Rabbit and Rat Compatibility

Rabbit and Rat cannot be called an ideal couple. The union will be favorable only if the representatives of both signs are able to accept the characteristics of each other’s characters. Cautious, thoughtful, reasonable Rabbits are attracted by activity, sexuality, intellect of Rats. The latter often regard partner behavior as weakness. Love at first sight between these people is unlikely. Their interests, desires, and outlooks on life diverge. They evaluate similar situations differently. Representatives of the first sign tend to perceive failures totally, it is easier for them to run away than to start a fight. The second – in any problems, difficulties they see opportunities for improvement.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rabbit and Rat

Brave Rats attract cowardly Rabbits, who admire the ability of partners to defend their opinions, fight to the last argument, find profit at the slightest opportunity. The compatibility of the Rabbit and the Rat is based on elemental signs. The first personify the tree generated by the water of the second. This determines the fundamental interest of Rabbits in the partner. Compatibility is based on opposites, which under favorable circumstances can create a harmonious union. If everyone determines their role in tandem, they have a chance to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships.

The attractiveness of people of these signs to each other is explained by the combination of male and female principles. Active Yang of Rats "promises" to Rabbit’s Yin protection, support, support. Only for the success of the union is it necessary for the patronizing partner to see the benefits of interaction. The horoscope of compatibility of the Rabbit with the Rat will be promising if the former recognize an indisputable advantage, the leadership of the latter, which will appreciate the softness, leisurelyness, mind of the chosen one. Otherwise, the Rats seizing the initiative will lose interest in the partner. What will create the likelihood of instability, severance of relations. An important role will be played by a man or a woman will be a rabbit in a pair.

Rabbit Man and Rat Woman

The Rabbit man is a cozy family man who values comfort, tranquility, and prosperity. The Rat’s wife regularly takes him out of the familiar environment. Such initiative pleases and scares at the same time. On the one hand, it brings newness and diversity to relationships, on the other hand it destroys stability and violates the usual rhythm of life. The Rabbit man and Rat woman will create a favorable union if the social status of the husband prevails. In this case, the ladies’ leadership inclinations will be “smoothed out” by the significance of the man. There will be no reason for conflict, since the cavalier will provide the material side of the relationship. The horoscope sees positive compatibility.

Rabbit Woman and Rat Man

In a pair where Rabbit is a woman, the state of relations will depend on the behavior of the lady. The Rat man will gladly become a support, defense, and a prey for the union. But one must understand that the calmness of a partner is not indifference to his person. The mission of the companion is to create a reliable rear, to become an complaisant executor of the beloved’s instructions. In addition, a woman is encouraged to treat with understanding the periodic outbreaks of jealousy of a man. It is better not to focus on such behavior, try to wrap the situation in jest. Woman Rabbit and man Rat are able to create a long-lasting, fruitful union, if they follow simple rules.

Rabbit and Rat Business Compatibility

A business horoscope predicts favorable compatibility between these people. Representatives of the signs converge for a long time, "sniffing" each other. Feeling mutual understanding, the similarity of professional interests — they begin joint activities. People of both signs know how to work, it is important for them to feel the reliable shoulder of a colleague. Rabbit compatibility with the Rat in the work is based on the unity of goals, the same understanding of how to achieve them. The only warning of the horoscope is to exclude the Rat’s attempts to use the partner for personal interests. The astute Rabbit will immediately notice the manipulation, the end of the joint business will become inevitable.

The friendly relations between the Rabbit and the Rat can hardly be called prosperous. If in other areas of life, interaction has a positive vector, then in friendship this is unlikely. People have opposite characters, views on life. The horoscope sees the low compatibility of the Rabbit and the Rat in friendship. It is difficult for them to endure each other’s society, unless this is due to compelled circumstances. Therefore, it is difficult to introduce them as members of a friendly company. The former prefer a passive rest, calm atmosphere, environment. The second — rush into the changing cycle of events, people, conditions.

Rabbit and Rat Love Compatibility

A love union between representatives of these signs is not uncommon. The rabbits are attracted by the extravagance, sexuality, activity of the Rats, who admire the romanticism, intelligence, and education of the partner. Rabbit compatibility with the Rat in love is based on the attraction of opposites. The former reassure the beloved with restraint, fundamental in solving problems. The second — open to the elect a diverse, but frightening world. Meanwhile, favorable compatibility is observed only at the beginning of the relationship. Further interaction depends on the desire of the lovers to maintain the union and will require effort.

Having learned the characteristics of each other’s character, people of these signs do not always understand how to continue coexistence. Over time, Rats seek to suppress a partner, to force them to live by their own rules. Restrained Rabbits will not enter into an open struggle, but will begin to think about ending the relationship. These people need to learn to perceive each other from the position of mutually beneficial complement of individuals. The compatibility of the Rabbit and the Rat in a relationship will be successful if the former recognize immeasurable activity, a thirst for change, and the search for personal gain in any partner’s enterprises. The second — will accept the restraint of the chosen one, as a necessary "limiter" of their impulsiveness.

Rabbit and Rat Sexual Compatibility

It is difficult to call the sexual compatibility of people of these signs ideal. Rats actively crave experiments, new experiences, unusual places for sex. Rabbits do not understand the innovative desires of a lover, they consider it an empty fantasy. The horoscope warns — if you do not arrive at a compromise in a timely manner, the relationship is unlikely to be preserved. Finding no understanding, Rats will rush to the satisfaction of desires on the side. The lover will feel betrayal, will not endure. People of these signs are encouraged to learn to talk on intimate topics, listen and hear each other, find solutions that satisfy both partners.

Mutual understanding in the intimate life of representatives of these signs is possible. After all, this is only an integral part of common everyday life, which these people are able to make favorable. The compatibility of the Rabbit with the Rat in bed is favorable if the first ones begin to show activity, imagination, listen to the wishes of the partner. The second is recommended not to require any action from the lover, but will learn to gently push towards what he longs to experience. Indeed, in other areas of life, these people are able to achieve mutual understanding. Having resolved intimate disagreements, they are able to create strong, friendly relations.

Rabbit and Rat Family Compatibility

The marriage of these people will be promising if the partners are able to agree in advance on the responsibilities, ways of spending time outside the family. The first are homebodies, conservatives. Noisy companies prefer quiet family evenings, a delicious dinner, a cozy atmosphere. The second is public beings. They want to be at the center of attention, events, to feel their importance, popularity. The compatibility of the Rabbit and the Rat in marriage is based on an understanding of the first aspirations, desires of the partner, and on respect for the second values, ideals of the spouse.

The family life of representatives of these signs is based on the compatibility of global ideas of matrimony — prosperity, comfortable life, mutual trust and understanding, loyalty to family traditions. Disagreement over parenting is possible in a couple. Rabbits consider it necessary to instill in the young generation the aesthetic foundations of a worldview, Rats are confident that classes in self-defense sections will bring more benefits to a growing body. The compatibility of the Rabbit with the Rat in family life will be favorable if the former allow the spouses to spend part of their time outside the house, satisfying their internal needs for publicity. The second – will learn to appreciate the wisdom of the beloved, will not abuse confidence.

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