Rabbit and Horse Compatibility

The Rabbit and the Horse are people opposite in character, temperament and worldview. At the same time, the power of inexplicable magnetism attracts partners to each other. What becomes the basis for favorable compatibility of signs. Do not expect a cloudless smooth relationship. Interaction is fraught with quarrels, conflicts. But the Chinese horoscope assures: if people of signs learn to adapt to the temperament, the character of each other — the union will be useful for each participant. The planet Jupiter, which patronizes the Rabbits, endows the wards with internal stability, confidence in success based on systematic work. Such qualities are lacking for people of the second sign. The Horse is driven by Mars. The red planet brings decisiveness, impulsiveness, and the desire to subjugate the opponent into character. What people lack of the first sign.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rabbit and Horse

Opposites are attracted, and Rabbit and Horse feel the need for cooperation from the first meeting. This is the result of favorable elemental compatibility of signs — the Wood of the first generates the Fire of the second. What is manifested in the hidden desire of the "Horses" to have an external limiter of bellicose pressure. Without a braking system, life will turn into a chaotic movement. "Herbivores" are able to delicately, sometimes invisibly, give a vector of unbridled partner energy. At the same time, their own self-esteem increases. Rabbit compatibility with the Horse is based on the unconscious need for each other. Therefore, even serious conflicts rarely lead to a breakdown.

Soft, friendly, cautious Rabbits are drawn to hot-tempered, harsh, resolute Horses. The signs compatibility strengthened by the combination of the female energy of the first — Yin with the male energy of the second — Yang. However, different temperaments will require mutual efforts to create a harmonious union. Such a pair is both difficult and apart impossible. The Rabbit and Horse compatibility horoscope advises the first — not to perceive the harshness, impulsiveness of the partner as a manifestation of disrespect. After all, such qualities give dynamism to relationships, help life development. The second — it is recommended to learn the rule of the "golden mean." If you run away all the time without looking back — “Horseshoes are knocking down”, a fall cannot be avoided. The level of compatibility of characters depends on whether the man or woman Rabbit is paired.

Rabbit Man and Horse Woman

The Rabbit man is a balanced, sociable, diplomatic gentleman. Appreciates order in thoughts and deeds, comfort, stability. Beautifully, romantically caring for the chosen one. Woman Horse attracts with its bright appearance, confidence, pronounced temperament. But to decide on a relationship with such a lady is difficult. It is not so much the fear of refusal that disturbs, as doubts about one’s own abilities to keep this person interested. Man Rabbit and woman Horse have low compatibility. Swift romance overnight will end if the lovers do not agree. And you have to come to an agreement. She — seeks to govern, indicate. Often does not hear the opinion of the interlocutor. He — will not agree to the role of henpecked, and he will not spend energy on "taming the obstinate". The success of the union depends on the desire of the lady to maintain the relationship.

Rabbit Woman and Horse Man

Woman Rabbit — friendly, gentle, caring nature. He does not like quarrels, conflicts. It acts carefully, slowly. The house is kept clean, monitors the appearance. A man attracts Horse with extravagance, determination. At the first stage of the relationship, she is ready to adapt to the rhythm of the life of the chosen one. But it is difficult to put up with freedom of love, the impulsiveness of a partner. Woman Rabbit and man Horse have a favorable compatibility. The lady forgives her beloved harshness in statements, the desire to spend time outside the home. But in return, he expects the chosen one to become the classic head of the family. If the man takes the role, the horoscope promises the couple a happy future.

Rabbit and Horse Business Compatibility

A business horoscope does not see a bright prospect of interaction between people of signs. The Rabbit does not tolerate haste, manifestations of emotions, randomness in the work process. Systematically works for the benefit of the expected result. Works productively in a group. The Impulsive Horse takes on several things at once. Succumbing to emotions can reject a profitable or accept a dubious offer. Team work prefers individual activity. Therefore, it is difficult for such colleagues to agree in the business sphere. The horoscope determines the low compatibility of the Rabbit with the Horse in work.

