Snake and Dragon Compatibility

The Snake and the Dragon are a favorable combination. However, a harmonious union will develop if both partners strive for interaction. The second condition for compatibility is mutual fidelity, both physically and spiritually. The horoscope sees that the representatives of the zodiac have mutual sympathy. This is due to the polarity of the signs. The female principle of the Snake — Yin, like a magnet, attracts the male energy of Dragons — Yang. Getting to know people becomes the start of interaction. At the same time, the horoscope warns of problems — in the course of cooperation, direct contradictions of the characters of people will appear. For example, an impassive Snake will not be stopped by the injustice of a step for the sake of achieving a goal. To achieve what you want at any cost is the life credo of the people of the sign. What can not be said about the noble Dragon, from birth gravitating towards justice.

Compatibility Horoscope for Snake and Dragon

Snakes are wise, patient, calculating, mercantile. They value comfort, wealth, luxury. Avoid publicity. They prefer the role of a secret cardinal. For the sake of their own well-being, they will sacrifice good relations with the surrounding people. At the same time, they will meet halfway to a person who is considered a spiritual ally, close friend, beloved chosen one. Such a metamorphosis is possible with mutual feelings on the part of the partner. Snakes know their own worth, therefore they do not tolerate disrespect for their own person. Dragons from childhood in the spotlight. People of the sign are born diplomats, orators. From a young age, they strive for personal freedom, financial independence. How else, why are the "wings" given? They achieve their goals. They value their own reputation, therefore they rarely play a dishonest game. The compatibility of the Snake and the Dragon is based on the ability to complement each other while moving towards a common goal.

People of the first sign help the partner stay on course in the sea of freedom. The "winged" comrade, carried away by the road, sometimes forgets about the destination. The Wise Snake gently but persistently gives the enthusiasm the right direction. The Dragon carries away the "cold-blooded" chosen one in flight, helps to enjoy the colors of the world, to feel the joy of life. The harmony of the union is explained by the spontaneous belonging of signs. The horoscope of compatibility of the Snake with the Dragon is based on the postulate of Chinese philosophy: Fire of the first gives rise to the Earth of representatives of the second sign. The combination of opposites creates new strength. Snakes not only provide a vector of the partner’s behavior, but also implicitly control his actions. The Dragon limits personal freedom in the belief that he himself made such a decision. Couple compatibility depends on the gender of the partners.

Snake Man and Dragon Woman

The Snake man is seen as a mysterious knight, ready to win the lady’s heart every day. This is true, but the harmony of relations is hampered by a critical character trait of the "prince" — jealousy. The passion of the first meetings quickly turns into mutual disappointment. Even realizing the absurdity of his own suspicions, the man is unable to refrain from sarcastic remarks, reproaches, the desire to control the "windy" partner. Lady Dragon is not prone to betrayal, but she will not tolerate restrictions on personal freedom. She considers suspicion of infidelity a humiliation of her own dignity. Therefore, a couple of a man Snake and a woman Dragon compatibility is not up to par. The "fiery" companion will get bored with total control, she will leave the jealous person. However, the horoscope foresees favorable prospects for the union, if a man takes into account the advice — the more you trust the “fiery” friend, the less often she will “fly away”.

Snake Woman and Dragon Man

Woman Snake will conquer the "fiery" gentleman with mystery, restraint, prudence. The lady is impressed by the nobility, erudition, the pressure of the Dragon man. The horoscope predicts the rapid development of events. Mutual sympathy develops into a whirlwind romance, where sexual passion is intertwined with tender friendship. Sincere feelings for each other help to level the contradictions of characters. The Snake woman and the Dragon man have a favorable compatibility. However, the horoscope warns that the idyll will be disturbed by the partner’s unbridled jealousy. If a lady accepts the freedom-loving character of her lover, abandons totalitarian control, a happy life is guaranteed.

Snake and Dragon Business Compatibility

The business horoscope sees the fruitful interaction of people of signs. Partners know how to negotiate, settle controversial issues. The compatibility of the Snake and the Dragon in work is based on mutual conviction — concerted actions lead to success. In a business tandem, the Snake takes on the role of an invisible leader. Controls the Dragon playing for the audience. Keeps track of the budget and rational organization of the process, calculating options for the development of events. From the outside it seems that the leading role belongs to the "fire-breathing". The partners themselves know that this is not the case. This situation suits both. The first ones don’t like to be in the spotlight, prefer to rule quietly. The second — thirst for public recognition, do not want to delve into the subtleties and details of the work process.

