Rat and Horse Compatibility

The alliance between the Rat and the Horse promises to be challenging even though they have a lot in common. Both partners are energetic and freedom-loving, their leadership inclinations are pronounced. This resemblance is the cause of most disagreements. The male energy Yang, which is characteristic of these signs, inevitably leads to a struggle for power in a pair. In addition, partners relate to unfriendly triads and elements: Rat — Water, while Horse — Fire. This combination is the most intense of all possible combinations. Representatives of these signs of the Chinese horoscope will have to try very hard to understand each other’s emotional world and strengthen relationships.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rat and Horse

In the eastern horoscope there is such a thing as a "vector ring". Its essence lies in the fact that each sign has a "servant" and "master". The horoscope compatibility of the Rat with the Horse is very ambiguous also because these signs are an example of just such a pair where the “master” is the Rat. They can both love each other to the point of madness and hate them, but when they meet, they are unlikely to remain indifferent. The relationship between the participants of the vector pair is not subject to reason and can develop completely unexpectedly both for themselves and for others.

In such an alliance, both partners are strong and independent individuals who are linked by performance, intelligence and sociability. The horse has incredible energy that charges the Rat with new achievements. And yet, their relationship is a constant struggle for primacy. For people sponsored by the Rat or the Horse, their desires come first. Sometimes they are so selfish that it is difficult for them to give up their interests in favor of another. The compatibility of the Rat and the Horse will be an order of magnitude higher if both partners learn to compromise and at least occasionally put the partner’s wishes first.

Rat Man and Horse Woman

A Rat man and a Horse woman can create a good union only if both make a considerable effort. Representatives of these signs love society, are active and proactive, which will be a good base for starting a romantic relationship. The Rat impresses the Horse’s passion and optimism, its lightness and mobility. The woman, in turn, will be fascinated by the solidity and assertiveness of her partner. Problems will be discovered after the first passions have settled down and the relationship will move to a new stage. The rat is the owner by nature, he is inclined to restrict the freedom of women, and for a freedom-loving Horse this is unacceptable. The man in this couple is fussy and petty, unlike the woman who acts on a grand scale and often “hovers in the clouds.” Such a difference in worldviews will inevitably lead to conflicts. Both partners are emotional and are not inclined to restrain feelings, so the quarrels will go quite violently. If a woman comes to terms with the fussiness and nit-picking of a man, and he, in turn, weakens control, then their couple will be able to exist for many years.

Rat Woman and Horse Man

The union between the Rat woman and the Horse man will be anything but boring. The beginning of the relationship seems very promising due to the social orientation of both partners. The Horse man loves travel, a change of scenery, and risk. A woman-Rat is attracted by such a lively energy, because she herself is a big fan of entertainment and noisy companies. However, sooner or later, common sense and prudence will return to her. The rat will become annoyed by the irrationality of the partner, his inability to concentrate on current tasks and the love of unjustified risk. She will want to slow down her man, ground him, and at this moment a person born in the year of the Horse is able to buck. If partners show wisdom and learn to make concessions to each other, then this union will benefit both of them. The Rat woman is able to direct the energy of a man in the right direction and protect from rash decisions. He, in turn, can teach her to be more calm about minor failures and problems, to look at things more widely.

Rat and Horse Business Compatibility

The compatibility of the Rat with the Horse in work will be as good as possible if both partners move in the same direction to achieve a common goal. At the same time, a necessary condition for reducing the likelihood of conflicts and contradictions is a clear division of responsibilities. In fact, both partners have the makings of a leader and can become good leaders, but for a business relationship it is better if this role goes to the Horses. The rat will be able to assess all the risks the partner makes decisions and, with the help of his innate intuition and caution, help to implement the plans. The problem may be the resourcefulness of the Rat and its love of manipulation. A horse is wary of cunning and prudent people, and a business in which partners perceive each other with distrust will fail.

Rather tense is also the compatibility of the Rat and the Horse in friendship. They can be easily and carefree in the company of each other. With high intelligence, they are able to chat for hours, finding more and more new topics for debate and discussion. But the Rat is annoyed by the frivolity of the Horse, and that, in turn, is the secretiveness and pettiness of the partner. Representatives of these signs do not take temperament, so their mutual discontent and claims can quickly develop into an open confrontation. To prevent this from happening, partners should be more tolerant of each other’s shortcomings and moderate their egocentrism.

Rat and Horse Love Compatibility

The compatibility of the Rat and the Horse in love at the very beginning of the relationship seems very promising. Love for the Horse is a basic condition for a happy life. It is in this sphere that it manifests itself most unbridled and eccentric. If a person born in the year of the Rat became the object of adoration of the Horse, then it will use all its energy to achieve reciprocity. There is a negative side to this. After all, a horse in love can put all things in the background and completely plunge into a new relationship. At first, the Rat will even be flattered by such attention on the part of the partner, but for her the period of frivolity and adventurous enterprises is only a stage, while for the Horse it is the norm of behavior.

The transition from the candy-bouquet period to the next stage of relations can be quite painful for both signs. Despite his sensual and romantic nature, the Rat still remains a materialist to the marrow of bones and when the first love passes, he returns to his usual rhythm of life. She is scrupulous and attentive to little things, likes to plan and analyze everything. The horse is impulsive and often makes decisions, yielding to a momentary impulse. Such a difference in characters greatly complicates the compatibility of the Rat with the Horse in a relationship. Partners should show more tact and restraint in relation to each other.

Rat and Horse Sexual Compatibility

Rat and Horse compatibility in bed also depends on listening to each other. This primarily concerns a person born in the year of the Horse. He is too selfish even in the bedroom and does not listen to the wishes of his partner. Rat reacts to any remarks sharply, as it is very self-confident and does not tolerate criticism. First of all, he thinks only about his needs, completely forgetting about the need to give pleasure to the partner.

The rat is a sensual and sexy sign, loving erotic lingerie and sensual experiments. He is able to deliver incredible pleasure to a partner in bed. But for him it is important to feel the bestowal. He loves not only to give, but also to receive. And in the case of the Horse, this does not always succeed. For the Rat, such an attitude on the part of the partner is another cause for conflict. If the Horse learns to listen to the Rat and take into account its desires, their sexual life will become much brighter and more interesting.

Rat and Horse Family Compatibility

Both partners are hardworking and love comfort. The rat has no equal in the planning and distribution of the household budget, and the Horse knows how to make money. It would seem that they have an excellent basis for creating a strong family union. However, the compatibility of the Rat with the Horse in marriage is complicated by the obstinacy of partners and the inability to compromise. For them, there are only two opinions: "Mine and wrong". The horse considers the Rat petty and mercantile. She perceives the partner’s thrift as stinginess, and caution as cowardice. In addition, the Rat likes to cunning and cheat, and for the Horse these qualities are a significant drawback.

For a good compatibility of the Rat with the Horse in family life, trust and respect play an important role. Without these components, marriage is doomed to failure. They need to learn the art of compromise, pay more attention to each other and not limit freedom. If partners have the wisdom and desire, they can carry this relationship through the years.

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