Rabbit and Monkey Compatibility

Rabbit and Monkey — an ambiguous combination. It is difficult to imagine an elegant, balanced representative of the first sign next to the extravagant, charismatic personality of the second sign. At the same time, the horoscope sees favorable prospects for the union. If partners accept characteristic shortcomings, needs of each other — the couple has a chance for long-term cooperation. Rabbits — strive for a calm, secure, comfortable flow of life. Having achieved the desired results, they try to keep them at the optimal level. The partner appreciates sincerity, sincerity, care, support. Monkeys — prefer rapid movement in life. Goals, desires, dreams often change, are adjusted at any stage. There are no specific requirements for the partner. They are satisfied that the chosen one is pleasant in communication, easy to climb.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rabbit and Monkey

In general, the compatibility of partners of the Chinese horoscope is satisfactory. It is difficult for representatives of signs to reach mutual understanding in marital relations. Homebody Rabbits do not accept the partner’s desire to constantly stay in society, shine at noisy parties, jump with a parachute. Monkeys are bored in a monotonous environment, they do not understand the pleasure of reading books, watching monotonous TV shows. However, according to the cosmic idea, people of signs are magnetically drawn to each other from the first meeting. Stars predict the perfect sexual and intellectual compatibility of Rabbit and Monkey. This is due to the merger of the female energy of the first — Yin with male energy — Yang of the second sign. However, in other areas of life, partners may not agree at all.

Differences in characters are associated with the elemental affiliation of signs. Rabbits are in the power of the Wood, Monkeys belong to the metal element. According to Chinese philosophy, Metal cuts Wood, which has a devastating effect on relationships. Representatives of the first sign strive for spiritual intimacy with the chosen one, understanding each other without words, spending time together. The second — freedom is considered an inalienable life value. They do not accept restrictions, conventions. At the same time, they are sincerely loyal to the partner, respect the understanding of their own freedom-loving nature. The horoscope of compatibility of the Rabbit with the Monkey advises the first to accept that the lack of complete spiritual intimacy is not a catastrophe, but an occasion to fill the free space with your favorite thing, hobby. The second is recommended to pay attention to the spiritual aspirations of the chosen one, not considering this a restriction of personal freedom. The level of compatibility depends on the gender of the partners.

Rabbit Man and Monkey Woman

In a pair where He is the Rabbit, She is the Monkey, compatibility is low. The economic, domestic husband is annoyed by the regular absence of the spouse, affairs outside the family. A free wife considers it insulting to be near her husband and to do household work. Paired with excellent sexual compatibility. The Rabbit man and Monkey woman coexist on the patience of the first, but it will not last long. The horoscope advises the lady to evaluate the qualities of the chosen one, to accept reasonable requirements. Even partial pacification of one’s nature will give the union harmony.

Rabbit Woman and Monkey Man

In the opposite pair, the compatibility level increases. An affectionate, caring girlfriend keeps the house clean and tidy. Sensitively captures changes in the mood of a lover, knows the ways to implicitly achieve the desired result. In this case, with understanding refers to the frequent absence of a partner. Woman Rabbit and man Monkey have a favorable compatibility. But the horoscope warns the lady — a close interest in life is dangerous. The man will be bored with his girlfriend watching the world from the window of the apartment. Participation in adventurous activities of the chosen one will help spiritual rapprochement.

Rabbit and Monkey Business Compatibility

Business horoscope predicts low compatibility partners. The Rabbit adheres to established rules, proven options for action. He does not accept hasty, rash decisions. The working motto is “professionalism, discipline, order”. The eccentric Monkey doesn’t fit into the postulate. He makes decisions intuitively, sometimes ignores business ethics — without embarrassment he will tell his colleague what he thinks. Therefore, in the joint work of opponents, disagreements await. However, the compatibility of the Rabbit with the Monkey in the work will be fruitful if the partners combine intellectual work. For example, scientific research, creative work. Differences of characters are smoothed out by mutual professional passion, interest in the result.

