Rat and Snake Compatibility

The union of the Rat and the Snake is quite controversial. On the one hand, these signs belong to different triads and are completely unsuitable for each other according to the elements. Compatibility of Water (Rat) and Fire (Snake) is the most difficult among all possible combinations of the Chinese horoscope, characterized by emotional disharmony of partners. They simultaneously attract and repel each other. On the other hand, the active male principle of the Rat (Yang) is well complemented by the soft female energy of the Snake (Yin). Although here there are some difficulties associated with the fact that the Yin in the Serpent reaches its maximum concentration and transforms into Yang. In general, their relationship will be devoid of violent passions, but, under certain circumstances, they can quite successfully coexist side by side.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rat and Snake

Compatibility horoscope for Rat and Snake promises both partners difficulties and trials. This is an alliance of two prudent, ambitious partners, accustomed to acting for their own benefit. Both are smart, possess the makings of leadership and excellent intuition. If they don’t immediately learn to compromise, then relationships can easily turn from partnering into rival ones. Representatives of these signs have a different approach to achieving the goal. Rats fuss a lot, are constantly in motion. They are the soul of the company and use their charm to make useful contacts. People born in the year of the Snake do not endure haste. They make decisions thoughtfully, verified and only after analyzing all the risks do they proceed to actions. Such calm annoys the energetic Rat, and against this background they have many conflicts.

A characteristic feature of Rats is a love of manipulation. People born in the year of the Snake are wise and love to give advice themselves, but following the instructions of others is not in their rules. They are proud, arrogant and rarely forgive insults. Feeling that they are using it, they can react quite aggressively. Rat compatibility with the Snake is much higher when it comes to friendship or business relationships, rather than love.

Rat Man and Snake Woman

Relations between the Rat man and Snake woman can become a source of disappointment for partners, as well as a path to spiritual development. The Rat man knows how to attract attention and undoubtedly will not go unnoticed by the Snake woman. She will appreciate his temperament, mobility and ability to find a way out even of the most difficult situation. The Rat, in turn, will be fascinated by the inner strength and calmness of the partner, which he himself is so lacking. Next to her, a man is able to avoid many life failures and rash acts. Conflicts in a pair arise because of a woman’s desire to “strangle” her partner and limit his freedom. This will meet a violent protest of the temperamental Rat man, not inclined to restrain his emotions. In addition, the Snake is not distinguished by constancy in love, which will cause a lot of suffering to a man and lead to a number of conflicts. In order for the relationship in a pair to be harmonious, they need to learn to accept each other with all the shortcomings and not try to remake for themselves.

Rat Woman and Snake Man

The Rat woman and the Snake man can make a good pair if they show patience and understanding towards each other. The rat will be mesmerized by the calm, elegance and confidence of the man, and he will be optimistic, beautiful and sensual. The woman in this couple is a wonderful hostess. Her energy is enough to create home comfort, and to earn money, and to manage the household wisely. Sometimes she will be annoyed by the partner’s excessive rationality, which is perceived by her as laziness and inertia. At such moments, a woman is able to express dissatisfaction with all the strength of her temperament. Another reason for the pair’s disagreement is Snake’s desire to keep the Rat on a short leash. If a man is really interested in a long-term relationship with Rat woman, he should loosen his grip and give her a little more freedom.

Rat and Snake Business Compatibility

The compatibility of the Rat with the Snake in the work is rather complicated and will depend on the distribution of roles between representatives of signs. The Rat is smart, mobile, possesses excellent communication skills, knows how to make useful contacts. In this pair, it is she who is the generator of new ideas. The Snake has a wonderful business grip. She is hardworking and assiduous. If the Snake decided to study some business or question, then she does it with her usual thoroughness and attentiveness. It may seem to the Rat that the partner is slow or not making enough effort. Mutual reproaches will follow, which will lead to inevitable conflicts. For this couple, it is better if the head is the Snake. Her wisdom and caution will benefit the cause, and the Rat will become a successful and energetic performer.

Rats are a sociable sign, loving noisy companies and attention to their own person. They are often in a state of nervous tension and sometimes they just need silence to restore mental strength. The incredulous, suspicious Snake also prefers to stay away from the crowd. The love of solitude, combined with the intelligence and erudition of representatives of both signs, makes the compatibility of the Rat and the Snake in friendship very promising. Possessing an excellent sense of humor and love for works of art, they will become an interesting company for each other.

Rat and Snake Love Compatibility

Rats are materialists, and yet they cannot imagine their life without love. Both men and women of this sign are sentimental and romantic, they can forgive much to the person whom they sincerely love. Snakes are reserved aristocrats who are not characterized by an open manifestation of feelings and emotions. Passion will prevail on a cold mind only if the sign by year of birth belongs to the element of Fire. Otherwise, they will look at each other for a long time before deciding on the manifestation of feelings. Such a difference in temperament makes the compatibility of the Rat and the Snake in love quite difficult, although not hopeless.

Starting a relationship may seem pretty promising. They are erudite, well-read and insightful, they have something to talk about and what to teach each other. Nevertheless, the compatibility of the Rat and the Snake in a relationship cannot be called successful. The main stumbling block for this couple is the Snake’s desire to establish total control over the partner. The rat loves freedom, it is vital for her and if the partner does not loosen her grip, then the couple has few chances for a long relationship. In a positive scenario, she can learn from the Snake to be more balanced and not go to extremes in life. This will achieve the same goals, spending less energy.

Rat and Snake Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of the Rat and the Snake in bed is very good, thanks to the sensuality of the representatives of both signs. Here they can forget about their disagreements and fully enjoy each other. Rats love long foreplay, and their partners are not inclined to rush in any of the spheres of life. In the bedroom, even differences play into their hands, making the sensations of making love more vivid and intense.

The Rat is endowed with wonderful imagination and will help diversify the intimate life of the couple. The Snake, for its part, will take part in all love experiments with pleasure. Such a mutual desire of partners to please each other will help to avoid sexual satiety in a pair of Rat-Snake.

Rat and Snake Family Compatibility

The compatibility of the Rat and the Snake in marriage can hardly be called good even despite the fact that they both know how to adapt to various circumstances, attach great importance to their financial situation and love comfort. If in the romantic candy-bouquet period the representatives of these signs can still close their eyes to the partner’s shortcomings, then family life will fully reveal their differences.

The inconstancy of the Snake, a tendency to have an affair on the side, greed and despotism will be an unpleasant surprise for her partner. The Rat itself is prone to hoarding and does not accept reckless spending, but it does not consider it a waste of money to spend on family or travel. Another reason for disagreement will be raising children. Rats are wonderful parents who adore their offspring with admiration and awe. The Snakes on the contrary are cold and strict with them. All these differences make Rat’s and Snake’s good compatibility in family life probable only if both partners are mature enough and know how to concede to each other.

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