Rat and Goat Compatibility

The union between the representatives of these signs is complex and ambiguous. The male principle of the Rat (Yang) is perfectly complemented by the female energy of the Goat (Yin), therefore, under certain circumstances, they can become a very harmonious couple. Between partners there will never be a struggle for power and leadership, because the humble Goat will easily, and even with pleasure, submit to the authority of the partner. Such promising compatibility is spoiled by the fact that the Rat belongs to the Water element, and the Goat belongs to the Earth. This combination is characterized by emotional tension in a pair. It will be difficult for temperamental and moving Water to find a common language with a slow and disciplined Earth. In addition, both signs belong to different triads and look at the world each from its bell tower, which also complicates the relationship in the pair.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rat and Goat

Horoscope compatibility of the Rat with the Goat gives a good chance to create a strong and lasting relationship, provided that they both make some effort. The Goat is one of the weakest signs of the Chinese horoscope. She has no claws, no fangs to protect herself, so she is magnetically drawn to stronger partners. The Rat, as you know, has amazing charisma, determination and perseverance. From her comes a sense of stability and inner strength, which the Goat, able to see people through, will certainly feel. Another important component of the relationship of this couple is the love of money. Both partners strive for material well-being, only the methods for achieving the goal are different. The Rat is a hard worker with excellent business acumen and intuition. The Goat, in turn, is a creative nature and is not able to prove itself in business. To ensure material comfort, she prefers to choose a partner who can provide her with everything necessary.

People born in the year of the Goat have a soft and pliable character, which is a definite plus. Especially if you consider the relationship with such a strong and egocentric sign as the Rat. But at the same time, this is the most hysterical sign of the Chinese horoscope, which is prone to whims and baseless complaints. Nervous by nature to the Rat, such behavior of the partner can infuriate itself, and it is not inclined to restrain emotions. To avoid unnecessary conflicts, people of the Goat sign should seek harmony primarily with themselves. If the Rats have enough wisdom to understand that all the vagaries of a partner are just an attempt to attract attention, a kind of cry for help (after all, she has no other means), then the compatibility of the Rat and Goat will be quite high.

Rat Man and Goat Woman

The alliance between the Rat man and the Goat woman is very promising. In this pair, the roles are perfectly divided: the man is the earner, and the woman is the guardian of the hearth. Such a relationship model is comfortable for each of the partners. The Goat will attract the Rat with its femininity, aristocracy and gentleness. The spark between them will slip at the first meeting. A woman will instantly “scan” her partner and when she realizes that he can be useful to her, she will use all her charm. Fragile and defenseless — she is the dream of many men and is able to induce them to truly chivalrous acts. But if at the beginning of a Rat man relationship, he is capable of wide gestures and expensive gifts, then over time his frugality will prevail. A woman can perceive such frugality as stinginess and against this background will roll up scandals and tantrums. Frivolity and squandering will definitely not suit the man’s liking, and her vagaries are able to further intensify the situation. To maintain this union, a woman will have to learn restraint in handling money, as well as a more sensitive attitude towards her partner.

Rat Woman and Goat Man

The Rat woman is smart, energetic and sensual. She loves to be the center of attention and will undoubtedly attract the attention of a Goat man. Their relationship will develop rapidly, but can also quickly fade away. The woman in this pair is both romantic and practical. It is important for her to feel a reliable shoulder nearby, a person on whom you can lean. And the man in this pair often needs protection and support himself. In times of danger, he is inclined, like an ostrich, to hide his head in the sand and walk away from problems. Therefore, the completion of the candy-bouquet stage and the transition to a more serious relationship can be a period of disappointment for a woman. An alliance between a Rat woman and a Goat man is possible only if the man has found himself in the profession and is firmly on his feet. The Rat herself perfectly knows how to make money, but it is important for her to know that the partner is trying and doing everything possible to strengthen their financial situation.

Rat and Goat Business Compatibility

The Rat with the Goat compatibility in the work will depend on the sphere of activity of the partners. If this situation is in which Goat is an artist or a creative person, and the Rat is its director or manager, then everything is going fine. Talent on the one hand and administrative skills on the other hand will give a good result. In business, the Goat is weak and cannot become a worthy partner for the Rat. She often does not have a clearly defined goal, but is sufficiently executive and submissive, which makes her a good subordinate.

The compatibility of Rats and Goats in friendship is hampered by the lack of common interests between partners. Joint love for noisy parties and fun companies can make them good friends. But for true friendship, one fun is not enough. The Rat will want to move away as soon as the partner begins to complain about life. Pessimism is the hallmark of this sign, and for an optimistic and active Rat, such nagging is quite tiring. Due to her egoism, she is not able to listen to other people’s problems and failures.

Rat and Goat Love Compatibility

The love compatibility of the Rat and Goat in love is quite high. They are both romantic and sensual. Rats are known manipulators: they are cunning, temperamental and fussy. But, despite all its rationalism and solidity, love is their weak point. In a state of falling in love, they are completely transformed and are capable of even actions that are not peculiar to them. A soft, flexible and non-conflicting Goat will easily find a way to the heart of a temperamental rodent. But just staying there will be much more difficult.

When the first passion gives way to common sense, and romance collides with everyday life, the time will come for the first conflicts. The Goat is not able to solve problems and will try to shift them onto the shoulders of the Rat, and she, in turn, can take this with hostility. A stumbling block for the couple will be financial issues. Goat squandering will meet Rat’s frugality, which will inevitably lead to resentment and quarrels. The lack of common interests, the difference in worldview and attitude towards money makes the compatibility of the Rat and Goat in relations is very doubtful.

Rat and Goat Sexual Compatibility

For a person, the sign of the Rat, sex, if it does not come first in the relationship, it means quite a lot. He knows how not only to enjoy erotic games, but also to deliver to his partner. The Goat is inherently soft and obedient. She will not be opposed to sexual experiments and this makes Rat and Goat compatibility in bed good.

In intimate life, as well as in all other types of relations between partners, one leader is the Rat. However, she also sometimes wants to feel the initiative from her partner. The Goat will have to cast off his embarrassment in order to learn not only to accept, but also to give. Then their sex life will never be boring.

Rat and Goat Family Compatibility

The compatibility of the Rat and Goat in marriage depends on a number of factors. This is the gender of the partners, and age, and (most important) financial situation. If the Rat can provide a comfortable life for the partner, then their family life will be successful. Feeling security and stability, the Goat will forgive a lot to his partner: he will not pay attention to his outbursts of anger and restraint. The Rat gives the impression of a confident and strong person, but periods of activity in her alternate with a complete breakdown. At this moment, she needs support, so Goat should learn to be a reliable rear for the partner.

Both spouses in this pair highly value family and comfort. Creative Goats have a delicate aesthetic and artistic taste and are able to create a special atmosphere in the house. Partners with trepidation relate to children and are capable of even spoiling them unnecessarily. The best compatibility of the Rat and the Goat in family life will be obtained provided that the Goat found her creative calling and devoted herself to him. This will make her a more integral and less capricious personality.

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