Rat and Tiger Compatibility

The union between the Rat and the Tiger is bright and ambiguous. On the one hand, these signs have good compatibility of the main elements: Water (Rat) nourishes the Wood (Tiger), gives it strength and the possibility of personal growth. On the other hand, these are bright representatives of Yang energy. When two signs converge with the masculine principle, the struggle for power is inevitable. Serious passions will rage in such a pair, but having overcome the stage of grinding in to each other, they are quite capable of creating a strong union. The main thing is to divide the spheres of influence so that everyone is responsible for those issues in which he is more competent.

Compatibility Horoscope for Rat and Tiger

The compatibility of Rat and Tiger is such that mutual sympathy and even love at first sight is not uncommon for them. Both partners are bright, sociable and ambitious. The Rat admires the courage and nobility of the Tiger, and he will be fascinated by the Rat beauty, intelligence and sex appeal. They have many common interests and hobbies. Both love noisy companies, theaters, cinema, parties. They will have fun together, but only until the moment the relationship moves to a more serious level. Over time, the Rat will get tired of idleness and entertainment. She wants stability and confidence in the future. And here difficulties are possible, because the Tiger does not tolerate routine and monotony.

The compatibility horoscope of the Rat with the Tiger, despite the similar temperaments of the signs, is quite difficult. The mercantile spirit and conservatism of the Rat runs counter to Tiger freedom and frivolity. The situation is aggravated by the fact that both characters are quick-tempered, stubborn and often do not know how to concede to a partner. The main cause for conflict — different points of view on finances. The Rat is a materialist. She needs to know that she always has something set aside “in reserve”. Uncertainty scares her. The Tiger lives here and now — this is his philosophy. He does not know how and does not seek to save. He is annoyed by "rat fuss" and fussiness. Compatibility in pairs will be an order of magnitude higher if partners have good compatibility in the elements of the year of birth. For example, if one of them is Fire, and the other was born under the sign of a Tree or Earth. After all, as you know, these elements cannot be without each other.

Rat Man and Tiger Woman

Rat man, born under any element, is an energetic, powerful and purposeful person. It will not be easy for him in a relationship with a Tiger woman. Both are leaders by nature, it is difficult for them to come to a common decision. The Water Rat can still give up its positions, although it will not be easy for him. Regarding other elements, this can be forgotten. The struggle for power is not the only problem that the Rat man and the Tiger woman will have to face. They have different worldviews, perceptions of reality and attitudes towards finance. The man in this pair is prudent, cautious, prone to hoarding. For him, family is a quiet haven where the wife is support and assurance for her husband, creating coziness in the family nest. For the Tigress, such a charter is unacceptable. She does not know how to save (especially on herself), she is bored with measured and constancy. The man can also be confused by the excessive emotionality of his partner. Today she is a weak and defenseless nymph, and tomorrow she is a real predator. Nevertheless, it would be wrong to say that this couple has absolutely no future. They can learn a lot from each other to eventually become more successful. He — the ability to live in the present day, and not wait for happiness in the indefinite future, and she — practicality and rationality. Together, they form a rather interesting union if a man has the wisdom to understand his woman and be condescending to her weaknesses.

Rat Woman and Tiger Man

The relationship between the Rat woman and the Tiger man will be pleasant and harmonious if the woman takes responsibility. Both partners are quick-tempered and intolerant, and this can be the cause of most conflicts in the pair. A woman will have to use all her agility and cunning to smooth out the sharp corners in a relationship. Having shown wisdom, she will be able to direct the energy of the Tiger in the right direction, stimulating him to career and personal growth. A Tiger man knows how to work and earn money, but is completely unable to manage his money wisely. He does not think about the future, and therefore can afford to reckless spending. For Rat, this state of affairs is unacceptable. To keep the couple in peace, a woman must deal with financial matters. The Rat must remember that it will not succeed in controlling and manipulating the Tiger man. This can make him crazy, because by nature he is a leader. In everyday life, representatives of these signs may also have disagreements: she appreciates the equipped house, and he often neglects her household duties. If a woman has the wisdom not to provoke a partner into scandals, then they can coexist quite peacefully. And partners will solve minor conflicts with success in bed. Here the sensuality of the Rat, multiplied by the indefatigable energy of the Tiger, will give perfect compatibility.

Rat and Tiger Business Compatibility

Representatives of both signs know how to make money. The compatibility of the Rat and Tiger in the work would be best if the Rat ceded the leadership role to the Tiger. He perfectly knows how to generate ideas and inspire employees to implement them. The Tiger is bold and not afraid to take risks, he perfectly finds a common language with partners, knows how to negotiate. The rat, in turn, has the ability to plan, is able to thoughtfully analyze the situation and effectively manage finances. Together they are able to find a way out of the most hopeless situations.

The compatibility of the Rat with the Tiger in friendship is quite high due to the commonality of interests. They like to be the center of attention, attending various events or simply communicating in the company. They are united by a desire for independence, an unwillingness to follow the crowd. The friendship of the Rat can be destroyed by the desire to manipulate the Tiger, using it for selfish purposes. The impulsive Tiger, having noticed this, is able to react quite sharply and then it will be difficult to resume relations. If both partners learn to compromise and sacrifice their interests for the good of the other, then they will carry on such friendship in a year.

Rat and Tiger Love Compatibility

Love between the representatives of these signs can begin at first glance. Romantic courtship in a couple passes to the envy of others: they are energetic and spend a lot of time together, traveling and having fun. The Rat is mesmerized by the strength and breadth of the Tiger. However, the more serious the relationship becomes, the more efforts will need to be made to maintain it. The compatibility of the Rat and Tiger in love is complicated by the dissimilarity of the worldview, which is more and more manifested over time.

Partners will have to learn to hear each other and control emotions, which can cause difficulty for representatives of both signs. Rats’ mistake will be attempts to remake the partner for themselves. She will not succeed, but only anger the freedom-loving Tiger. The compatibility of the Rat and Tiger in a relationship would be better if the Rat tries to look at the world through the eyes of a partner and see that happiness is not somewhere out there in the indefinite future, but right inside them. The Tiger can also benefit from this relationship, becoming more practical and serious.

Rat and Tiger Sexual Compatibility

In sexual terms, between these two is true harmony. They are drawn to each other, like a magnet. The compatibility of the Rat with the Tiger in bed is so good that even if other areas of the relationship do not work out, they can remain good lovers. Behind the closed doors of the bedroom, childish passions rage. There is no room for shyness and omissions.

The bed question is not in the foreground among the representatives of these signs, but both are able to enjoy sex. The Rat and Tiger appreciate diversity in bed. They are active, proactive and not afraid to experiment. Sensual Rat will be able to realize all his wildest sexual fantasies. And the Tiger will be happy to take part in this.

Rat and Tiger Family Compatibility

Rat and Tiger compatibility in marriage is pretty good. If the couple decided on such a step, then they thoroughly looked at each other. This is especially true of the Rat. A person born under this sign does not make decisions rashly. He weighs and analyzes everything for a long time. And if he decided to connect fate with the Tiger, he expects that this marriage will last a lifetime.

For good compatibility of the Rat with the Tiger in family life, it is important that the family budget is in the hands of the Rat. She is frugal and knows how to rationally distribute finances, which cannot be said about the impulsive Tiger. Wallet is the main stumbling block for this couple. For the Rat, material stability is very important and is a prerequisite for happiness. In the case when the couple financially is doing well, they will be able to handle minor household problems without any particular problems.

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