Snake and Rat Compatibility

The union of the Snake and the Rat is one of the most unusual in the eastern horoscope. These signs are too different to stay together for long. Rats are active, love noisy companies and attention to themselves. They quickly adapt to new conditions and prefer to live in the present day. In a word, they are almost the exact opposite of the unhurried and focused Snake. The relationship of these signs is full of unexpected twists and turns and new difficulties that not everyone can cope with. It is difficult for them to agree, but sometimes it is worth the results obtained. And sometimes not. Still, a happy coexistence of these signs is possible. It directly depends on the emotional maturity of the partners and the willingness to compromise.

Compatibility Horoscope for Snake and Rat

The Snake and the Rat will not be able to quickly build relationships, friendships or love. Natural suspicion will force them to keep their distance. In this pair, the first impression is important — if hostility arises between the signs, then it will be impossible to overcome it. Such a relationship can forever turn into an endless competition for primacy. The acrimony in the characters of both can take away the desire to bond. The element of the Serpent is Fire, and the Rats are Water, which increases the contradictory nature of the pair. By allowing emotions to take over, the signs will seek to suppress the partner’s leadership qualities. In such conditions, the compatibility of the Snake with the Rat will be practically zero, but if you exclude hostility, then sooner or later they will become interested in each other.

The difference in views will not leave any of them indifferent. The Snake will see the Rat as an excellent adviser and will definitely want to stick together for the collective good. At first, it may be a purely business union. Meanwhile, the Rat will be fascinated by the natural magnetism of the Snake, the ability to plan everything in advance and get along with others. A common cause will help you take the first step for a close acquaintance. For an ambitious Snake, praise is as necessary as air, so sooner or later the Rat will achieve its goal with compliments. In casual communication, these signs have no equal. They know how to find topics of conversation and keep the conversation going in any situation. The compatibility horoscope of the Snake and the Rat notes that there will be much more differences between signs than similarities, so the best solution for them would be to remain friends. According to the legends of the East, best of all they will be able to make friends, solving problems or uniting against a common enemy. Forgetting about the differences between themselves, they are able to skillfully use each other’s strengths.

Snake Man and Rat Woman

The year of the Snake corresponds to the beginning of Yin, and the year of the Rat corresponds to the beginning of Yang. However, this does not prevent the Snake man and the Rat woman from building relationships. The horoscope does not see a family future for them, but there are no rules without exceptions. For the stronger sex, an active and cheerful Rat will become a kind of ideal. Fearful of change, he could never afford the freedom that she did. Passion for any business, if it concerns the Rat, cannot but fall in love with everyone around. Although the horoscope of compatibility warns of serious obstacles and disagreements, with mutual desire they can be resolved. The possessive nature of the Snake will drive her friend into the framework of selfish desires, however, the Yang active principle, which affects the girl’s character, will provide strong resistance. The inability to win this fight can make them opponents or equal partners for life. If the couple finds a middle ground and openly discusses the nuances, then success is guaranteed.

Snake Woman and Rat Man

From the point of view of Chinese teachings, a pair of woman Snake and man Rat are more likely to last longer. It is believed that female wisdom will allow you to direct the energy of signs in the right direction. In such a pair, she will become a generator of new ideas, and he will become a reliable performer. The stumbling block will be the Rat’s unwillingness to sacrifice its freedom for the sake of a common cause. The strict rules and restrictions that a power-hungry woman will put forward will meet with obvious protest. The aggressiveness with which a man will prove his rights to the Snake will destroy a shaky union. Representatives of a cold-blooded sign do not tolerate insults and unfounded criticism, so they can quickly become disappointed in a partner. If you maintain mutual respect, these signs of the zodiac can tolerate the antics of a partner for quite a long time, but on condition that they find a compromise.

