields is fraught with frustrations, irritation.

Rabbit and Dragon Sexual Compatibility

The Chinese horoscope determines the high sexual compatibility of the couple. Both passionate, insatiable lovers. They strive to diversify intimate life, to give sensual pleasure to each other. Sexual intimacy is filled with bright colors. No conventions, special atmosphere. The desire for intimacy overtakes lovers at any moment. This couple is ready to retire in unexpected situations. However, both love romantic intimacy. The Dragon knows about these lover preferences. Therefore, it often surprises a partner. Being sensitive, caring helps the Rabbit to be liberated, sets a trusting tone for love relationships.

In bed, a couple are not bored. The bedroom is the place of innovative ideas, bold experiments. The timidity of the first sign is compensated by the inexhaustible fantasy of the second lover. The ideal compatibility of the Rabbit with the Dragon in bed is due to the combination of the female and male principles. However, the duration of the idyll is determined by the spiritual closeness of the lovers. Without it, the waves of passion will turn into a quiet water ripple. Physical compatibility does not compensate for the spiritual mismatch of lovers.

Rabbit and Dragon Family Compatibility

The impulsive Dragon is ready to legalize relations in the first week of acquaintance. The Cautious Rabbit will reject such a desire. And rightly so. When the emotional outburst passes, the Dragon is surprised to discover how much their life aspirations differ. Lovers do not often tie family ties. The compatibility of the Rabbit and the Dragon in the marriage will be successful if the value of the family exceeds the other life priorities of the partners. The first — will take the role of a reliable defender of the rear. The second — the insatiable fighter of the front line. The family horoscope assures that if Rabbit and Dragon agree in advance on duties, powers, restrictions, a happy union is possible.

Family values are close to representatives of both signs. However, spouses perceive reality differently. The compatibility of the Rabbit with the Dragon in family life is based on the mutual desire of the spouses to change themselves, without requiring changes from a partner. It is often difficult for a couple to agree if the issue is not about sex. Rabbits want to feel the shoulder of a partner. At the same time, they do not want to lose personal freedom. People of the second sign strive for family leadership, subordination of the chosen one to their will. At the same time, they quickly lose interest in a partner who agrees to such conditions. The horoscope advises the Rabbits not to surrender to family life without a trace. You need to remember personal hobbies, professional abilities. And the Dragons better learn to perceive the opinion of a partner as another point of view, and not as a personal insult.

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