Rat and Rat Compatibility

Rats can negotiate with each other. Representatives of this zodiac sign have a common goal — personal well-being. They work fruitfully together, although there may be disagreement about the distribution of laurels. Interaction means cooperation. Representatives of this sign have similar characters. Compatibility is based on an understanding of each other’s desires, needs. These people know how to make friends. But contacts will be built on favorable conditions for both. Perspective love relationships between partners of the same sign. Both sensual, emotional, romantic personalities. But to get along in one "hole" is not easy for Rats.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rat and Rat

These people capture each other’s moods, sexually attractive, endowed with a bright appearance. The compatibility of the Rat with the Rat is due to the common water element. However, this zodiac sign represents the masculine beginning — Yang, which threatens with difficulties in relationships. Smart, energetic, impulsive people strive to do everything quickly. At the same time, everyone dreams of a peaceful, calm life with his family. Mutual energy, cunning, desire for leadership can create obstacles in a relationship. Representatives of this sign are smart, sociable, like to be in the center of attention, involve people around them in adventures, adventures.

However, under the guise of "the soul of the company" can be hidden prudent, selfish, aggressive nature. Compatibility horoscope between Rat and Rat promises to be favorable if at least one of the partners is willing to show restraint, tolerance. The difficulty is that representatives of this zodiac sign are ready to experience indulgence and reverence for other people. But only if they recognize either weakness or a clear advantage of the opponent. These people perceive themselves as equal, therefore the spirit of competition wakes up in them. Pulling a blanket over yourself is a favorite activity of Rats.

Rat Man and Rat Woman

The man of this sign is endowed with stars of intelligence. It is unlikely that he will become physical labor to earn a living. The ability to "make money from the air" is given at birth. In the family, the position should be leadership. This man shares the principles of house building. The husband is the head of the family, the earner, the generator of ideas and solutions. This is his role in marriage. Man Rat and moman Rat have high sexual compatibility. Common life principles ensure comfortable coexistence. The horoscope sees in such a pair as good compatibility, if the lady recognizes the absolute leadership of the partner.

The woman of this sign is emotional, fussy, prone to sudden mood swings. At the same time endowed with entrepreneurial streak, easily builds a career. The desire of a man to be the main in tandem is regarded as a threat to personal freedom. Therefore, it often vehemently resists attempts at "enslavement." Female Rat and Male Rat are able to create a harmonious union. These people run on different paths, but their eyes are fixed on one side. The only obstacle to compatibility in a pair is the struggle for leadership. Horoscope advises to agree on everything on the shore – to distribute responsibilities, secure rights. This will ensure a happy, wealthy, joyful life together.

Rat and Rat Business Compatibility

These people love to work. Do not sit idle even when circumstances allow. Having created a comfortable life for themselves, representatives of this sign find a source of additional income. The motto of such people is prosperity and prosperity. The compatibility of the Rat and the Rat in the work will be fruitful in the context of the boss — subordinate. If the leadership position is determined by position, then there will be no competition between them, the effectiveness of joint work will become maximum. In partner contacts, the internal need for superiority will periodically “pop up”, which is fraught with conflicts. The horoscope does not recommend conducting joint business on equal legal rights.

The friendship of two Rats has a favorable prospect. It will be built on favorable conditions for both. If there are none, contacts will quickly disappear. These people see no reason to interact if each side does not receive the desired benefits. The compatibility of the Rat with the Rat in friendship is based on mutual assistance, support. Representatives of one sign perfectly understand each other. Therefore, having found common ground, they are able to maintain friendly relations for years. Compatibility in friendship is due to a mutual understanding of the principle of "swing". For example, if today one offered a joint rest on his territory, then tomorrow such an offer will come from a second friend.

Rat and Rat Love Compatibility

The love relationship between these people is ideal at the beginning of the novel. Everyone seeks to show insight, tenderness, care. Both love romantic surroundings and luxury. Intuition tells each partner what, when and where to do, say. This creates a feeling of complete harmony. The love compatibility of the Rat with the Rat will be high until the lovers decide to live together. The further development of events will directly depend on the behavior of partners. One of them will have to take the leadership of a loved one. Otherwise, quarrels and conflicts will lead to separation.

If a dominant role is defined, the union has a long-term perspective. In the absence of interpersonal struggle, these people get along well together. Each performs its function, grateful to the partner for understanding, support. In this case, the compatibility of the Rat with the Rat in the relationship is very good. But in such a situation there is one danger. Representatives of this sign are very attractive, like the opposite sex. Therefore, there are many reasons for jealousy. The horoscope advises you to remember the same inner attitude — if it’s comfortable in the relationship, then the pleasures on the side do not make sense.

Rat and Rat Sexual Compatibility

The sexual compatibility of this couple is very high. Representatives of one sign constantly strive for bodily pleasures. This is a combination of partners in which any conflict can end in sex. Sensual pleasures are a must in life. Their absence causes anger, aggressiveness in these people. For them, bodily contact with a partner is very important. These couples hug, kiss, always and everywhere. Sex is preferred in a romantic setting. Candles, exciting scents — a must-have attribute of intimacy.

Representatives of this sign may be in bed at the first meeting. In this they see nothing shameful, for them there are no conventions. The compatibility of the Rat with the Rat in bed is due to the complete coincidence of intimate desires. Lovers know how to enjoy sex and give pleasure to a partner. Such people are able to maintain an exciting intrigue for a long time. They love sex in a mysterious, mysterious setting. Often these couples have their own secret places, intended exclusively for intimate enjoyment.

Rat and Rat Family Compatibility

The romantic period between a man and a woman of this sign does not last long. Partners strive for a strong relationship, family. The horoscope does not deny a successful, long marriage. However, the alliance between the Rats is very fragile. If you don’t agree on everything before marriage, even perfect sexual compatibility will not help to break up. The horoscope advises both to learn restraint. The compatibility of the Rat and the Rat in marriage depends on the ability of lovers to sacrifice their interests for the sake of family stability. An important aspect is the ability to evaluate one’s own shortcomings, to avoid insults to each other. This will create a friendly family, raise good children.

Family life is based on mutual benefit. The husband is happy to provide the financial side of the hearth, for which he expects gratitude and reverence. The wife’s task is to give him this opportunity, to recognize his main role. In response, you can safely expect generous gestures, respect for the spouse. The compatibility of the Rat and the Rat in family life is based on a clear distribution of responsibilities, recognition of each other’s interests. Spouses have incredible energy. If you do not direct it into a fruitful channel, conflicts and quarrels can destroy the family. The horoscope advises finding a way out of its boundless energy, ambition through sports, creativity, social work. The main thing is to provide the opportunity to realize their raging potential outside the home. Then the marital compatibility of the spouses will be perfect.

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