A friendly union of representatives of the zodiac is favorable. People are united by the desire for independence, similar life views, the desire to stand out against the background of generally accepted stereotypes. Friends will choose non-standard entertainment and recreation places. The compatibility of the Snake with the Dragon in friendship is based on mutual assistance, support, trust, and ignoring gossip. The horoscope indicates the only condition for the well-being of the tandem — the same sex of the comrades. Since the mutual sexual attraction of heterosexual friends will exclude equal cooperation.

Snake and Dragon Love Compatibility

A love horoscope predicts a surge of feelings, emotions, experiences. A passionate romance breaks out on the day of acquaintance. People of signs are sure that they were made for each other. The stars confirm the fact. Lovers communicate easily without words. The mutual ability to intuitively feel the changes in the partner’s mood strengthens the compatibility of the Snake and the Dragon in love. The cherry on top of the cake is the coincidence of sexual preferences. Stormy emotions, realization of intimate fantasies, tenderness and passion are integral elements of romantic meetings. Love compatibility is based on mutual respect, the desire to give joy to the chosen one.

However, intimate harmony does not guarantee a cloudless relationship. Having decided to live together, the Snake and the Dragon will face a number of problems. People of signs have the same view of life. They have similar views, goals, desires. Both strive for comfort, material well-being, and respect family values. They just achieve what they want by opposite methods. The first — bypass obstacles, hide personal achievements and thoughts. Thoroughly think over plans, change priorities if necessary. They walk slowly towards the goal, only making a dash at the finish line. The second — enter into an open battle at the start. There is no force capable of turning them off the chosen path. The plans are open. On the contrary, they publicly declare their own goals. Relationships between partners are like a swing. Today — a complete idyll, tomorrow — a desperate confrontation. The horoscope indicates that the positive compatibility of the Snake and the Dragon in a relationship is possible. Partners need to learn to borrow characteristic qualities from each other for the well-being of the union.

Snake and Dragon Sexual Compatibility

The ideal sexual compatibility of the Snake and the Dragon will help to coexist in harmony. Eternally balancing between peace and war in everyday life, lovers quickly find complete understanding in bed. Intimate communication is filled with tenderness, sensuality, romance. The couple often see the only way to resolve the conflict is to visit the bedroom. Snakes are restrained by nature, cold, stingy with emotions. It is difficult for people of the sign to relax in bed, to trust their lover. Consciousness of "cold-blooded" evaluates the words and actions of the partner. The slightest doubt about sincerity blocks the sensory sphere.

The Dragon understands the fears of the partner. Therefore, he properly takes care of the intimate comfort of a lover. Caress, tenderness, passion of "fire-breathing" give rise to a reciprocal feeling. People of the first sign are revealed, they are happy to participate in the realization of the lover’s sexual fantasies. The compatibility of the Snake with the Dragon in bed is based on the ability of the second partner with body language to convince the chosen one of the sincerity of his own feelings.

Snake and Dragon Family Compatibility

From the outside it seems that the life of such dissimilar people together is impossible. But the Chinese horoscope thinks differently. The longer the Snake and the Dragon are together, the more harmonious coexistence. The representatives of the signs feel it. Therefore, they think about marriage. However, it is difficult for “fire-breathing” to say goodbye to freedom. Therefore, the horoscope advises the wise "cold-blooded", regardless of gender, to take the first step. The stars predict the favorable compatibility of the Snake and the Dragon in marriage. The first will take care of comfort, targeted spending of the family budget, raising offspring. The second — will provide material well-being, arrange life.

Family life will not be the quiet haven of an aircraft carrier and cruise ship. Will shake, storm. But the horoscope assures that the crash will not happen. Sign people find pleasure in the combination of the wisdom of the first spouse and the impulsiveness of the second spouse. The birth of children will strengthen the compatibility of the Snake with the Dragon in family life. The status of a parent activates the emotionality of the “cold-blooded” ones, puts the bonfire of the “fire-breathing” ones into a controlled combustion mode. The horoscope sees the only barrier to compatibility — the infidelity of the spouses. Neither the first nor the second partner can forgive the betrayal. The stars advise not to succumb to temptations. Indeed, according to the horoscope, the Snake and the Dragon are an ideal married couple.

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