Rooster and Snake Compatibility

The Rooster and Snake make a mutually satisfying match since they share many of the same interests and values. Both have a social side — the Snake is charming, popular and seductive and the Rooster loves going out with friends — but both are more interested in home comforts and security. These two can make a solid connection in any type of relationship — friends, lovers, business partners, members of the same family — because together they create a smoothly-running and prosperous base, be that at home or in the office.

If you are a Rooster, you are probably used to compliments. You run your life like clockwork; a packed schedule doesn’t result in chaos or missed appointments. Rather, you use your time so efficiently that everything is completed as though it were the only thing you were working on. You have a real energy and enthusiasm, and big dreams. Unlike others who only talk about their dreams wistfully, however, you immediately make plans to put yours into action.

You are a bit of a flashy dresser. The latest and the greatest always fits you perfectly, thanks to the time and attention you put into your appearance. You are always well groomed and professional, and you walk with a bounce in your step that draws all eyes to you. You need a partner who can be efficient and organized like yourself, and you are very compatible with other quick thinkers like yourself.

Snakes are good partners for you. Snakes are intellectual in a cool, calculating, and deliberate way. Snakes analyze everything; they are deep thinkers who love to contemplate philosophy. A Snake is very sophisticated, and you are drawn to her strongly. A Snake will catch you eye because she is a sharp dresser, (which you admire) she is beautiful, and she carries herself with a cool confidence that makes her very sexy. If a Snake has a moment of self doubt, no one ever notices.

A Snake will share your talent for speech and rhetoric, and you will have fascinating conversations. Snakes are romantic and charming, and she may just sweep you off your feet a little. You will be impressed with how she handles her finances. Even though she is quite fond of expensive things, she never over spends. She knows how important it is to save up for coveted items rather than go into debt.

Rooster and Snake Compatibility Horoscope

Rooster and Snake Love Compatibility

As lovers these two are well-situated for a longterm relationship and may move in together early on, not because they’re impulsive — far from it — but because they see that living together would only enhance life for both. The Rooster has a keen eye for detail and likes to keep a spotless, comfortable and classically tasteful home. This aign has great taste but also loves a bargain. The Snake is considered lucky with money and can be counted on by the Rooster to bring home the bacon. The Snake often tends toward jealousy and possessiveness in relationships, due to an inner sense of insecurity, but that isn’t likely to be a problem in this relationship. The loyal, faithful Rooster will never give the Snake reason for suspicion.

Rooster Woman and Snake Man Compatibility

The Rooster woman loves the Snake man’s charm and his ability to appeal to her shyness by getting to know her. Although the Snake man enjoys being more frivolous with money than the practical and frugal Rooster woman, the pair has fixable issues in most cases and has a chance at a highly compatible and successful relationship.

Rooster Man and Snake Woman Compatibility

The Snake woman in Shengxiao is often easily flattered by the Rooster man, who is filled with wit and charm. Although the Rooster is commonly jealous, this appeals to the Snake woman, which makes her feel wanted and attractive to her mate and this again helps to boost their sexual relationship and bond.

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