Despite the characteristic differences, the friendly relations of partners are developing successfully. Representatives of the signs are sincere, kind, open to communication, mutual assistance people. From the first minutes of the conversation, they find common themes, hobbies. Moreover, in tandem, the Monkey is responsible for the search for entertainment, and Rabbit solves the organizational issues of joint recreation. Each comrade is satisfied with this distribution of responsibilities. The favorable compatibility of Rabbit and Monkey in friendship is due to a decrease in the first "bar" of spiritual closeness in friendly relations. The second, outside the context of teamwork, everyday life — do not feel the restriction of personal freedom. In addition, the tactful Rabbit does not make comments to a friend, does not try to control behavior. The wise Monkey is not offended by the friend’s periodic desire for solitude — he simply will have fun in another company.

Rabbit and Monkey Love Compatibility

A love horoscope predicts a pair of bright, passionate romance. Partners sexually attract each other, which often becomes the reason for dating. Mutual intelligence, wide-ranging horizons, and elegance of partners fuel the swiftness of relations. Love compatibility is based on planetary affiliation of signs. Jupiter, patronizing the Rabbits, gives tenderness, temperament, soft power. Monkey, which is in the power of Venus, is distinguished by ingenuity, romance, and striving for novelty. The horoscope sees the promising compatibility of the Rabbit with the Monkey in love. The partners spend a lot of time together at the beginning of the relationship. At the same time, they do not feel any discomfort from communication.

The development of subsequent events determines the mutual desire of lovers to give up personal principles for the good of relationships. With the fading of passion, partners sometimes do not understand what connects them except sex. If the communication vector is not determined, the relationship will end. Having found common ground in other areas of life — lovers are able to create a harmonious union. The compatibility of Rabbit and Monkey in a relationship is based on the mutual recognition of shortcomings, character traits, and life principles of each other. The horoscope advises in advance to find compromise solutions to household issues, time spent, leisure options. The strength of the union depends on this.

Rabbit and Monkey Sexual Compatibility

The intimate life of Rabbit and Monkey is a fountain of feelings, emotions, impressions. Lovers are so suitable for each other that sometimes only in the bedroom are able to resolve the conflict. The first — show sensitivity, attention, without stint give lover affection. The second — gentle visionaries, supporters of innovative intimate ideas. The sexual compatibility of partners is due to similar sensual desires, the willingness of both to receive and give intimate pleasure.

The desire for romantic intimacy fills the bedroom of lovers with the scent of candles, incense. Sensual music encourages you to spend long hours in bed. The Rabbit not only feels the needs of the lover, but also is able to predict desires at a particular moment of intimacy. The monkey is not stingy thanks the chosen one with gentle caresses. The horoscope sees the perfect compatibility of the Rabbit with the Monkey in bed. Despite disagreements in other areas of life, lovers find harmony here. Being owners by nature, the partners are faithful to each other throughout the relationship. The only thing that can violate the idyll is not organized issues of everyday life.

Rabbit and Monkey Family Compatibility

Sexual compatibility of lovers does not often lead to marriage. If for Monkey the decision to visit the registry office is easy, the Rabbit needs good reason for a fateful step. Having created a family, the spouses begin to “grind” to each other. The horoscope assures that the compatibility of the Rabbit and the Monkey in marriage is favorable if the lovers withstand this stage. The first years of marriage are fraught with quarrels, scandals on household grounds, upholding one’s own interests, and disputes over holding a joint holiday. The stars advise spouses to discuss controversial issues in advance, to find compromise solutions. For example, sometimes relax separately. This will save the family, bring harmony, stability to the relationship.

Having agreed on matters of everyday life, the spouses will have to reconcile themselves with the domesticity of the first and the love of freedom of the second partner. Then the stars guarantee a favorable compatibility of the Rabbit with the Monkey in family life. Otherwise, contention will lead to a cooling of feelings, severance of relations. The birth of children brings spouses together. Surprisingly, in spite of domestic disagreements, there are no disputes in the family regarding the upbringing of children. Rabbit and Monkey are caring, responsible parents. Children grow up in a warm, friendly, happy family.

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