Snake and Rabbit Compatibility

The union of the Snake and the Rabbit, no matter how contradictory it may seem, is successful. The eastern horoscope prepares for a couple a family idyll, strong friendship and a successful business. Having met once, the signs will never forget each other. They will be able to write a beautiful story of life together, which they are not ashamed to tell their grandchildren. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, these characters come together. Even if the Snake and Rabbit cannot be together, each of them will receive invaluable experience and bright memories.

Compatibility Horoscope for Snake and Rabbit

The good-natured nature of the Rabbits allows them to easily make new acquaintances. Moderately shy, they quickly become popular and receive invitations to all parties in the area. The noise that this sign inevitably collects near itself can annoy and scare away the Snake. But this will only last until the first close contact. The signs will understand that they were mistaken in each other. Further acquaintance will not leave any doubts about the high compatibility of the Snake and the Rabbit, because the eastern horoscope endowed them with the combined basic elements of Fire and Wood.

According to the main rule of the Chinese zodiac, the Wood evokes Fire. So the Rabbits will constantly flicker before the gaze of the Snakes, provoking them to converge. Both signs are careful enough not to fall into the traps that they have skillfully set for their partner. The compatibility horoscope of the Snake with the Rabbit is stable enough to allow them to have fun with each other without harming further relationships. Their acquaintance is more like a playful fight than an open heart-to-heart conversation. But soon the Snakes will be charmed by the kindness and openness of their new friend. Unaccustomed to their own feelings, they will look in the Rabbits for a way to know themselves.

Snake Man and Rabbit Woman

The Snake man and the Rabbit woman get along well together, sharing responsibilities in accordance with the skills of each. Such a union is often called traditional, because in it the man is the breadwinner, and the girl is the keeper of the hearth. The Rabbit does not cherish the soul in her protector and does not get tired of admiring her beloved. And the Serpent, seeing the devotion of his wife, completely gives himself up to work for the good of the family and forgets about jealousy. The union will be lasting if the signs are satisfied with their statuses in the family. Snakes are successful in their careers, but they are demanding of a half, so the Rabbit woman will either go to work or agree to depend on her husband in everything.

Snake Woman and Rabbit Man

At first glance, the lust for power of a Snake woman can destroy the sensual relationship of a couple. But next to the Rabbit, she forgets about the need to keep everything under control. His tenderness and care will be able to make the Snake change priorities. Mutual understanding and honesty make their union unbreakable. The family of the Snake woman and the Rabbit man is ideal in terms of the psychological atmosphere. A man should not be afraid of the lady’s excessive despotism. His inability to engage in open confrontation will not give her a reason to arrange a showdown. And inevitable conflicts will be resolved peacefully and without raising the tone.

Snake and Rabbit Business Compatibility

The fruitful relationship between the Snake and the Rabbit is also characteristic of the business sphere of their life. These signs of the Chinese zodiac have no problem finding pleasant topics of conversation, so working relationships between them often develop into friendships or loving ones. Rabbits are responsible and love stability. Their potential is most fully revealed under the demanding guidance of the Serpent. When creating joint projects, it is important to take into account these specific features of the signs. An unsuccessful distribution of responsibilities will lower the compatibility of the Snake and the Rabbit at work and lead to conflicts. Both zodiac signs are incredibly sensitive to criticism and their own accomplishments, so mutual respect and restraint are paramount in the workplace for them.

People born under these signs know how to have fun together. Whenever possible, a friendly couple will definitely go to a popular cafe or cinema. They do not spare money on the article of joint entertainment, so it is very important to correctly distribute finances. Similar interests and the combined elements of the year of birth increase the compatibility of the Snake with the Rabbit in friendship. The friendship of these signs is self-sufficient, so that friends do not need to communicate with someone else. This is very important for the possessive nature of the Snakes, which seek to completely capture the attention of the person they like.

Snake and Rabbit Love Compatibility

In matters of the heart, the Snake and the Rabbit do not tolerate haste and deception. Before choosing a specific person, they are ready to look closely at him for months. Despite the external agreeableness, Rabbits are very principled in matters of love. As their soul mate, they want to see extremely independent and intelligent people, for the role of which Snakes are ideal. Much depends on where they met. No matter how sincere the feelings are, the representatives of these signs will not agree to a resort or secret romance. The compatibility of the Snake with the Rabbit in a relationship is determined by the willingness of partners to prove their personal formation.

On a psychological level, the compatibility of the Snake and the Rabbit in love is ideal. The developing relationship between these characters resembles a plot from a light romantic comedy. Possessing a good sense of humor, the Snakes will certainly begin to conquer the chosen one "with trump cards." Rabbits feel protected and loved next to them. Once the signs understand that they are suitable for each other, their relationship will begin to develop much faster. However, for Snakes, marriage and children are rarely on the to-do list for the near future. And it is important for the Rabbit to create a strong and formal family. Often the refusal of a lover to go to the registry office is perceived by them painfully and aggressively. The couple needs to agree on joint prospects to prevent quarrels and hidden grievances.

Snake and Rabbit Sexual Compatibility

These signs seem to be created in order to teach each other tenderness and courtesy. As with any other area, they need time to think about strategy. Adhering to the principle of "simple but beautiful", they pay a lot of attention to decorative details. More experienced representatives of the signs may spend less time preparing, but they still will not agree to extravagant experiments. The fear of making a mistake and causing discomfort to the partner greatly affects the compatibility of the Snake and the Rabbit in bed. The reason for this tightness is sincere love, because for the sake of short-term relationships, they will not try.

You should not start a relationship between the Snake and the Rabbit with sex. People born under these signs value awareness and thoughtfulness in a partner. In a married couple, the compatibility of the Snake and the Rabbit in bed is high, but with regard to fleeting intrigues, the horoscope is of the opposite opinion. The exception is the old love of the signs. The purity and brightness of the Rabbit attracts others, so they often receive romantic proposals. Unfortunately, such an invitation from the Snakes will most often not have a further family continuation.

Snake and Rabbit Family Compatibility

Having achieved the hand and heart of the beloved, the signs pacify their conquering qualities. A measured and secure life suits both spouses. Each of them knows that a loved one is waiting for him at home, who will always caress and support. The compatibility of the Snake with the Rabbit in marriage depends on the compatibility of their elements of the year of birth, but the main bonding factor for them is mutual love. The main danger to their relationship is infidelity. The risk of being in bed with another person is equal for both spouses. Whichever of them makes this mistake, marriage will not pass this test.

Small difficulties await signs in the material sphere of their life. Accustomed to comfort and security, Snakes can often afford to purchase an expensive item. The purchase will be thought out by them to the smallest detail, but the amount of the check will still meet with a protest from the Rabbit. Although quarrels in this couple do not often happen, the spouses remember each other for a long time past mistakes. The inability to forgive insults can seriously undermine the compatibility of the Snake and the Rabbit in family life. With the advent of a couple of children, the relationship of these signs will change for the better. The horoscope advises the signs to remember more often what brought them together. Warm memories will help smooth out everyday troubles.

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