Rabbit and Snake Compatibility

The Rabbit and the Snake in nature are "compatible" only as a victim and a hunter. But human life is different from animal life. In Chinese philosophy, the Rabbit is not an easy prey, and the Snake is not a ruthless hunter. People of the first sign are distinguished by a calm character, reasonableness, reliability, caution. Representatives of the second sign are characterized by a calm temperament, a sober view of life, the ability to adapt to the situation, determination. Opposing traits create mutual attraction. The horoscope sees the perfect compatibility of such a tandem. Differences of characters complement partners, allow for many years to live happily together.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rabbit and Snake

The Rabbit is patronized by the Wood element, the Snake — by the Fire element. According to Eastern teachings, a tree creates fire, which has a beneficial effect on relations between people. The compatibility of the Rabbit and the Snake is based on common views on life. Both strive for stability, comfort, professional solvency. Easily find topics for conversation, loyal to constructive criticism. Interaction is built on mutual respect, support, patience. They do not like to make fun of things, to sort things out. Ready for dialogue, able to admit mistakes. The house is seen as a reliable fortress, protecting from external adversities, giving strength to new achievements.

From the first minutes of acquaintance between people of signs, trusting relationships, sexual attraction arise. However, a stormy romance does not suddenly erupt. The cautious "herbivore" needs time to test their own feelings, to be sure of the sincerity of the partner. The wise Snake understands that passion does not contribute to sound decisions, a real perception of the situation. The horoscope of compatibility of the Rabbit with the Snake is enhanced by the unified female energy of signs — Yin. It gives partners peace of mind, intuition, desire for harmony, willingness to compromise for the benefit of peaceful interaction. A man or a woman will be a Rabbit in a pair — it will not affect compatibility. The horoscope sees a favorable union with any combination.

Rabbit Man and Snake Woman

The Rabbit man is a charming, caring, romantic gentleman. However, fateful decisions are hard. He cares for a long time, shows the location, the desire to create a family. But making a marriage proposal is a difficult step. If a friend takes the initiative, a happy lover will be grateful. This does not mean that the Snake has trapped the “victim”. Just a lady understands the nature of the chosen one. Knows that the indecision of a loved one concerns only amorous issues. In other areas of life, the satellite shows an enviable pressure. The Rabbit man and the Snake woman are compatible both at a young age and in adulthood. Relations in a couple are built on love, respect, gratitude to each other. He — trusts his beloved himself, gives tenderness, warmth, care. She — reverently keeps the gift, surrounds the chosen one with attention, comfort.

Rabbit Woman and Snake Man

Woman Rabbit — affectionate, quivering, elegant person. Avoids conflicts, quarrels. Seeks home comfort. Achieving success in the professional field. At the same time, without hesitation, he will abandon his career in favor of the family. Feels confident next to a strong, balanced companion. Charmed by the charm, mystery of the man of the Snake, the desire to protect the chosen one from life’s difficulties. Woman Rabbit and man Snake — an example of a classic family model. She — creates comfort in the house, trusts the chosen one to make decisions, take care of the welfare of the family. He is pleased with the role of the head of the family, subdued by naivety, kindness, tenderness of his beloved girlfriend.

Rabbit and Snake Business Compatibility

Business relations between people of signs are developing favorably. Joint activity brings a positive result. They are able to agree, focus on the goal. The compatibility of the Rabbit and the Snake in the work is based on honesty, responsibility, attention to details of the representatives of the first sign. The second – bring decisive action, professional knowledge to the business tandem. The Cautious Rabbit is not inclined to take risks. Prefers regular work, stable income. The wise Snake knows when the risk is justified. Healthy selfishness and some stinginess help keep the business afloat even in difficult situations. Colleagues do not argue about primacy. Rabbits take the lead of a partner. Snakes — do not show superiority. Partners are focused on the result of work, and not on the satisfaction of personal ambitions.

Self-sufficient persons are friends with pleasure. They approach each other slowly, carefully evaluate each other’s qualities. Having understood that the opponent’s intentions are sincere, they become good companions for many years. The compatibility of the Rabbit with the Snake in friendship is based on common interests, hobbies. People are united by an irresistible desire for new knowledge. The ways of spending leisure time are also similar — dangerous adventures, cognitive travels, quiet walks will prefer extreme sports.

Rabbit and Snake Love Compatibility

The love horoscope sees the perfect compatibility of the couple. Sexual attraction to each other does not deprive the mind. Relations are built systematically. Lovers carefully look at each other, notice details, character traits. Rabbits are fascinated by mystery, grace, confidence of the partner. The Snake conquers tenderness, romance, timidity of the chosen one. The compatibility of the Rabbit and the Snake in love is explained by the coincidence of sexual and spiritual needs. Similar intimate desires guarantee understanding in bed. The desire for spiritual development — promises an interesting time spending outside the bedroom.

The relations of these people are based on common sense, sober calculation. Knowing each other’s weaknesses, they never use information for personal gain. They strive to level partner complexes through support, assistance, approval. Compatibility of the Rabbit with the Snake in a relationship is based on a single desire for a quiet family life. They value coziness, comfort, and confidential communication. Partners are economical, plan expenses. Sometimes a couple decides to keep a separate budget. When it suits both — why not? Respect each other’s interests, understand the need for personal space. However, Snakes tend to impose their opinions in a partnership. The horoscope warns against such authoritarianism. The patient Rabbit will rebel, set off to seek outside support.

Rabbit and Snake Sexual Compatibility

High sexual compatibility of the couple is based on sincere feelings, a mutual desire for intimate pleasures. Physical intimacy smoothly transfers into a spiritual union. Lovers seek to show each other loyalty, tenderness, care. Both signs are temperamental, ready for experimentation. They catch the desires of a partner, calmly communicate on intimate topics. Indulge in pleasures in the romantic atmosphere of their own bedroom. They do not like to show feelings — it is hardly possible to see them kissing in a crowded place.

Left alone, lovers give vent to temperament. Relationships combine passion and tenderness, innovation and conservatism. The compatibility of the Rabbit and the Snake in bed explains mutual liberation in matters of sex. For lovers, there are no forbidden topics. Often the bed turns into a place of conflict resolution. But after the "negotiations" lovers forget about the reason for the quarrel. Over time, the interest of lovers to each other increases. This is due not so much to a rich arsenal of intimate ideas as to the strengthening of spiritual intimacy.

Rabbit and Snake Family Compatibility

Rabbits are the first to feel ready for marriage. However, they hardly decide to voice a desire. The wise Snake understands the partner, therefore it takes the first step. The horoscope shows the good compatibility of the Rabbit with the Snake in marriage. After all, before going to the registry office, these people will be happy to discuss the rights, obligations, living conditions of the future family. They plan the purchase of an apartment, a car, a summer residence. Agree on the time of birth of the children. Despite the differences in characters, marriage between people of signs is developing safely. Mutual respect, tact, fidelity help to circumvent the sharp corners of everyday life. Quarrels happen, but the spouses have enough reason not to focus on them.

Rabbit and Snake agree on issues of life. They love coziness, comfort, passive rest. Not supporters of noisy parties, dubious companies. They enjoy spending time in a narrow circle of loved ones. Strive for stability, which ensures high compatibility of the Rabbit and the Snake in family life. The birth of children brings spouses together. Communication with your kids brings pleasure, positive emotions. They have warm relations with older children. Over the years, it begins to seem that the couple understand each other without words, read thoughts. The only horoscope tip for an idyll is to try to maintain equal relations. Then there is every chance to celebrate a golden wedding.

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