Rabbit and Rooster Compatibility

Rabbit and Rooster are hard to imagine together. Different temperaments, life views, ways of existence deprive partners of the opportunity for harmonious cooperation. From the point of view of Chinese philosophy, the couple has a low level of compatibility. The first are balanced, thoughtful, judicious personalities. They systematically build life, guided by common sense, a sober assessment of personal abilities. These are family people who prefer comfort, order, predictability. The second — create the impression of narcissistic egoists who value only their own opinions. They require attention, admiration, adoration for their person. At the same time, purposeful natures achieve success in their careers. The Rabbit and the Rooster attract each other’s attention, but the attraction is temporary.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rabbit and Rooster

The mutual understanding of signs is hindered by a single female energy — Yin, coupled with an unfavorable elemental combination. The Metal “core” of the Rooster mercilessly cuts the Wood “base” of the Rabbit. At the same time, when meeting people, signs in a fantastic way discover common ground. The sympathy of the first meeting is due to mutual sexual attraction. Therefore, the compatibility of the Rabbit with the Rooster can be favorable. But the stars assure — for the peaceful coexistence of the tandem, the focused efforts of each participant are required. Otherwise, the passionate romance will quickly end, leaving the partners perplexed — what force held them together?

The timid, domestic Rabbit sometimes lacks vivid emotions and impressions. Because extravagant, bold representatives of the second sign attract, fascinate. Roosters sometimes get tired of their own importance, impregnability. Next to the people of the first sign they drop their arrogance, enjoy a cozy calm. Only regularity quickly bores, “the tail is fluffing up”, the usual way of life resumes. The horoscope of compatibility of the Rabbit and the Rooster does not see favorable prospects for cooperation at a young age. But in adulthood, the couple has a chance to build a tandem satisfying both. Rabbits, wanting life variety, "turn a blind eye" to the strangeness of the contender for the role of life partner. The second, having spent a stormy youth, are ready to give up part of freedom for the sake of finding a true friend. The success of the event is affected by the gender of the partners.

Rabbit Man and Rooster Woman

The romantic, passionate Rabbit man is attracted to the extravagant, confident woman Rooster. Innate caution “warns” him of the danger of cooperation, but the desire to win the attention of the obstinate person wins. Gallant courtship win the heart of a lady. She likes the calmness, thoroughness of the gentleman. Ready for some time to play a bona fide housewife. Then he rushes to new feats, achievements. If a man does not seek to limit the freedom of his companion, the couple harmoniously exists in conditions of mutual sovereignty. There are no problems in domestic matters. The compatibility of the Rabbit man and the Rooster woman increases if the lovers coincide in sexual preferences.

Rabbit Woman and Rooster Man

The Rabbit woman is frightened by the pressure, the self-confidence of the Rooster gentleman, for whom restraint, inaccessibility of the lady is a signal to attack. Seeking favor, a man forgets about arrogance, pride, conceit. This is not a game, but a desire to meet the expectations of a potential girlfriend. It is only after victory that the true traits of character return. What is not conducive to the development of relations. The life of a couple is comparable to being on a volcano. She — does not know what to expect from a satellite at any given time. He is annoyed by the closed way of life, not the desire of his beloved to have fun. The horoscope predicts the low compatibility of the Rabbit woman and the Rooster man. Correct the situation will help the passion of the partner work. Moreover, the higher the position, the greater the chances of a successful union.

Rabbit and Rooster Business Compatibility

Business horoscope sees two options for the development of interaction. Favorable — if the representative of the first character is subordinate to the second character. In this case, the compatibility of the Rabbit with the Rooster in the work is based on hard work, diligence, willingness of the first partner to obey the recognized leader. Decisiveness, determination, confirmed status of the primacy of the second — promises the fruitfulness of the tandem. Collaboration is not favorable if colleagues are on an equal footing. Competitive disputes interfere with work. Different perceptions of discipline, subordination lead to quarrels, conflicts.

