Rabbit and Rabbit Compatibility

Representatives of the Rabbit sign are kind, charming, nice people. They are distinguished by good manners, gentle character, exquisite style in clothes. Often endowed with rare abilities, unique talents. The main difficulty for the Rabbits is to make a decision. They think over the moves for a long time, calculate the options. If a possible adverse outcome of the event outweighs the positive result, they will no doubt abandon the conceived case. It is difficult to get these people crazy, but you can offend with a careless word, look. They suspect a secret meaning in everything. Cautious, thoughtful, rely only on themselves. They like compliments, praise, though openly it is rarely shown.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rabbit and Rabbit

According to the Chinese horoscope, peoples of this sign are often unhappy in love. This is not evil rock, but the result of indecision in amorous affairs. The Rabbit compatibility with the Rabbit depends on the ability of at least one partner to “turn off” emotions while making a fate-changing decision. They find a common language with their own kind quickly. This is helped by the element of the Tree, ruled by the planet Jupiter. Heavenly patron gives wards life lightness, luck. People understand each other. They know how to behave with a partner in a given situation. Mutual wisdom does not allow the use of such knowledge for personal gain. Playing on the opponent’s weaknesses degrades the personal dignity of these people. Because together they feel comfortable.

Gentle, charming Rabbits are intuitively drawn to each other. By this they are “obliged” to the feminine principle of the sign — Yin. Rabbit compatibility with Rabbit is favorable. Only in an imperfect world are there "pitfalls" clouding the idyll. Shyness, indecision are characteristic for each partner. Therefore, compatibility will depend on the ability of one of them to correct such qualities of character. Otherwise, it will be possible to build a magic house, only the floor in it will be absent. Living without support in life is difficult for people of this sign. After all, someone in tandem must make decisions, take responsibility, distribute responsibilities. It won’t work out differently.

Rabbit Man and Rabbit Woman

The Rabbit man is a kind, calm, attentive interlocutor. Elegant, gallant gentleman. Realistic, purposeful, sensibly evaluates personal opportunities. She doesn’t like to talk about feelings, she doesn’t show emotions violently. However, she will always find a way to express sympathy — she will present a magnificent bouquet, give a hand, and unexpectedly present a present, about which the lady accidentally mentioned a conversation. Many women dream of such a gallant companion. After all, these men adhere to the classical model of the family. Extreme entertainment prefer a calm, comfortable stay. Surround yourself with exquisite things. In addition, caring and generous to loved ones. However, it is difficult for them to decide on the main step in the relationship — marriage offers can be expected for years.

Woman Rabbit — elegant, sociable, educated. It is endowed with a soft character, sexual magnetism. The dream of such a lady is to create a cozy nest, educate children and not think about daily bread. For the sake of the family, hesitate to leave the career that she had been building for years before meeting with the chosen one. He makes any decisions with great difficulty — whether it’s buying a new car or choosing detergent. This is a rare representative of the star horoscope, which is vitally needed “stone wall”. Caring, loyal, faithful girlfriend. Tender, affectionate lover. However, sometimes a “fox” trick is hidden behind a naive smile — some “hares” are capable of much to arrange their personal lives.

Rabbit and Rabbit Business Compatibility

Business horoscope sees good compatibility of people of this sign. Both are hardworking, striving for professional excellence. Rabbits compatibility in work is based on mutual respect, support, ability to work in a team. This is true for work in an established team, where job duties and powers are defined. But horoscope does not recommend organizing a joint business for partners of the same sign. General decisions will be difficult. It will be difficult for each colleague to take the leadership role.

These people are able to make friends among themselves. Relations are built on trust, devotion, common interests. Compatibility of Rabbits in friendship is determined by the common needs for communication, rest, spending time. They will always come to help each other, support with advice, help out with money. Mutual pride, self-esteem, and a sense of tact will not allow each of them to abuse the trust of a friend. Often, easily formed friendships turn into many years of friendship. These people are not bored together. They can talk for hours on exciting topics, and spend days in silence with each other, without experiencing discomfort.

Rabbit and Rabbit Love Compatibility

The amorous relationship between a man and a woman of this sign is considered by the horoscope as an ideal. Two Rabbits compatibility in love is based on a mutual understanding of the feelings, desires, needs of a partner. Sexual attraction often arises at the first meeting. But a swift romance is unlikely to happen. Rabbits for a long time “sniff” each other, evaluate the prospect of a relationship. If there is confidence in the reciprocity of feelings — the courtship period will become a bright, romantic stage in life. Joint meetings of sunrises and sunsets, night walks along the promenade, touching gifts with a secret meaning.

Lovers get along well, get along easily in one space. Living together does not cause problems. Both are sensitive to cleanliness, order. Horoscope considers the compatibility of Rabbits in a relationship ideal. Partners feel each other, ready to adjust, smooth the corners. Conflicts, quarrels in a pair are practically excluded. A man wants to be a leader in a relationship. The lady is happy to "hand over" such authority to the chosen one. The main condition for a long-term union is the sincere feelings of those in love with each other, guaranteeing loyalty, loyalty to partners. What everyone considers a priority part of the relationship.

Rabbit and Rabbit Sexual Compatibility

Representatives of other zodiac signs feel the sexual attractiveness of Rabbits. Men and women of this sign are spoiled by the attention of the opposite sex. What can we say about the partners of your sign? Horoscope predicts high sexual compatibility of lovers. Relationships are filled with tenderness, sensuality, the desire to give the partner pleasure. Finely grasping each other’s intimate desires, lovers do not need clues. Moreover, conversations on this topic confuse both partners. This enhances sexual compatibility, because they do not need words in this matter.

The intimate life of Rabbits is based on a mutual desire for conservatism. Lovers do not crave experiments — they believe that there is enough knowledge and skills. The lovers appreciate the environment no less than proximity. A romantic setting is necessary for both — scented candles, silk bedding, calm music, fine wine. Compatibility Rabbits in bed can hold lovers together for a long time. They value stability, predictability. Innovative ideas in the bedroom scare, do not cause enthusiasm. Finding third-party hobbies is not of interest. Because Rabbits are faithful lovers.

Rabbit and Rabbit Family Compatibility

The decision to create a family is given to partners with great difficulty. Rabbits can go to this step for years. Both the man and woman of the sign value family ties. In difficult situations, seek to save the family. They rarely get divorced. The key to compatibility of Rabbits in marriage is the adoption by a man of the role of leader. Otherwise, the family ship will crash — the woman of the sign will not become a captain. And without it, "swimming" will end quickly. In addition, the Rabbits are jealous. Therefore, the horoscope advises both spouses not to create reasons to doubt the fidelity of the partner.

When the husband becomes the head of the family, the union takes on a classic look that suits both spouses. Rabbit and Rabbit compatibility of in family life is based on mutual respect, recognition of family roles, unity of views on life, raising children. Spouses become loving, caring parents. The wife is satisfied with the role of an exemplary housewife — the house will be clean, comfortable. The husband will “wait” for a tasty, healthy dinner. The only horoscope warning is to prevent relatives from interfering in life together. Rabbits are sensitive to the opinions of loved ones. Therefore, it is better to live separately.

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