Snake and Ox Compatibility

Purposeful Snake and Ox get along well with each other. Once they meet, they are able to get along together for decades. Both do not like changes and will happily give preference to home gatherings over a cup of tea. Oxen are stubborn as much as Snakes are patient. Reliability and harmony perfectly describe this union, although even they tend to make mistakes and quarrel. The eastern horoscope assures that these signs of the zodiac will succeed in everything if they act together. The main element of the Ox is Earth, and the Snake is Fire. According to Chinese teachings, their interaction is exclusively creative: the force of Fire creates the element of the Earth.

Compatibility Horoscope for Snake and Ox

If the Snake and the Ox met through common interests, then nothing in the world can separate them. Snakes disliked critics of their hobbies will appreciate a kind like-minded person. A special "spark" will immediately run between them, which will overshadow all extraneous matters. United only by a secret known to them, these signs can quickly become related. They seemed to have always been together. Both are able to chat for hours about their favorite books and films without ever getting tired. The compatibility horoscope of the Snake and the Ox calls them "batteries" for each other, because while they are together, they can endlessly "recharge" for new achievements.

Even if the Snake and the Ox are fond of completely different things, they still have something to talk about. These zodiac signs will have similar many goals in life, but the methods of achieving them will be different. A couple knows how to maintain a conversation, so they can start a conversation with neighbors’ gossip, and end with mathematical formulas. Oxen are grateful listeners, ready to sincerely rejoice and empathize. The diligence with which the Snakes strive to delight everyone with their intelligence and talent will not remain without a fair assessment. The compatibility of the Snake and the Ox is really very high. It is about this pair that we can say that they "dissolve" in each other.

Snake Man and Ox Woman

The well-coordinated union of the Snake man and the Ox woman is not afraid of intrigues from the outside. This couple took care of all potential ill-wishers in advance and does not even react to provocations. The Ox’s loyalty and rationality will allow the Snake to finally relax and stop looking for a trick in a loved one. Their only enemy is themselves. A man is ready to work for the good of his family around the clock and wants to see a woman as an equal partner. However, the natural craving for leadership will not let him "sink" to an equal partnership. The Ox Woman is ready for a lot for the sake of her lover, therefore, on demand, she will give up her innermost dreams. But a man is unlikely to appreciate it and will only demand more. The paradox can be avoided by setting clear boundaries in time. Everyone should have their own time and space. Otherwise, the end is a foregone conclusion: demanding complete surrender from each other, these signs completely forget about themselves. Having established an ideal life, a couple may find that all strength has dried up and the former love has disappeared. Affection is irrevocably gone, it remains only through the courts to divide the acquired property.

Snake Woman and Ox Man

In a pair where she is the Snake, and he is the Ox, everything is somewhat different. The man is captivated to the limit by the grace of his beloved and is ready to put the whole world at her feet. The industrious Ox will be able to satisfy all the needs of the Snake in luxury and will share with her any joy or sorrow. However, a proud woman will never allow her own dependence on anything. Working hard and improving, she will bring a lot of money into the house. A calculating lady will certainly try to take control of family finances and achieve her goal, skillfully parrying possible protests from her husband. A pair of a Snake woman and a Ox man willingly shares their tenderness, but the stubbornness of the chosen one will cause a lot of trouble for a girl who is confident in her own rightness. Signs will have to find compromises by negotiating over and over again. But the horoscope assures: minor troubles will only strengthen feelings and teach them to accept each other as they are.

Snake and Ox Business Compatibility

For the business union of the Snake with the Ox, there are no impossible tasks. They are bad at competing, since they are well aware that they complement each other well. The joint work ability of these signs cannot but amaze the imagination of competitors. The compatibility of the Snake and the Ox at work is so high that they are able to earn an incredible fortune, being together. This couple is devoted to the business to the maximum, drawing new ideas and inspiration from each other. They often start their own businesses as soon as they know what they are capable of. Snakes are excellent analysts and economists, and the Oxen, with their pressure, "punch" the way forward and know the approach to people.

