Rat and Pig Compatibility

Rat and Pig — one of the best combinations of the Chinese horoscope. Representatives of these zodiac signs are able to achieve mutual understanding in any life spheres. The stars endowed them with qualities that complement each other perfectly. Mutual intelligence, insight allow you to compensate for your own imperfections with the merits of a partner. Judiciousness, thoroughness Pigs are perfectly suited to the Rat’s prudence and determination. The horoscope sees no obstacles to the union of these zodiac signs. Differences in characters appear at the first stage of dating. If a compromise is found, a successful interaction is guaranteed.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rat and Pig

A cunning, thirsty championship Rat impresses the thoughtfulness and optimism of the Pig, which rarely claims to be a leader. On the contrary, he likes to feel like a reliable rear. The compatibility of the Rat and the Pig is due to a single element of water for both signs, which makes it easy to understand each other, to "wrap around" possible differences. There are situations when representatives of these zodiac signs will seek to swallow each other with “waves” of conceit and their own superiority. But the horoscope assures that this is an exception to the rule, which is extremely rare. Obstacles to compatibility appear at the first meeting, terminating further contacts.

The sociability and diplomacy of the Pig allows the Rat, which seeks profit, to feel part of a friendly team. This is paramount for high partner compatibility. The difficult nature of Rats limits the circle of people sympathetic to them. And only the Pig is able to see in these "difficulties" nobility and wisdom. The horoscope of compatibility of the Rat with the Pig predicts a harmonious union of representatives of these signs. The first are competent strategists who can feel the best moment for action. The second — virtuoso tactics who can develop an ingenious plan of action for the year ahead in one night.

Rat Man and Pig Woman

The Rat man is an adherent of traditional values. I am sincerely convinced that the head of the family is the one who leads, leads. That is what he is. Rat man and Pig woman sexually attract each other. The relationship of this couple is filled with romance, mutual respect, devotion. A woman loves and adores her man. With pleasure recognizes him as a leader, ready to follow his rules. This is not blind veneration, but a sound vision of the situation. As a reward for understanding, the chosen one of this man will bathe in luxury, enjoying the position of a beautiful princess. The horoscope considers this combination of partners ideal.

Rat Woman and Pig Man

The compatibility of such a combination of characters is high if certain conditions are met. The Rat woman and Pig man fit together. But only until the moment when love and sexual relations develop into a family union. The joint life of such partners will be difficult. The spouse will not be able to reconcile with the softness of character, ingenuity, lack of business acumen of the chosen one. The husband cannot stand the desire of the partner to subordinate him to his will, to force him to take any action. Horoscope does not exclude the possibility of creating a harmonious union, but for this, the spouses will need to make efforts. He needs to take on the role of the head of the family, and she needs to pacify her dictatorial disposition.

Rat and Pig Business Compatibility

In joint work, the Rat and the Pig horoscope guarantees success. Representatives of these zodiac signs are ideal business colleagues. Pigs will calculate actions a few steps forward. Risky Rats use these calculations to good use. These people rarely enter the struggle for leadership among themselves. Everyone is comfortable in their place. The compatibility of the Rat and the Pig in the work is based on mutual trust, delimitation of powers, and the absence of disputes over the significance of the efforts made by each partner. They are united by the principle of life — "work hard — received." Because business interoperability between them brings success.

Friendship between representatives of these zodiac signs will last a long time. They are united by many common qualities — exquisite taste, secular lifestyle, craving for art, common views on ways to get pleasure. The compatibility of the Rat and the Pig in friendship is based on the desire of the former to be in the spotlight and the desire of the latter not to advertise their successes. Representatives of these signs are on the same wavelength — they understand each other without words, they are always ready to help a friend. Pigs are condescending to the explicit demonstrative behavior of the Rats, which greatly value this attitude. Indeed, other people rarely understand their legitimate desire to receive a reward for their achievements. Friendly compatibility is based on a mutual understanding of these people.

Rat and Pig Love Compatibility

The prognosis of a romantic relationship for these signs is favorable. Both strive for a harmonious union, do not like conflicts and showdown. The compatibility of the Rat and the Pig in love is based on mutual trust, the ability to guess the desires of a partner. The general element of water allows them to "overflow" into each other, and mind and insight help to "bring out" from this process information about the feelings and desires of the chosen one. The intuition of both signs makes it possible to apply this information to the benefit of relationships. These people catch each other’s sensual needs, which promises perfect compatibility in love.

Being in a long-term relationship, representatives of these signs may encounter problems. In the period of acquaintance with the Pig charms magnanimity, attention, tenderness, care of the Rats. It is dangerous to lose touch with reality. The pig runs the risk of quickly falling under the absolute control of a partner, which threatens misunderstanding, quarrels, conflicts. The horoscope recommends preventing such situations. The compatibility of the Rat and the Pig in a relationship will be ideal if everyone realizes the need to take into account the mutual desire for independence in communication. If the former cope with the desire to crush the partner, and the latter will be able to protect personal boundaries — there will be no cause for conflict in relations.

Rat and Pig Sexual Compatibility

The mutual attractiveness of lovers is complemented by their perfect sexual compatibility. The love idyll is due to the ability of both to present themselves favorably, to subtly feel the partner’s desires. The compatibility of the Rat and the Pig in bed binds the representatives of these signs for many years. Both love sex, know how to enjoy it and give sensual pleasure to a partner. In such a pair, infidelity rarely occurs. Lovers are so attractive to each other that seeking pleasure on the side loses meaning for them. Compatibility in bed is due to the similar intimate needs of these people.

Representatives of these zodiac signs begin to feel sexual magnetism from the first minutes of their acquaintance. A short look, an accidental touch — instantly cause desire, mutual attraction. These people cannot do without intimacy. Therefore, they often end up in bed on their first date. As the relationship develops, the passion of their feelings does not wane. On the contrary, over time, the Rat and the Pig discover new sexual aspects of each other. The horoscope ensures that tenderness, sensuality and passion will definitely be present in the relationship.

Rat and Pig Family Compatibility

Representatives of these signs are able to find joint entertainment, activities. They are able to negotiate and correctly set life priorities. But this does not always happen from the beginning of the relationship. The compatibility of the Rat and the Pig in marriage will be ideal if everyone learns to respect the desires and opinions of the other half. The ability to inspire each other is the key to a long-term, happy union. If the spouses understand that Rat’s stinginess is not a factor of irritation, but wisdom in creating financial well-being, and Pig’s demands are not boring, but responsibility for the family’s reputation, marriage will become an ideal tandem.

In marriage these people see exceptional benefits. Relations will develop favorably if partners learn to sincerely respect each other. The compatibility of the Rat and the Pig in family life is determined by the mind, prudence and high intelligence of the representatives of these zodiac signs. Spouses will be able to raise good children for whom the family life of their parents will become the standard of marriage. However, both are prone to leadership and impulsiveness, which can undermine favorable compatibility. To avoid problems, it is recommended to exclude competition among themselves and control their own mood. Then they will really be happy together. Marriages between Rats and Pigs are strong, divorces are rare.

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