A friendly tandem of signs has a favorable perspective. Harmonious interaction is based on a mutual understanding of the characteristics of each other. The Rabbit does not seek to call on a companion for prudence, restraint. Recognizes his right to independently manage his own life. The Horse does not require a friend to participate in adventurous adventures, extreme entertainment. In friendships, they find many points of contact. The compatibility of the Rabbit and the Horse in friendship is based on mutual respect, help, support.

Rabbit and Horse Love Compatibility

The love horoscope sees two options for the interaction of partners. Or a lightning fast romance. Or a gradual rapprochement with the subsequent creation of a harmonious union. The choice depends on the mood, the internal state of the Rabbit at the time of dating. If you are tired of monotony, problems, failures, want to bring to life a vivid episode — the first option is likely. If you feel the need for a reliable companion, stable relationship — the love road will lead in the second direction. The compatibility of the Rabbit with the Horse in love is based on the gradual disclosure of complementary qualities in each other. This applies to both the domestic and intimate aspects of life.

Representatives of signs converge on the basis of common interests and hobbies. Relations are built on a tacit cooperation agreement. Intuitively understand each other’s desires, needs. Having made an internal decision on readiness to support the life principles of the chosen one, believing in the partner’s reciprocal desire, they begin to develop the novel. The compatibility of the Rabbit and the Horse in a relationship is based on a magnetic attraction to each other. The fact is that the Rabbit is capable of constructive dialogue about the distribution of duties, responsibilities, restrictions in the union. And the Horse does not accept conventions, contractual obligations. At the same time, zealous “Horses” strive for family warmth no less than calm “herbivores”.

Rabbit and Horse Sexual Compatibility

Rabbit and Horse have medium sexual compatibility. The first — perceive intimacy as a continuation of spiritual communication, a manifestation of concern for the feelings, needs of a lover. Prefer gentle sex in a romantic setting. The second — perceive intimacy as a way to relieve tension, the external surroundings are indifferent. Bright temperament interferes with caring for the needs of a partner. At the same time, lovers have high physical compatibility — special efforts are not needed to get sensual pleasure.

Tender, tremulous Rabbit sometimes scares unbridled passion, the pressure of a lover. But if people are spiritually close, connected by common values, goals, fears will disappear. The Horse displays fantasy and ingenuity in sex. Seeks to captivate with partner ideas. The compatibility of the Rabbit with the Horse in bed is the higher, the stronger the spiritual contact between the lovers. With the development of relations, the trust of the first grows, the stormy passion of the second lover abates.

Rabbit and Horse Family Compatibility

Having married, the couple faces challenges. The success of overcoming depends on the mutual desire of the spouses. The Rabbit is a supporter of the traditional family model. Strives for cooperation, comfort, distribution of roles in the family. The Horse is the undisputed leader in relationships. Does not tolerate criticism, compulsion to action. With difficulty changing his own opinion. The arrangement of life is not of fundamental importance. The compatibility of the Rabbit and the Horse in marriage will be favorable if the former show patience and wisdom. The second — will learn to respect the opinion of the partner, will accept the need for compromise in marriage. True, such “feat” zealous “Horses” dare only by experiencing a strong emotional attachment to a partner.

The longer the couple is together, the more harmonious the relationship becomes. The first — get used to the vagaries of the chosen one. They find ways to gently, unobtrusively pacify their beloved "Horse". The second — begin to appreciate the dignity of established life, family comfort. They are grateful to the chosen one for understanding, patience, love. With the advent of children, the compatibility of the Rabbit with the Horse in family life increases. A new joint goal appears — the education of offspring. However, the horoscope warns: the hot temperament of the Horse is fraught with "hazing" relationships. How will Rabbit react to cheating? There is no single answer. After weighing the pros and cons, evaluating their own situation, they will either put up with the partner’s “weaknesses” or break the relationship. Horoscope advises Horses to protect the feelings of a loved one, remember — it is difficult to find a better life partner.

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