The friendship between the Snake and the Ox is growing stronger every day. The full potential of companionship between these signs is revealed when they are friends together, avoiding large companies. The compatibility of the Snake with the Ox in friendship drops greatly when they are forced to contact everyone at once. Their soulfulness and insight are not combined with the rapid flow of new information from many people. Any meeting of friends generates many pleasant memories, because these signs of the zodiac, although they do not like noisy parties, have great fun together. They willingly share their experiences and are always ready to help a friend.

Snake and Ox Love Compatibility

The bright and "lively" personality of the Ox will certainly melt the ice in the heart of the impregnable Snake. So similar, but at the same time incredibly mysterious, these signs will not miss the opportunity to get to know each other better. The compatibility of the Snake with the Ox in a relationship can rightfully be considered close to ideal. The halves spend a lot of time together and soon cannot imagine a day without a lover. The speed of development of their relationship is comparable only with the speed of light: several months are enough for this couple to already live in the same apartment. With great taste and sense of style, the Snake will turn their home into a place where they want to return. And the Ox will readily take care of the emotional component.

Of course, such a family idyll will have many envious people. The unsuspecting couple can be covered with a flurry of strength tests. Developed intuition Snakes can easily recognize danger and avoid problems. The union of the Snake and the Ox is very strong, but suspicions of infidelity are their weak point, falling into which will instantly cool feelings, and the couple may part. Loud scandals are inevitable in attempts to find out the truth. Emotional shocks will lower the compatibility of the Snake and the Ox in love, but will not reduce it to zero. Whatever happens, both signs are ready to sacrifice their interests for the sake of a happy future. To overcome all obstacles, they need to remain allies to each other.

Snake and Ox Sexual Compatibility

Intimacy is far from the last place in the life of the Snake and the Ox. Both are modest in public, but as soon as they are left alone, passion flares up with renewed vigor. They are ready to learn new things and will always support a partner in an unusual desire. The perfect compatibility of the Snake with the Ox in bed allows them to mutually enjoy the process. Sex for them is a great way to settle small family conflicts and just distract from routine matters. During intimacy, they cannot think of anything but each other, and therefore they quickly forget offenses. The couple does not share the concept of love and intimacy, so their attraction and feelings are constantly growing and getting stronger. These signs strive to give their partner everything they can. Passion does not fade away in them for a minute, cementing their union more and more.

An intimate atmosphere is an important part of a pleasant evening between the Snake and the Ox. Subdued light, light smoke from aromatic lamps or candles — all this is simply necessary for full romance. Snakes strive to feel the care of a partner, and therefore it will be on the shoulders of the Oxen to achieve their good humor. External coldness and detachment in this case is no more than a teasing game. And they both understand this perfectly. Partners are able to subtly feel the mood of each other, so this union will be durable and very pleasant.

Snake and Ox Family Compatibility

The Snake and the Ox are very careful about their family and home. Every penny earned, every opportunity to buy or improve something is immediately realized in favor of the house. These signs do everything for their joint well-being and will fiercely defend their loved ones from evil influences. The compatibility of the Snake and the Ox in family life depends on whether these signs coincide with plans for life. Despite the fact that they understand each other perfectly, sometimes it is difficult for them to agree. Oxen insisting on the birth of children may face a sharp refusal from the chosen one. Snakes are sometimes cold to their own children, but even they cannot resist the family fun that playful Oxen regularly start up.

These signs of the zodiac rarely quarrel, and if a misunderstanding has already arisen, then they try to sort things out purely among themselves, without involving children or friends in it. The Snake and the Ox are of the opinion that family happiness should be quiet, therefore they are reluctant to share family news with their friends. The couple is experienced and smart enough not to commit rash acts, however, the Snake’s sarcasm can greatly offend the Ox in outbursts of anger. The ability to ask for forgiveness and forgiveness is very important in the life of signs together. The compatibility of the Snake and the Ox in marriage is high enough to live together for more than a dozen years, but you should not abuse the scandals: if the couple decides to leave, it will be very difficult to change something.

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