Rat and Ox Compatibility

From the side it seems that the union between the Rat and the Ox is completely impossible, they are so different. The Ox is persistent, stubborn and hardy: he knows how to set goals and achieve them. The Rat is distinguished by its intelligence and cunning — it is a talented manipulator that can use others in its interests. People born this year are born leaders. They will try to "ride" on their Oxen and manage it, regardless of gender. The chinese horoscope endows them with very different characters, but together they can make a tandem, rare in its harmony. This relationship is a vivid confirmation that opposites attract.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rat and Ox

The Rat and Ox compatibility horoscope is one of the best among all possible options. At first glance, it’s hard to believe, because they literally have nothing in common. The Rat is sociable, cheerful, loves company and attention to his own person. She is prudent and knows how to use her own charm to make useful contacts. The Ox is silent. His strength is not in word, but in deed. The Ox can be characterized by this proverb: "Measure seven times, and cut once." He does not like fuss and, before making any decision, thinks everything thoroughly. From a person of this sign, it blows with reliability and authority.

The secret of compatibility of the Rat with the Ox is precisely in their dissimilarity. They complement each other, like two pieces of one puzzle, give inspiration for development and spiritual transformation. The Ox thinks big. He does not like to deal with trifles and daily affairs. But the Rat copes with this surprisingly easily, thanks to its mobility and dynamism. In turn, a sensible Ox will become a reliable support and assurance for a sensitive Rat. Representatives of both signs are good family people, which makes their connection especially strong.

Rat Man and Ox Woman

In this pair, each of the partners is in its place. A man makes money and provides for his family, while a woman copes with the role of a housewife. Having thrown off the burden of household chores, he can completely devote himself to a career and achieve significant success. Rat man in these respects will feel support from the partner. A woman is always ready to listen to him and give wise, thoughtful advice. The main thing is to find a healthy balance between work and home. After all, the Ox woman can be offended by the frequent absence of a man and his carelessness to her. These relationships will allow each of them to become an improved version of themselves. He will learn confidence and calm, she — cheerfulness and mobility. Rat man and Ox woman can make a beautiful couple if they are attentive to the feelings and desires of each other.

Rat Woman and Ox Man

In a pair of Rat woman and Ox man, everyone lives in their own interests: she loves to be in the spotlight, active and initiative, and he would rather spend a quiet, quiet evening at home. And at the same time, they are connected by a common understanding of family and home. For a female Rat, such an alliance is very successful. She needs stability and confidence in the future, and the Ox can give a much-needed sense of security. It will become a reliable support and protection for the Rat, so that she can feel like just a woman, weak and desirable. On the material side, this union is also very successful. He knows how to make money, and she perfectly plans the family budget. Rats are economical and always have something postponed for a rainy day. Difficulties can arise in the intimate sphere. The woman in this pair is more temperamental, and the Ox man is not always ready to participate in her bold experiments. They rarely have scandals, because the Ox is calm and balanced. But even his angelic patience can burst if the Rat, talkative and loving gossip, begins to "make dirty linen in public". In anger, the Ox is scary and in a conflict situation it can easily crush its partner. Fortunately, this rarely happens, because Rats feel danger on an intuitive level and try to avoid such situations. In general, this is a very strong union of two complementary partners.

Rat and Ox Business Compatibility

The compatibility of the Rat and the Ox in work will be harmonious if the Ox takes the leading position. He is a generator of ideas, who thinks on a large scale and knows how to establish business relations with business partners. The Rat, in turn, is a wonderful performer. She easily copes with small everyday tasks, for which the Ox does not have enough time or desire. People born in the year of the Rat have great intuition and can easily evaluate the consequences of a decision made by their partner. Thanks to their intricate cunning and wisdom, they will become a source of valuable advice for the Ox. And he, being a reasonable person, often listens to them.

Representatives of these two signs have few common interests. Therefore, the compatibility of the Rat with the Ox in friendship is rather mediocre. They are more likely just acquaintances than bosom friends. The Ox appreciates reliability and fidelity, and the Rat likes to make new acquaintances and short-term useful connections. Usually he enjoys visiting public places and paying attention to his own person. And the Ox is a homebody who does not like empty talk. Their friendship will last until it is beneficial to the Rat and breaks up, as soon as this acquaintance ceases to be useful to her. Although another scenario is possible, in which the charismatic Rat will charm a serious Ox and this will lead to a romantic relationship. In any case, these two cannot be friends.

Rat and Ox Love Compatibility

Rat and Ox compatibility in the relationship is very good. These two will find in a partner those qualities that they themselves lack so much. They will complement and inspire each other. The Rat’s energy and cheerfulness will charge the slow Ox. And he will attract her with his reliability and stability. Representatives of these signs strive for a serious relationship and are able to compromise. This is especially important because their points of view are often diametrically opposed. The ability to hear a partner and agree is the key to a healthy and strong relationship.

However, the beginning of a love affair between representatives of these signs can be difficult. The blame for the dissimilarity of characters and different views on leisure activities. The Rat loves noisy parties and companies, and her calm partner will not be comfortable in such an environment. It is unlikely that this will be love at first sight and crazy passion. Most likely, romantic relationships will develop gradually, slowly flowing from a simple acquaintance into something more serious. It happens that for this they will need more than one year, but the compatibility of the Rat and the Ox in love is such that when they look at each other, they will not want to leave.

Rat and Ox Sexual Compatibility

The quality of intimate life in a couple will directly depend on the desire of the Rat. People born in her year have a rich imagination and are not shy about showing her in bed. They love beautiful erotic lingerie and long preludes. For the Ox, sex plays only a minor role. It happens that he prefers a healthy night’s sleep of love. Only a regular partner can truly relax and feel relaxed. One-time connections are not for him.

Despite the apparent differences in temperaments, the compatibility of the Rat and the Ox in bed is very good. The Rat will add variety to their sex life and give the predictable Ox lots of fun. She will teach him new techniques and will help to free herself. It is only important to remember that Oxen owners will never forgive even a hint of treason.

Rat and Ox Family Compatibility

According to the forecast of the Chinese horoscope, peace and harmony will reign in the family of the Rat and the Ox. Both signs revere traditional family values and treat children with trepidation. Their affection is growing and getting stronger every year. Partners do not have to break themselves and adapt to another, they are comfortable being together. An important role is played by finance. For the Rat, material stability is the key to family well-being. She is prone to hoarding and the family budget is most often concentrated in her hands. The Ox is comfortable with this state of affairs. In fairness, it is worth noting that she disposes of it reasonably and the family always has the necessary financial pillow. The compatibility of the Rat and the Ox in marriage is high due to the fact that they accept each other as they are, know how to negotiate and make concessions.

Problems in family relationships can arise only if the Rat will manipulate his partner and abuse his trust. The Ox is calm and slow, but far from stupid. He may not pay attention to the tricks of the partner, because he does not like pettiness and conflict. But sooner or later he will get tired of it. The compatibility of the Rat and the Ox in family life is considered one of the most favorable, if both are tolerant of the shortcomings of the partner.

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