Rat and Rooster Compatibility

The Chinese horoscope does not give unambiguous predictions of difficulties and disagreements in the alliance of the Rat and the Rooster. At the same time, no astrologer would understand their compatibility as ideal, who understands how difficult it is for them to reach an understanding: reduce the distance between depth and superficiality, rationality and impulsivity, practicality and wastefulness. The need for a daily compromise is becoming the main obstacle in building relations between the Rat and the Rooster. The possibility of painlessly overcoming the difficulties that arise will depend on how much these people want to hear and understand each other.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rat and Rooster

Those born under the sign of Rat are solid personalities, adherents of a rational approach in everything, including relationships. Therefore, it is difficult to understand what such a person could find in an impulsive Rooster, often striving to demonstrate much more than it actually has. But if the Rat gives preference to just such a partner, then the choice will be conscious and logical. Those born under this sign in the eyes of others are not predictable, but everything in their own head is neatly laid out on shelves. The horoscope of compatibility of the Rat and the Rooster often explains this choice with the active life position of both signs and the ability of each of them to compensate, and sometimes to make up for the missing qualities of the other.

Both partners wanting to get a new social experience, begin to gradually come closer. Therefore, the compatibility of the Rat and the Rooster can be considered a good illustration of the phrase "opposites attract". Of course, people born under these signs also have common ground, otherwise they would not be able to attract each other. Both are free in emotional and sensual manifestations, witty, open to new experiences. These horoscope signs never sit still waiting for a better life, realizing that they themselves are the smiths of their own happiness.

Rat Man and Rooster Woman

The productivity of the relationship between the Rat man and the Rooster woman depends entirely on the wisdom and ability to compromise the latter. The purposeful and dynamic man is a strong personality, so he will not change to please the woman. Her provocations and manipulations in these respects are unlikely to give the desired result. Therefore, if a female Rooster wants to develop these relationships, she will have to accept her partner for whom he is. The Rat man should curb the temper of the partner, and not respond aggressively to her cavalry attacks. Having learned to compromise, these two will receive in full everything they wanted in a relationship.

Rat Woman and Rooster Man

A Rat woman and a Rooster man in relationships of any nature exhibit common features: both are straightforward and dynamic, not afraid to take responsibility. It would seem that an ideal couple, but in fact, in this situation, a woman can suffer from the nit-picking pretending to be the undivided leader of a man. Sometimes he so actively seeks to establish his own rules in the union that he begins to criticize the Rat woman with or without, trying to impose her own views on her. A determined partner or girlfriend Rat, will quickly end such a relationship. But a loving wife will be able to correctly dispose of her wisdom and influence the partner so that he readily accepts her position in life and a moderate desire for independence.

Rat and Rooster Business Compatibility

Due to the common sense of purpose for the Rat and the Rooster, indifference to material wealth and iron grip, their business union brings the highest results. The most promising is a partnership created by two friends. The compatibility of the Rat and the Rooster in friendship is pretty good, they look in the same direction and completely trust each other. Over the years of friendship, people of these signs study each other’s inclinations well, so the roles in business partnerships are distributed almost immediately. The Rooster uses its sharp mind to build profitable combinations, and the sober Rat introduces the necessary corrections into these plans and begins to implement them.

They work best in equal partnership, where everyone does his own thing. The main thing is that their working pace coincides. Sometimes the Rooster, which requires a constant change of activities, is able to be distracted from work, which is not to the liking of the stubborn Rat. But if the business is exciting and promising, then the focus of attention will be entirely focused on work, and the likelihood of a conflict with a partner is minimized. The Rat-master is masterfully, but at the same time, veiledly controls the Rooster-subordinate, directing his indefatigable energy in the right direction and leaving a feeling of freedom. This is exactly what the Rat-subordinate would like to feel under the guidance of the Rooster. However, this boss creates a tight framework that adversely affects the quality of work of an independent employee. The horoscope of compatibility of the Rat and the Rooster in the work advises the latter to loosen his grip in order to lead to success a common cause.

