Rooster and Horse Compatibility

The Rooster and Horse could make a good pair, surprisingly enough — surprising because the Horse’s unpredictable nature wouldn’t seem to be a very natural match for the Rooster’s exacting perfectionism. The success of this match relies largely on the Horse’s flexibility and the Rooster’s ability to quell the urge to nag. The Rooster has a very sharp mind and a keen eye that picks up subtleties of detail; these qualities are what lead to the Rooster’s insistence on perfection, but are also quite attractive to the Horse. The Horse is a very witty, scintillating companion in part because of its general knowledge of a broad range of subjects; this sign is quite attracted to the Rooster’s specificity of knowledge.

As a Rooster, you must admit that you are uptight. You are very fond of your own way. That’s not to say that your way is bad, however. Roosters are very intelligent and efficient. Other people probably marvel at how you manage to get so much done in a day, but the secret is in the planning. A peek inside your calendar will reveal hour by hour (or may minute by minute!) scheduling which is closely packed with productive activities and shuns breaks. You are probably the person in your office who stays in and goes over reports while you eat lunch one-handed. You accomplish a lot, and you accomplish it well.

The problem arises because in relationships, you expect your partner to be able to keep up with you. In truth, there are very few people who can manage a schedule as hectic as your and still manage to look so good. You have impeccable taste in grooming and clothes, and it can be very depressing when you expect your partner to do everything you do, just the way that you do it. You must learn to loosen up a little and appreciate a partner’s differences rather than trying to micro manage her life.

A Horse will strongly resist such micro managing. And yet, she is a fairly good match for you. She works just as hard as you do, throwing herself heart and soul into everything she tries, and yet, she does not have your focus. Horses can be distracted by a change in the wind, and have trouble bringing projects to a close. They also have trouble sustaining long term relationships because they tend to fall out of love as fast as they fall in, or fall in love with a second person before they are done with the first!

You will have trouble understanding the way your Horse operates. She wears her heart on her sleeve and follows her intuition without bothering to analyze a situation. You will likely be maddened because it is completely impossible to get a Horse to follow a schedule. And yet you will value her blunt honesty, which mirrors yours. If you tell her she is foolish for not finishing what she started, she is likely to call you an obsessive compulsive stick in the mud! And both of you will be a little bit right.

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Rooster and Horse Love Compatibility

As lovers, these two could run into problems, especially if they live together. The Rooster makes a very loyal, trusting partner but can be a rather annoying housemate if it gives in to its love of criticizing others. The Rooster wants things to be impeccably clean and in perfect order, but the Horse will often start a project and then abandon it right in the middle, having thought of something more fun or interesting to do. The Rooster could be very impatient with the Horse’s inability to focus or follow things through. The Horse also doesn’t have the best track record in terms of relationship longevity. However, these two will have a cerebral connection and can keep one another mentally stimulated.

Rooster Woman and Horse Man Compatibility

The Horse man and Rooster woman can work well together in compromise and in understanding each others needs in the home, emotionally, and even physically. It is essential for these signs to listen to one another whether the Horse is a man or the female in the relationship. A Rooster woman must understand the Horse’s need to have a free spirit and to be independent, whereas the Horse must also make compromises in helping to keep the home tidy, organized, and in place. Both the Horse and Rooster are quite blunt at times, spurring arguments but also helping to overcome any issues faced in the relationship quickly. If the Horse and the Rooster come together and commit in a relationship, it can be a success if both of those involved are willing to listen to one another with an open ear and heart, contributing to the longevity of the connection.

Rooster Man and Horse Woman Compatibility

A Horse woman and a Rooster man can keep relationships going for short periods of time, but because of the Rooster man’s desire for a schedule and the need to stay organized, this can quickly turn the two against one another. The Horse woman does not enjoy having a schedule set for her, and prefers to feel free and not constrained to any specific daily way of life. The Horse woman does not approve of micro-managing from the Rooster male, and she will resist or even flee from the relationship to avoid it from occurring successfully.

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