Rabbit and Tiger Compatibility

Rabbit and Tiger are characterized by almost opposite qualities. The compatibility of people of these signs depends on the characters, outlook on life, the desire to interact. With mutual desire, relations will develop favorably. However, this will require the efforts of each partner. This is a combination of signs where everyone should work on relationships. The favorableness of the union is determined not only by mutual interest. Horoscope shows that one desire to be together is not enough. Mutual sympathy will quickly become a habit, but interest in each other will be lost. If people do not decide to maintain an alliance, separation cannot be avoided.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rabbit and Tiger

Rabbits — calculating, cautious, do not like conflicts. Tigers are desperate, independent, gambling individuals. At the same time, people of these zodiac signs have many points of contact. The compatibility of the Rabbit and the Tiger is due to a single element of the Tree, which allows us to understand each other’s desires, behavior, life views. The former respect the determination of the partner, the willingness to fight to the last argument. The latter value in their opponents prudence, attention to detail. They attract each other with their bright appearance, impeccable wardrobe, and the ability to maintain a conversation. People of the first sign are able to reasonably “curb” the sudden aggression of the partner of the second sign.

Mutual appeal explains the desire of these people to be together. The horoscope of compatibility of the Rabbit with the Tiger is based on the unification of the female principle — Yin of the representatives of the first sign and the male principle — Yang of the second partner. Disputes about leadership rarely arise in an alliance. Reasonable Rabbits recognize the obvious benefits of a partner. Tigers value respect, are ready to show indulgence, care, guardianship. The love of travel, change unites the signs. At the same time, both appreciate coziness, comfort; a house for them is a reliable fortress. Compatibility of characters depends on whether the man or woman Rabbit is paired.

Rabbit Man and Tiger Woman

The Rabbit man is endowed with a talent to please people. It takes care of appearance, adheres to its own style of dress, adheres to the rules of etiquette. The soft nature, the ability to avoid conflicts are combined with the ability to realize ambitions through profitable connections, prudence. The Tiger woman is distinguished by an independent character, a desire for luxury, a frequent change of mood, a tendency to risk. Periods of activity are easily replaced by apathy. Rabbit man and Tiger woman have a mutual sexual attraction, but often can not coexist peacefully. He strives to become the main thing in a relationship, to gently influence a lady. The Tigress does not accept control, restrictions, other people’s rules. The horoscope sees good pair compatibility in case the lady is realized in a career. Then the struggle on the home front will lose its meaning.

Rabbit Woman and Tiger Man

The chances of compatibility increase in the opposite combination of characters. Rabbit woman and Tiger man interact well. He is a recognized leader in relationships, a motivated fighter. However, impulsiveness, inconsistency often deprive the energy of the vector. She is able to gently give direction to the efforts of the satellite, she knows how to listen, negotiate, explain. The lady with pleasure creates home comfort, giving the brave companion the right to solve life’s difficulties. Mutual love for comfort, prosperity brings harmony to the relationship of the couple. Disagreements are rare. Complex situations are “regulated” by the high sexual compatibility of partners.

Rabbit and Tiger Business Compatibility

The business horoscope sees good compatibility of representatives of these signs. The first are responsible, attentive, diplomatic individuals. The second — turn mountains on the way to the goal. Difficulties give rise to excitement, the desire to win. The compatibility of the Rabbit and Tiger in the work increases if the representative of the first character occupies a commanding position. Official leadership allows you to control the situation, direct the partner’s energy in the right direction, limit the initiative, restrain enthusiasm. This promises fruitful cooperation based on mutual trust and respect.

The friendly relations between people of these signs can hardly be called favorable. In the absence of a business, love context, there are few points of contact. There are general topics for conversation. Only the Tiger will quickly realize that the interlocutor does not take elevated speech seriously. Irritation, resentment will lead to the termination of contacts. The compatibility of the Rabbit with the Tiger in friendship will be favorable if a joint hobby is found that requires combining the qualities of both partners. For example, car racing, mountain climbing, sailing.

Rabbit and Tiger Love Compatibility

A love horoscope predicts favorable pair compatibility. The former bring tenderness, care, sensuality to the relationship. The second — fill the union with romance, luxury, protection. The compatibility of Rabbit and Tiger in love is based on an intuitive understanding of both partners needs of each other. However, the first often lacks the manifestation of the feelings of the chosen one. The second — strive for a leadership position regardless of gender. The horoscope recommends a compromise solution. Otherwise, mutual insults, claims will destroy the love idyll.

Relations will develop favorably if the role of each participant is determined. Rabbits are ready to give the palm to the satellite. At the same time, they will demand respect and encouragement of personal efforts to improve the union. The compatibility of the Rabbit with the Tiger in a relationship is greatly influenced by the behavior of the latter. Often, "striped" perceive the partner’s compliance as a matter of course, which causes internal indignation of a loved one. People of the first sign will accept the rules of the game, if both parties to the relationship follow them. The horoscope advises the Tigers not to abuse the softness, delicacy of the partner. You need to appreciate the ability to sacrifice ambition, to understand that this is due to one feeling — love.

Rabbit and Tiger Sexual Compatibility

The horoscope sees high sexual compatibility of partners. Both love intimate pleasures, strive for new sensations. The first does not bother the pressure, the lover’s passion. The second — enjoy the tenderness, affection of a partner. Lovers prefer a romantic setting. But sometimes they are ready to retire in a secluded place, if a craving for intimacy erupts suddenly. In bed, the tiger shows leadership. Horoscope advises not to forget that the "fluffy" Rabbit needs tenderness, affection, kind word.

The intimate life of lovers is bright. Both strive for pleasure, ready to meet, fulfill the wishes of the partner. The compatibility of the Rabbit and Tiger in bed is based on the mutual satisfaction of the needs of the lover. The first ones like activity, ingenuity of the beloved “predator”, which they themselves are often not capable of. The second find harmony in the arms of a cute "hare". A couple often “solves” emerging domestic conflicts in bed. At the same time, the intensity of passions necessary for the Tiger often depresses. The horoscope advises the Rabbits to learn how to gently control the passionate nature of the chosen one. Then a love relationship will bring joy.

Rabbit and Tiger Family Compatibility

Harmonious intimate life often “pushes” lovers to formalize the marriage. The event promises to be successful if the Tiger becomes the leader in the pair. Representatives of this sign feel an advantage, power, do not recognize the role of the second plan. At the same time, they need care, attention, support. The role of the Rabbit in the union should not be diminished. People of the sign are ready to create a rear if they are treated with respect. Rabbit compatibility with the Tiger in marriage is high if the couple learn these simple rules. Otherwise, the struggle for leadership, accumulated insults, disappointments will destroy the union.

Family relations of spouses are favorable. Common life goals, views, interests allow harmonious coexistence. Both signs are responsible, they become good parents. The compatibility of the Rabbit and the Tiger in family life will be shaken if the former do not learn to deal with jealousy. A bright partner is in the center of attention, attracts the views of the opposite sex. However, cheating is negative. Compatibility of spouses will increase if everyone is implemented in the professional field. The horoscope advises the Rabbits to trust the chosen one, not to offend with suspicions, reproaches. Tigers are recommended to show more attention to the partner, cares – this will strengthen relations, increase the degree of confidence of the second half.

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