Rooster and Rooster Compatibility

Two Roosters are just a bit too similar to be very readily compatible! The problem here is that this sign likes to rule its own roost — absolutely. For the Rooster, there’s no room for any sort of co-reign; in this sign’s mind, it’s the only one suited to the job of keeping everyone and everything in order. So what happens when two Roosters come together? They just might peck one another to bits! This sign sees the world as a bunch of details, all of which need improvement. The Rooster uses its analytical mind to ferret out weaknesses and flaws and relies on nagging as a method toward perfecting its surroundings.

Those born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster are flashy. They command attention when they enter a room due to their impeccable fashion sense and preening air. Roosters do not experience much self doubt. They know exactly what they are doing, when they are doing it, and how it will be done. This is due to the amount of organization and preparation a Rooster puts into each and every thing that he or she does. There is no getting ahold of a Rooster on short notice, because his or her schedule is already packed as full as it can possibly get.

Everything is matter of fact for a Rooster. There isn’t much room for emotion or negotiation, because the Rooster already has everything under control. A Rooster is very smart, and can handle just about anything. His or her finances are in perfect order, and he or she will be unable to resist the temptation to put yours in order as well. Roosters are perfectionists who also demand perfection from their mates, and unfortunately perfection for a Rooster is often defined as "exactly the way I would have done it".

Roosters are sharply critical, and their words will wound sensitive partners. They need a romantic interest who is willing to go with them and listen to what they say, but is not so sensitive as to be rocked to the core by the Rooster’s comments. He or she really doesn’t mean to offend, but tiptoeing around an issue is such a waste of time to them, and they really have no time to waste.

Two Roosters trying to have a relationship is trying at best. Since they are both perfectionists who want everything done their own way, they will get along perfectly if they coincidentally have the same opinions about everything, but of course that is not very likely. In reality, there is likely to be a lot of sniping and harsh words between the two of them, and endless arguments about the best way to handle everything from decorating to finances.

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Rooster and Rooster Love Compatibility

As lovers, two Roosters might spend more time criticizing one another than crooning sweet nothings into one another’s ears. However, when in love the Rooster makes a truly loyal, loving mate; if these two share an intimate connection they may be able to understand and overlook such negative habits as nagging. And though they nag, Roosters don’t like to put up with messiness, which can include arguments, noisiness and so on. If these two live together their home is sure to be immaculately clean and well-ordered, tastefully furnished in a classic style and rather quiet.

Rooster Woman and Rooster Man Compatibility

Although Roosters have nearly identical personalities, this can lead to trouble when the relationship is moving into a more committed state according to the Chinese zodiac. A Rooster man and woman are both perfectionists, and their desires and what they have in mind in terms of perfection does not fade away when they begin dating. Roosters who date one another are likely to criticize one another too frequently, often causing rifts in relationships. The pair is also known to nag one another, which can ultimately lead to unhappiness on both ends when abiding by the Chinese horoscope or Chinese astrology. Rooster relationships have ups and downs emotionally and will last for a short while or for a long time, depending on the amount of work each partner is willing to put in to making it work, and that applies to their sex life as well.

Rooster Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

Once Roosters settle down, if they are able to accept each other for who they are, the relationship will go much smoother with their perfectionist ideals and outlooks on life when they pursue a sexual relationship and go beyond the dating phase of the relationship. Sharing the same goals and morals allow Roosters to find a solid ground to meet on, helping them to build a bond that is true and strong.

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