Rat and Dragon Compatibility

The Rat and the Dragon are representatives of the first triad of signs of the Chinese horoscope. They are smart, energetic, not inclined to act according to a pattern or think in stereotypes. Just belonging to the general triangle of the zodiac gives great chances for creating a wonderful union between people, due to the common worldview and a certain similarity of characters. In addition, they have good elemental compatibility: Water (Rat) fills relationships with sensitivity and depth, and Earth (Dragon) gives them material stability and security. Difficulties in the pair can arise due to the fact that the representatives of both signs have a masculine beginning Yang. Two strong partners will necessarily collide in the struggle for leadership and, in order not to upset the harmony of relations, one will have to give in.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rat and Dragon

The Rat and Dragon compatibility horoscope is very promising. Moreover, this applies equally to the sphere of love, and business relations. The Rat is attracted by the energy and power of a partner. From the outside it seems that he can rise above the problems of this world on his wings, but at the same time he is firmly on the ground. The Dragon, in turn, will be fascinated by the beauty and amazing charisma of the Rat. Bright, sociable and temperamental, they will quickly draw attention to each other, and their union certainly will not be boring. The problem may be the inability to restrain emotions by representatives of these signs. The Dragon is ready for a long time to endure Rat fuss and attacks on trifles, but if it fails, it will pose a considerable danger to the partner in anger.

People born in the year of the Dragon think in a big way, but behind this scale is often inattention to detail. But it’s just the little things that make the idea whole and help bring it to life. The Rat, in turn, is very meticulous and will become a decisive Dragon reliable support and wise adviser. Feeling confidence in the future and security, she, more flexible by nature, will give way to the dominant role in the pair and adapt to the character of a stronger and more confident partner. In this situation, the compatibility of the Rat with the Dragon will be the best.

Rat Man and Dragon Woman

The Rat man and the Dragon woman can make a surprisingly harmonious pair. They understand and complement each other. The fussiness and nervousness of a man is balanced by the wisdom and calmness of a woman, her inner strength. On the other hand, Dragon’s impulsiveness is smoothed out by Rat’s caution. The disadvantages of each of them are overlapped by the merits of the partner, which makes them ideal allies in any relationship. The Male Rat, having secured the support of the Dragon Woman, will feel self-confidence, the ability to overcome any obstacles. He will be charged with positive energy and inspired by new ideas. For this, the man will be immensely grateful to his woman and ready for her exploits for the deeds, which is very important for a loving Dragon. The stumbling block for this couple will be the struggle for power. It is difficult for the Rat male to accept that the role of the leader is more suitable for the Dragon Woman, so he will act by cunning and workarounds. A rational separation of duties and the ability to compromise is the key to peace in a couple and the main condition for a strong relationship.

Rat Woman and Dragon Man

The family relationship of the Rat man and Dragon woman has a very high potential. In this pair, life will lie on the woman’s shoulders, and she will brilliantly cope with all the affairs thanks to her efficiency, practicality and attention to detail. She is an enviable hostess who is able to twist a cozy nest. Having received such a reliable rear and comfort, a man will be able to realize himself in large projects and ensure the financial well-being of the couple. Sometimes a woman thinks that the partner is too dreamy, and she wants to land him, lower him from heaven to earth. Against this background, the couple may have conflicts that can develop into a real scandal. To prevent this, the Rat needs to learn how to look at the world through the eyes of his man and stop imposing a rational view of things on him. It is better if a woman, using innate cunning and mind, will only slightly adjust the direction of the partner.

Rat and Dragon Business Compatibility

The compatibility of the Rat with the Dragon in the work is high, due to the ability of partners to intuitively feel each other. This is a mutually beneficial union of two strong people, which will benefit the common business. The Rat is smart, ambitious and attentive to little things. Possessing great intuition and instinct for profitable projects, she is able to evaluate Dragon’s creative ideas from a practical point of view. The Rat is not led by fantasy, but by reason. She objectively assesses risks and can become an indispensable partner and assistant in any business for the Dragon.

Representatives of these signs are sociable and sociable, both love attention and know how to present themselves. This orientation towards society makes the compatibility between the Rat and the Dragon in friendship very good. They quickly find a common language and enjoy spending time in the company of each other, as both are active and easy to climb. Dragons are honest, straightforward and somewhat naive. They know how to be friends and easily let people into their hearts. Rats are unsurpassed manipulators, prone to use others for their own selfish purposes. They can easily deceive the Dragon, but, having lost his trust, they will never return friendship. If the Rat does not cunning and put his interests above general, then such a relationship will last for many years.

Rat and Dragon Love Compatibility

Between the representatives of these signs, love at first sight is not at all uncommon. Outgoing and vibrant, they attract each other on a subconscious level. It is important for the Rat to feel the strength of a partner, it is drawn to extraordinary personalities, and the Dragon does not occupy these qualities. Both signs are romance to the core, able to bring to life any foolish idea of a partner. The similarity of temperaments makes the compatibility of the Rat and the Dragon in love is very promising. Their relationship will be filled with stormy passion and vivid events.

The first conflicts will arise with the end of the candy-bouquet period. Passion will give way to domestic issues and the grinding stage will begin, which is characteristic of even the most ideal relationships. The Rat will show its pragmatism, which is peculiar to it even in matters of romance, and the Dragon will begin to get annoyed due to the pettiness and fussiness of the partner. In this confrontation, idealism will encounter realism. To improve the compatibility of the Rat with the Dragon in a relationship, partners need to learn not only to listen, but also to hear each other. This is the union of the artist and the manager, where everyone is in his place and performs the role intended for him.

Rat and Dragon Sexual Compatibility

The Rat is one of the sexiest and most sensual signs of the entire Chinese horoscope. In bed, in spite of her characteristic egoism, she is attentive to the wishes of her partner. Likes erotic lingerie and sex toys. The Dragon has irrepressible imagination and energy. He is ready for anything that can give pleasure to both himself and his partner. Sex for them is the best manifestation of love.

The representatives of both signs are sick of routine and dullness, including in sex. They are completely open to sensory experiments, ready to diversify their intimate life with new ideas. All these qualities allow you to achieve excellent compatibility between the Rat and the Dragon in bed and make them a couple even stronger.

Rat and Dragon Family Compatibility

Representatives of these signs tend to look at their partner for a rather long time before deciding to tie themselves up by official marriage. The Rat and the Dragon are not inclined to make such a serious decision, based only on fleeting passion. Nearby they need not just a husband or wife. They want to see their partner as a reliable friend and a wise adviser. The compatibility of the Rat with the Dragon in family relations will directly depend on the ability of the Rat to cede the role of the leader in the family to the Dragon (or at least create such an illusion). This will avoid most conflicts in pairs.

In general, the compatibility of the Rat and the Dragon in marriage is very harmonious. They are hospitable and enjoy hosting friends. Both love children and are responsible for their parental responsibilities. Their home is a full bowl. Especially if the Rat fully takes care of domestic issues, and the Dragon can focus on business or career. In this pair, it is the Rat that is the reliable rear and support for the partner. She is economical and better able to manage the family budget. The Dragon, in turn, has the wisdom not to limit the Rat in freedom, which is vital for her.

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