Rat and Dog Compatibility

The Chinese horoscope indicates the contradictory nature of the union between the Rat and the Dog, which is due to the difference in the personal qualities of these signs. The Rat regularly feels the need for society, cannot stand loneliness, but few can really get close to anyone. A person of this year of birth is desperately striving for material well-being, which gives confidence in the future. It is much easier for a dog to make contact with others and quickly get used to them, which at first alarms a suspicious Rat. However, the ability of a potential partner to successfully maintain harmony with himself and the world works like a magnet.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rat and Dog

The attraction between people of these signs is often mutual, because both intuitively feel how organically complement each other. The Rat shows the Dog the difference between the desired and the actual, liberates and develops a rational outlook on things. In return, receiving from the partner the ability to perfectly fulfill obligations and unconsciously allowing his powerful energy to eradicate cowardice in himself. In the presence of strong feelings or common interests, the horoscope of compatibility of the Rat and Dog is quite favorable.

Partners can quickly reach a high level of understanding. A sincere and friendly Dog leaves the Rat cautious with no reason for distrust. Suspicion in such an alliance is more than compensated by naivety and vice versa, which gives the result in the form of the right balance. Astrologers believe that the good compatibility of the Rat and Dog is due to the personality characteristics of the latter and the ability to control the partnerโ€™s energy. The strongest partnership between the considered signs develops when both of them are wards of friendly elements: Wood-Fire, Earth-Metal or Fire-Earth.

Rat Man and Dog Woman

The Rat man in the Dog woman is attracted not only by her mind, charm and devotion, but also by the presence of a certain proportion of healthy egoism. Interest in her own life allows her not to get hung up on a man, which is only in the hands of her independent partner. Caring without trying to limit his freedom is what the rat man dreams of, so he will hold on to his charming darling. The main thing is that over time, he does not begin to take her attitude to himself for granted and does not forget about reciprocal love, which is often the norm for a man of this sign. Not deprived of self-esteem, the partner will not tolerate indifference, and the further union of the male Rat and the female Dog will be in question.

Rat Woman and Dog Man

A sensitive man Dog allows a woman Rat to feel special, one and only, which quickly awakens in her deep respect and subsequently love for a partner. An active Rat in such an alliance will fully satisfy its need to take a leadership position, because a calm and solid male Dog will not impede its desire to guide and actively support it in all endeavors. She likes that the partner listens to her opinion, but does not turn into an obedient performer, while leaving the right to make a final decision. A Rat woman and a Dog man are confident in each other, but do not allow stability to become a routine, therefore their union is considered one of the most prosperous in the Eastern horoscope.

Rat and Dog Business Compatibility

Moderate professional rivalry, which marked the compatibility of the Rat and Dog in work, often becomes a powerful incentive for people of these signs to rapidly move up the career ladder. Both sagacious, immediately see excellent prospects for joining forces, and therefore often become partners. They know how to concentrate on the main and fully utilize their best professional sides. They donโ€™t need to spend a lot of time to correctly distribute responsibilities, this question is solved by itself: the Rat manages the financial part and the development of project plans, and the Dog carefully monitors their implementation and is engaged in promotion.

The unconditional trust that arises between them in the process of doing business, they skillfully transfer to other areas of life. That is why the compatibility of the Rat and Dog in friendship is considered by astrologers positive. Neither the freedom-loving Rat, nor the fair and democratic Dog will impose their values on each other, for which they will respect each other very much. These two in the arsenal always have a couple of fresh topics for conversation, plus both love outdoor activities, which predetermines their good compatibility in terms of leisure time.

Rat and Dog Love Compatibility

It is worth noting that the love between the Rat and the Dog more often arises on the basis of friendship or another type of partnership than flares up in the first minutes of meeting. These are active and not inclined to devalue the voice of the mind people who need to take a closer look and get used to each other. If over time they gain confidence in their choice, then nothing can reduce the compatibility of the Rat and Dog in love. Their union is built on mutual respect, none of them will pull the blanket over themselves in the presence of truly strong feelings. They make an equal contribution to the development of relations, each in this pair recognizes the right of the other to their own interests and hobbies.

As a couple, the Rat and the Dog clearly see the outlines of their "I", being full-fledged individuals with a need for self-realization. For each of them, a lot of work means where they spend most of their time. Therefore, scandals and violent showdowns in such a pair are minimized. These socially active people prefer to spend time together not at home, but in the company of friends and traveling together. They like a busy life in which the manifestations of a partner perfectly complement vivid impressions. But the horoscope of compatibility of the Rat and the Dog in relations warns both from dissolution in matters and society, which can lead to a gradual destruction of mutual understanding between them.

Rat and Dog Sexual Compatibility

The passionate Rat definitely impresses the emancipation of the Dog in sex, because intimate relationships for a person of this sign are a field for experimentation and the realization of the manifestations of his wild fantasies. Not surprisingly, the compatibility of the Rat and Dog in bed in the Eastern horoscope is regarded as high. Moreover, sex is a solid foundation for the development of long-term relationships between them: this is just the case when all the omissions can instantly dissipate after a hot intimacy.

In bed, representatives of these signs more than get those emotions that they, as restrained people, may miss in everyday life with each other. The rat will show a typical isolation and emotional coldness only at the very beginning of the relationship. But under the stormy onslaught of the passionate Dog, a person born under this sign quickly opens up from the most sensual side, not embarrassed and not afraid of any desires arising in his soul, or bold offers of a partner open to experiments.

Rat and Dog Family Compatibility

The Rat and Dog are attentive and exacting to trifles only at work, and in family life such tenacious observation is far from always shown. On the one hand, this allows them to turn a blind eye to the minor flaws of the partner, which contributes to the strength of family ties. But at the same time, they can easily not notice obvious problems in the relationship, and such connivance is a direct path to the breakup of the marriage. The Rat and Dog compatibility horoscope in family life recommends that these people have great respect for the bonds that bind them. If everyone focuses on extra-family spheres, then very soon their marriage will crack at the seam.

If the Rat and the Dog learn to find the right balance between personal space and the life of a family person, then their union will be very strong. The dog is submissive and values the opinion of its life partner in everything, which gives the Rat a reason to be convinced of its own significance. Feeling its importance and need, a person of this sign is able to moderate the desire for freedom typical for him and to do everything to ensure moral and material comfort for his spouse. Good compatibility of the Rat and Dog in marriage is observed among those representatives of signs who do not depreciate the needs of the partner and are ready for compromises.

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