Rat and Monkey Compatibility

Rat and Monkey belong to the first group (triad) of the Chinese horoscope. These signs are distinguished by energy, cunning, activity. They are sociable and intellectually developed. The affiliation to the elements of Water (Rat) and Metal (Monkey) has a positive effect on the prospects of this union. This is one of the most harmonious combinations in which Water tempers the Metal, making it stronger and more perfect, and that, in turn, protects it from negative influence from the outside. Relationships are complicated by the fact that both signs possess the masculine energy of Yang. In such a pair, a struggle for leadership is inevitable. This union can be called very promising if both partners learn to at least occasionally compromise their interests and make a reasonable compromise.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rat and Monkey

The similarity of the characters makes the compatibility of the Rat and the Monkey quite good, because the partners have the same view on many things. These signs are a classic example of a vector pair in which the Monkey is the master. Such partners are attracted to each other at a subconscious level. They are charismatic, freedom-loving and socially active. They are interested and fun in the company of each other. The Monkey is known for its dexterity and cunning. Can hold almost any, but not human Rat sign. Possessing a natural intuition and insight, the Rat sees Monkey tricks right through and is able to turn the situation in his favor, playing on vanity. Such a smart partner inspires Monkey respect and even admiration. The Rat, in turn, will appreciate its optimism, ease of communication and a special charm.

The compatibility horoscope of the Rat with the Monkey gives good chances to this pair in all areas of relationships, if they can overcome the egocentrism characteristic of both. For these signs, there are only two opinions: their and not correct. They are quite emotional and unrestrained, so the quarrels in the pair occur quite rapidly. Carefree Monkey lives one day, not thinking about the future. The metal sign easily embarks on a new business, but if it does not bring instant results, it is quickly distracted and burned out. For a person born in the year of the Rat, stability and confidence in tomorrow is the basis of a happy life. Their union is able to benefit both partners, making the restless Monkey more practical and stable, and the fussy Rat less anxious and nervous. The main thing for them is to learn to listen to a partner, and then they can come to a mutually beneficial solution to the problem.

Rat Man and Monkey Woman

The union of Rat man and Monkey woman may be, if not ideal, then close to it. The beginning of a relationship promises to be vibrant and stormy. The Monkey woman is strong in the art of seduction, and the Rat is an incorrigible romantic, hungry for love and not hiding emotions. They both love companies and parties, have a similar sense of humor and can easily support any conversation. Partners get along well even when faced with the first domestic problems. The lapping process is quite painless for both signs. In this pair, everyone has something to offer the other. A man knows how to work and earn money. He is able to provide a stable financial situation for his family. But sometimes Rats are seized by causeless anxiety, they become nervous and irritable. In such situations, a woman can provide invaluable help and support to her man. Optimism Monkey is able to extinguish the negativity that has arisen and inspire confidence in the man. These two are able to go side by side all their lives if they are more condescending to each otherโ€™s weaknesses.

Rat Woman and Monkey Man

The pair of Rat woman and Monkey man has a rather high potential. They harmoniously complement each other, becoming one. Partners like to attract attention, have fun and engage in public debate. Both signs are mobile and do not like to sit idle. At the same time, they are able to provide each other with the necessary freedom, because both the man and the woman in this pair are vitally necessary. The Monkey appreciates the Rat for its hard work and productivity. The woman of this sign is a wonderful housewife, able to intelligently distribute the household budget and manage the household. Having received such a reliable rear, a man will be able to concentrate on his many projects and achieve some success. The main problem for the couple is that the Monkey man often does not consider the opinion of the woman. Selfishness is the main disadvantage of Monkeys along with a love of flattery. However, do not forget that the Rat is a well-known manipulator and will be able to play on this male weakness unnoticed by the partner.

Rat and Monkey Business Compatibility

The compatibility of the Rat with the Monkey in the work is rather ambiguous, despite their mutual love of money and power. Here a lot will depend on the distribution of roles. It is difficult for a Rat to blindly follow the instructions of the Monkey boss, who thinks he knows everything better than others. The sign of the water element will try to act by cunning and flattery in order to get what it needs from the Monkey. Partnerships between these marks will work out well if they immediately clearly distribute areas of responsibility. The Monkey is full of ideas and has a high capacity for work, while it carries away the matter. This is a master of words, able to successfully negotiate. The rat, in turn, perfectly copes with financial issues and routine work, which the partner will find boring. The Monkey slave will perform well in that area of activity where he will have certain freedom of action and independence.

The compatibility of the Rat and Monkey in friendship is also in doubt. They are definitely having fun together; they have a similar outlook on relaxation and entertainment. Being in the common company, they always try to drag the blanket over themselves, and their disputes often amuse others. Such a love of public attention can lead to competition between representatives of these signs. In addition, the Monkey often makes friends only superficially, paying more attention to appearance, and not to the spiritual component of man. This allows her to have many acquaintances, friends, companions, but not friends.

Rat and Monkey Love Compatibility

Love relationships between representatives of these signs are not uncommon. The Monkey is a dexterous seducer, and the Rat is happy to fall under her spell. The beginning of a romantic relationship will be marked by an extravaganza of interesting events and genuine emotions. They are both easy to climb and enjoy spending time outside the home. A loving Rat is capable of surrendering to these relationships with all the strength of his passionate nature. The Monkey is flattered so much by the partner, but she herself is not so romantic that she can hurt the sensual Rat. Despite this, the compatibility of the Rat and Monkey in love can be called very high. They actually enjoy partner society and are able to enjoy even disputes with each other.

Their relationship is built on a common worldview. Both highly value comfort and a well-fed life and will not interfere with the other building a career and achieve their goals. On the contrary, they are able to set the partner in the right direction and provide the necessary support. Rat intuition will help the couple avoid difficult situations and major conflicts. And her ability to circumvent sharp corners will make the Rat and Monkey compatibility in relations one of the most promising in the entire eastern horoscope.

Rat and Monkey Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of the Rat and Monkey in bed is quite high. Both signs are passionate and energetic personalities for whom boredom in the bedroom is unbearable. The Monkey is one of the most curious signs of the entire Chinese horoscope: he loves to experiment and learn something new. This applies not only to everyday life, but also intimate. The Rat is a sensual, sexual sign with an irrepressible imagination. Able to deliver pleasure to the partner and certainly will not let him get bored.

The same Monkey egoism, which the sign is able to show even in bed, brings its fly in the ointment into these relations. The Rat sometimes lacks romance, tenderness and long preludes, and the Monkey is so concentrated on itself that it may not notice the desires of its partner. This problem is easily resolved if they are honest with each other. In this case, partners will be able to maintain not only physical, but also spiritual intimacy.

Rat and Monkey Family Compatibility

If these two decided to marry, then this will undoubtedly be a thoughtful act. Rat highly value family values. It is important for her to have a comfortable home and material stability. The Monkey, by virtue of his love of love, is even capable of an affair on the side. Although in fairness it should be noted that often it does not go beyond flirting. The basis for a strong relationship between the representatives of these signs is: respect, loyalty and the ability to listen to a partner. The compatibility of the Rat with the Monkey in marriage is higher, the more they will trust each other with great confidence.

Disputes between partners cannot be avoided for the simple reason that they both strive to dominate the pair. But, as you know, "truth is born in a dispute." If they hear each otherโ€™s arguments, they will be able to come to the only right decision, because both partners are smart and able to offer worthwhile options. For higher compatibility of the Rat and the Monkey in family life, it is better for them to immediately distribute responsibilities and act without violating the personal boundaries of the spouse.

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