Rat and Rabbit Compatibility

According to the eastern horoscope, the signs Rat and Rabbit are well combined according to the elements (Water and Wood, respectively) and energies (Yang-Yin, male-female), but belong to different triangles. Rat – to the first, where the initiative, energetic and hot-tempered signs are located. The Rabbit sign belongs to the balanced and friendly representatives of the fourth triangle. They can become good friends, but a deeper relationship will be full of problems and misunderstanding.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rat and Rabbit

The compatibility of the Rat with the Rabbit can be called mediocre. They are so different that it is difficult for them to compromise on any issues. An active and fussy Rat is annoyed by the slowness and superficiality of a partner who does not take anything to heart. Her emotionality runs counter to Rabbit calm. The Rat can perceive its softness and inertness as weakness, and will not fail to take advantage of this. She will begin to act in relation to the partner demandingly and aggressively, without realizing that such behavior can lead to a pair break.

The Rat is a person of action who thinks a lot about the future, strives for stability and confidence in the future. The Rabbit is tired of such indefatigable energy of the partner. He appreciates peace and prefers to live by the principle: “you know less — sleep better”. The Rabbit is rather a creative person, devoid of ambition and somewhat lazy. The representative of this sign tries not to overload his brain with negativity, which helps to always fall on his paws, no matter how fate destroys him. Compatibility horoscope of Rat and Rabbit gives little chance of a strong long-term relationship between them.

Rat Man and Rabbit Woman

The relationship between the Rat man and the Rabbit woman can start quite promisingly. The man in this pair knows how and loves to attract attention. He is able to charm almost any girl. Rabbit woman is no exception. Cautious by nature and not prone to impulsive actions, she will look closely at her partner for a long time before deciding on a relationship with him. The Rat-Rabbit pair can be formed on the basis of common hobbies and hobbies. Most likely, their communication will first grow into friendship, and only after — into love. A man will undoubtedly take a leadership position in a couple, but how these relations will be strong and lasting depends on the woman and her patience. A man will perceive a woman’s attempts not to go into conflict as spinelessness. He will not find an emotional response in the partner and this will make him even more hot-tempered. In such a calm, Rabbit is her strength. To maintain relationships, it is important for a woman not to show her superiority over a man.

Rat Woman and Rabbit Man

Representatives of these signs are very charming and from the outside may seem like a wonderful couple. They are united by a love of cosiness and works of art. This is where their similarities end. And this is not the case when opposites attract. An effective Rat is annoyed by the lack of initiative of a partner who is sometimes lazy and evades from fulfilling his duties. In anger, words can come out that severely injure the sensitive Rabbit. Disagreements also arise due to the divergence of views on leisure activities. The Rat loves big companies, a change of scenery and fun. Her partner prefers a quiet home evening, noisy outings in society. He, as a hospitable host, will better accept friends at home. For a couple of Rat woman and Rabbit man, the ability of a woman to control herself is crucial. This is best done with the earthly Rat. She is more careful than her brothers and not risk averse, which is very important for the Rabbit. It will be a little easier for them to reach a compromise in a pair than other representatives of these signs.

Rat and Rabbit Business Compatibility

Rabbits rarely make good businessmen. These are creative and dreamy people. They are led by imagination, and they may not adequately assess the risks of the enterprise. He needs a practical assistant nearby, and the Rat is the best suited for this role. But Rabbit may not even notice how a cunning partner will manipulate him and actually take a leading position in the enterprise. When he understands this, then business relations will come to an end. The compatibility of the Rat with the Rabbit in the work will be higher if the Rat acts as the chief. She is smart, reasonable and practical, and the Rabbit will be able to carry out her instructions with the usual attentiveness and scrupulousness. If these two are in the work team at the same level of the career ladder, then everything also develops successfully. The Rabbit is devoid of ambition and therefore the Rat will not see in him a danger to his career advancement.

It will be a friendship based on respect and mutual sympathy. Not constrained by domestic issues and conflicts, they will be able to find support in the face of each other. The Rat likes to chat, and the Rabbit can listen. As friends, they will be more tolerant of each other’s shortcomings. It is easy for them to come to an understanding. The compatibility of the Rat with the Rabbit in friendship is the best among all possible types of relations. The main thing is to determine the boundaries of the permissible and not to violate them. First, it concerns the Rat, with its unchanging love to use people for their own selfish purposes. For an honest and good-natured Rabbit, such behavior between friends is unacceptable and, most likely, it will be he who will initiate a break in relations.

Rat and Rabbit Love Compatibility

The love relationship between Rat and Rabbit will not arise at first sight. They will be devoid of passion and madness. Rather, it will be a thoughtful step by two pretty people to each other. On the one hand, it sounds boring, and on the other, if they look at each other carefully enough, they can avoid surprises in the future. The compatibility of the Rat and the Rabbit in love is such that it will be difficult for them to create a truly successful and strong union. They are so different that frequent quarrels in pairs will be inevitable.

The Rabbit prefers peace and measuredness; he does not like the crazy rhythm of his partner’s life, her vanity. This enrages the Battle Rat, it tries to stir up the Rabbit. It seems to her that she acts for the good, pushing her partner to certain actions. The compatibility of the Rat with the Rabbit in relations will be higher if the Rat rejects its misconceptions about the softness of the partner. His kindness and responsiveness does not mean spinelessness, and therefore do not abuse them. If Rat pressure is excessive, the Rabbit will be able to give an iron rebuff, which was difficult to expect from him. In the event of a breakdown, it will be harder for the Rat. She has a hotter heart and temperament, so it’s harder to bear the separation than the cold-blooded Rabbit.

Rat and Rabbit Sexual Compatibility

The Rat is one of the most sensual and sexy signs. Moreover, in sex, she is not too selfish: she tries not only to have fun, but also to deliver it to her partner. These qualities of her, of course, attract Rabbit, but he is conservative and does not accept experiments in bed. With such a lover, she will quickly get bored and lose her fuse. The difference in temperament is the reason that the compatibility of the Rat with the Rabbit in bed leaves much to be desired.

You can save the situation only if the Rabbit departs a little from its principles and expands the scope of what is permitted in love games. He needs to trust his Rat, and then he will be able to experience new sensations and emotions. Otherwise, dissatisfaction in bed will result in misunderstanding and mutual insults.

Rat and Rabbit Family Compatibility

If these two still managed to overcome their differences and decided to form a relationship, then each of them could give up their interests in favor of the other. The compatibility of the Rat with the Rabbit in marriage is based on respect and mutual support. These qualities can be a good basis for a strong union, provided that both will work on relationships. Inside Rats passions rage and sooner or later they will find a way out. The reason could be anything — jealousy, petty domestic issues, relaxation. At this point, it is important that the Rabbit be tolerant and sympathetic to the character characteristics of the partner.

Both of them need to learn how to resolve conflicts immediately and without cunning, without trying to close their eyes to them. This is important so that unspoken grievances do not accumulate and do not undermine the mutual understanding of the partners. The compatibility of the Rat and the Rabbit in family life will be the higher, the more efforts they will make to overcome conflicts through compromises. They both value home comfort and love children. Family values are not an empty phrase for them. And these are good prerequisites to become a truly happy couple.

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