Rooster and Goat Compatibility

The Rooster and Goat will have to work out who is in control of what if they want their relationship to run smoothly. The Goat does avoid conflict at almost any cost and the Rooster considers arguments to be rather messy, so the power struggle between these two Signs may be carried out on a subtler plane. The main problem stems from the Rooster’s insistence on ruling the roost as pitted against the Goat’s insistence on doing things its own way — the Goat’s own form of maintaining control.

If you are a Rooster, you are exacting and meticulous. There is no minute in your day that isn’t planned, and you like it that way. You are most comfortable when referring to your schedule and finishing everything exactly the way you wanted it. You don’t deal well with sudden change, and have a hard time understanding how some people can be so casual about being late for an appointment or not finishing a project on time. This is the kind of thing you would never do.

You have just as excellent a grasp on finances as you do on your schedule. If a penny goes missing, you notice it. You always know exactly how much money you have in the bank, and you have probably never paid a bill late. You are fantastic at managing a household, but you have little patience for those who can’t follow your plans and schedules, so you can be a difficult mate.

Goats are your complete opposite. You think with your head and a Goat thinks with her heart. You have dreams so that you can write them down and start pursuing them the next day, and she dreams the day away with idle fantasies that she has no intention of working towards. Goats are sensitive to harsh words and criticisms, and you are brutally honest with her about how she doesn’t measure up to your standards. Obviously it is difficult for this union to be successful.

A Goat has a need to be surrounded by beauty, and wants to be free to indulge her creative and artistic side when she feels like it. She is simply too laid back for you action packed life style. If you want to make a relationship work with a Goat, you will need to take on traditional gender roles and be content with her staying at home decorating the house with soft fabrics and pretty flowers. You will pretty much be the breadwinner. Even then, the Goat is not likely to keep house up to your standards, and you may find too much friction to make this union work.

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Rooster and Goat Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two might experience more moodiness, sulking episodes and hurt feelings than times of light and laughter. If they live together their home is likely to be spotlessly clean, very tastefully decorated (though the Rooster’s classic tastes might vie with the Goat’s more esoteric ones) and quiet. Both signs care a great deal about detail and peace and will go to some trouble to get things just the way they want them in their home. However, the Rooster’s attention to detail often leads it to nag a partner or family member; the Rooster expects perfection but nagging may only push the Goat away. The Goat makes a very romantic, generous lover but needs to feel duly admired in return; the Rooster may nag, but this sign is truly loyal when in love. This dynamic may be the saving grace between these two signs.

Rooster Woman and Goat Man Compatibility

The Goat man prefers a relationship without dGoata, which is possible with a Rooster woman as long as she is understanding to the Goat’s way of life and easy-going habits, which may strike her as annoyances at first. The Rooster woman is quite practical, is never late, and enjoys a tidy and organized home, which can be quite a bother to the Goat man, who prefers to live in a world that is filled with dreams and hopes, rather than reality. Because of the Rooster woman’s capability of handling intellect, she will rarely base any decision on emotion, which is the complete opposite of the Goat man, who prefers to assess all situations with his heart and how happy he may be with the various outcomes that are available. The Rooster woman in Shengxiao may be too picky for the Goat man, who prefers a more dreamy and optimistic match. However, Goat men also have the ability to inspire and bring open-mindedness into a relationship with a Rooster woman with proper communication and enough commitment from both.

Rooster Man and Goat Woman Compatibility

A rooster man enjoys being meticulous, organized, and often cannot live without having a schedule in place. This is a major factor that can cause friction within a relationship between the Goat woman and man Rooster, as the Goat prefers to live in a fantasy or dream world which does not constrain her or restrict her desires that she has in mind. The Rooster man prefers to stay as practical as possible, which can cause a rift or divide between the pair if they are negligent of one another’s emotional needs, sometimes, even when sex is involved as well. A Goat woman often makes their decisions based on what their heart is feeling and their emotions, whereas a Rooster man will think logically and rationally with the majority of the decisions they make.

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