The well-being of friendly contacts of signs is determined by the presence of common hobbies, which are unlikely to be found much. Rabbits prefer calm, pacifying, self-developing activities. Roosters are eager to fight even on vacation — skiing, horse racing, gambling. At the same time, outside the professional, love spheres of life, representatives of signs coexist peacefully. They do not have requirements for each other; they treat the character traits with understanding. The horoscope sees the favorable compatibility of the Rabbit and the Rooster in friendship, if, for example, the first one — explores the possibilities, prepares a detailed plan of the event to find the treasure. The second — will bring the idea to life.

Rabbit and Rooster Love Compatibility

The love horoscope portends a passionate, passionate romance. Mutual sexual attraction of signs forces to enter into a relationship even with apparent disagreement. Only the stars do not see the long-term perspective of the union. Rabbit compatibility with Rooster in love is average. Passion will subside — character will remain. It is difficult for Rabbits to put up with the beloved’s habit of acting at their own discretion, not to reckon with the opinions of loved ones, not to think about the results of actions. Roosters are outraged by the "tediousness" of the partner. They don’t understand how one can not want to spend time in a night club, spontaneously go on a trip. But the horoscope says if the lovers want to maintain a relationship — the stars will support the desire.

Rabbits strive for people of the second sign in the hope of receiving the missing emotions, sensations. They attract fervor, love of freedom, determination. But having entered into a relationship, they want to correct these qualities of the chosen one, subject them to their own rules. Rooster beckons the peace of the beloved, intelligence, the ability to smooth out sharp corners. At the same time, having conquered the heart of the chosen one, they are angry at indecision, isolation, craving for comfort. The horoscope advises lovers to think about the initial needs and subsequent desires from communication. The compatibility of the Rabbit and the Rooster in a relationship is determined by the mutual ability to find compromise solutions, respect the needs, feelings of each other.

Rabbit and Rooster Sexual Compatibility

The stars endowed Rabbit and Rooster with low sexual compatibility. The mutual attraction of the signs is explained by the combination of Jupiter the first with Venus of the second partner. Planets endow wards with similar intimate addictions, sexual emancipation. Cosmic magnetism makes people stand out from each other. This promotes rapprochement, but does not guarantee sexual understanding of lovers.

The first are tender, romantic, affectionate lovers. They seek to give the partner an intimate pleasure. Ready for experiments, innovations in bed. The second — egoism, intemperance, and sharpness inherent in nature are also transferred to the bedroom. Do not care about the feelings of a partner. They consider their own presence in bed a gift of fate for a lover. The compatibility of the Rabbit with the Rooster in bed is low. However, the horoscope sees favorable prospects. Sign people are able to communicate on intimate topics. Therefore, they can resolve the issue through negotiations.

Rabbit and Rooster Family Compatibility

Lovers rarely decide to legitimize relationships. The question is ambiguous for both. The Rabbit, seeing the flaws, especially the character of the lover, doubts the success of the event. He will change his decision if he comes to the confidence that he will be able to “correct” the spouse or, at least, to conclude an agreement. The Rooster values freedom more than life. In marriage, he sees a threat, restrictions, forced obligations. Changes the mind under the influence of falling in love. Compatibility Rabbit and Rooster in marriage depends on the well-being of sexual relations. If the spouses come to an understanding, the union is favorable.

Family relationships in a couple are not easy. Fundamental Rabbits immerse themselves in family life, expect similar behavior from their spouse. Roosters do not see any reason to change their life because of a stamp in their passport, which leads to quarrels and conflicts. Spouses look at issues of raising offspring differently. The former perceive the process as cooperation based on respect, discipline, order. The second — require unconditional submission from children, change established rules, forget these promises. Rabbit compatibility with the Rooster in family life is average. The horoscope advises spouses to learn to coexist peacefully before the birth of children. Otherwise, avoiding a breakup is difficult. By agreeing and accepting compromise behaviors, the partners will create a favorable alliance.

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