Rat and Rooster Love Compatibility

Love of the Rat and the Rooster is an active volcano of passions, in which there is a place for emotions for every taste and shade. However, due to the quick-tempered nature of partners, negative emotions can easily become the prevailing emotions. Straightforward and uncompromising, they are spiritually laying out to the chosen one everything they think about his actions, decisions and about him personally. Both the main thing is to convey the essence of the information, so they are not too scrupulous in the choice of expressions and intonation. None of them will take offense, and therefore immediately begins to actively defend themselves, and the best defense in the understanding of both is an attack. Numerous scandals and clashes can quickly become the cause of the collapse of even such an alliance, which was formed on the basis of strong feelings, as warned by the horoscope of compatibility of the Rat and the Rooster in love.

Representatives of these signs need to splash out accumulated emotions and energy into work and hobbies, perceive each other as a source of vitality and inspiration. Then they will not want to once again show aggression in a relationship. The horoscope of compatibility of the Rat and the Rooster in a relationship indicates that, having set a goal to preserve their union, they will certainly achieve it. They will have to make a lot of efforts to find means that can strengthen mutual understanding and instill the ability to compromise. Since such relationships will not be full of romance, the Rat and the Rooster need to focus on mutual respect and sociability, because a similar worldview provides many topics for lengthy and informative conversations. Another reliable “glue” for such relationships, if they periodically crack at the seams, will be sex.

Rat and Rooster Sexual Compatibility

The high compatibility of the Rat and the Rooster in bed provides them with inexhaustible enthusiasm in intimate relationships with each other. People of these signs are able not only to work hard, but also know a lot about getting pleasure. Despite the inherent egoism of both, neither the Rat nor the Rooster perceive sex as a one-goal game, each of them is attentive to the needs of its chosen one. Their bedding habits are very similar in many respects, in addition, they are ready to expand their usual horizons, alternately trying on the role of a more experienced mentor. In their sex, there is both wild passion and all-consuming tenderness, into which they dive like a whirlpool with their heads. At such moments, for each of them, only his partner exists, while events that occur in the surrounding space lose their significance for a while.

In the intimate relations of the Rat and the Rooster, as a rule, there is no clear division into the dominant and subordinate, but still more often the dynamic Rat takes the initiative. The slightly slower Rooster is not opposed, given that shyness is hidden behind the facade of his self-confidence. He needs time to liberate himself and completely trust his partner, but with such an assertive partner like Rat, everything happens quickly. And now, it would seem, recently, the timid Rooster begins to offer new experiments, pleasantly surprising the chosen one with his rich imagination. A person born under the sign of the Rat is ready to translate into exciting ideas here and now, without long deliberation and preparations. Their intimate life is filled with diversity, and therefore almost never bothers any of the partners.

Rat and Rooster Family Compatibility

The compatibility horoscope of the Rat and the Rooster in family life makes an allowance for the fact that traditional values mean a lot to representatives of both signs. The desire for the independence of the Rat and the relative superficiality of the Rooster does not prevent them from building a family. Although the endless principles of the latter can sometimes infuriate the Rat, which does not recognize the strict framework, from itself. The representative of this sign is not alien to such a concept as discipline, but he categorically does not tolerate templates. Relations should not be built on a certain model — this is the main idea that he is trying to convey to the Rooster, sometimes flatly refusing to give the element of surprise to life together. Such uncompromisingness is not to the liking of the Rat, but if the marriage is built on the foundation of unconditional love, a person born under this sign will be able to be patient in order to gradually expand the boundaries established by the Rooster without aggression and conflict.

If the Rat manages to curb the eccentric nature of the Rooster and control the power of his own emotions, then a harmonious marriage awaits them. Otherwise, family life will still be long, but flowing as if in the mouth of an active volcano. According to the horoscope of compatibility of the Rat and the Rooster in family life, much more often they build it precisely in the second scenario. Loud quarrels and violent ceasefires will replace each other almost daily, but the pair will not come to the final point soon, if at all. In such relationships, both receive strong emotions, from which they quickly become addicted. Over the years, the Rat begins to get tired of passions and realize the need for an unequivocal decision: to leave the relationship once and for all or, relying entirely on its wisdom, to give them a much more creative character.

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