Snake and Rat Business Compatibility

The business sphere will definitely become a "safety island" for such contradictory natures. Both signs have excellent intuition and entrepreneurial flair from birth. The precise actions of the Snake will acquire new opportunities along with the Rat’s ability to find benefits. The craving for wealth and luxury will unite them. Regardless of the gender or element of the year of birth, the compatibility of the Snake with the Rat in work will be almost perfect. The desire of both partners to conduct business as efficiently as possible will surprise everyone around, no matter if they have their own business or they are colleagues in the office. By maintaining a supportive workplace environment, signs protect themselves from unnecessary competition.

High compatibility of the Snake and the Rat in friendship is possible and even probable. Including in the case when a man and a woman are friends. If there is no sexual desire, then the signs can become great support for each other. A woman will become an excellent helper and adviser in love affairs, and a man will always talk heart-to-heart and reassure his girlfriend in moments of disappointment. Despite the differences in characters, friendship is precisely the area where it is only for the best. Snakes are condescending to friends, being sure that there is no place for serious deeds in friendship. They are ready to endlessly forgive friends for minor oversights. Therefore, the Rat will feel comfortable in a society where they will not be condemned for being too fussy. Not tolerating criticism, representatives of this sign are in dire need of unobtrusive help from the outside. Excessive pride sometimes prevents them from clearly expressing the problem, but the Snake’s discernment does not require revelation. For the Rat, support with wise advice will make the Snake the best friend for all time.

Snake and Rat Love Compatibility

A romantic and near-perfect start to a relationship will seem durable to many. The first few months, and sometimes years, the compatibility of the Snake with the Rat in a relationship is very high. Trust and mutual assistance reign in the new cell of society. Open and loving Rats will not leave the chosen one without their tenderness and affection. They are distinguished by their loyalty, which will be a huge plus for jealous Snakes. But only as long as they themselves believe in it. A rat in love will be so strongly fascinated by the calmness of a loved one that they will completely devote themselves to romance. Unfortunately, the idyll will end when the Snake gives vent to jealousy. Then the rat who loves noisy parties will face condemnation.

Paranoid representatives of the sign of the Serpent may pursue the goal of exposing the lover’s infidelity, with each passing day more and more undermining trust. Failing to achieve any result, the Snakes will try to aggressively influence the Rat, to lock a loved one next to them, which will cause outright shock and rejection. Firmly confident in its righteousness, the Snake will press on the Rat more and more until it decides to escape from the slamming trap. The longer the relationship lasts, the more factors arise that reduce the compatibility of the Snake and the Rat in love. Although the Chinese horoscope does not prescribe an easy life together for these signs, they can learn a lot from each other. Selective community of interests will help the signs to have a good time together, traveling or having fun. By focusing on similarities rather than differences, you can renew the relationship between the Snake and the Rat.

Snake and Rat Sexual Compatibility

The sexual sphere of the Snake-Rat pair is perhaps the most successful. The coldness characteristic of Serpents manifests itself anywhere except in bed. Using their hidden trump cards, they are able to excite the mind of the opposite sex with their intellect alone and are well aware of their own sexuality. Sensual and gentle Rats will make an excellent pair for them, achieving affection for themselves. However, distrustful Snakes do not seek to refute rumors about their inaccessibility and are not ready to reveal their full potential with the first comer. Even if they immediately liked the person. The horoscope ensures that the efforts of both will pay off with interest. The signs know that they will experience something new due to the non-triviality of their lover and are happy to support the ideas of the partner. Thanks to this, the compatibility of the Snake with the Rat in bed turns out to be prohibitive.

Snakes’ behavior in bed is filled with hints and subtle invitations. By their nature, they flatly refuse to ask anyone for anything. It will take time to learn to recognize them, but the results will definitely be worthwhile. The salvation for both will be that the self-confident Rats perfectly understand the wishes of the partner and are ready to fulfill them as needed. In the sexual sphere, both signs are simply vital for new emotions and sensations. No wonder the compatibility of the Snake and the Rat in bed is one of the highest for this couple. They are open to new proposals and do not hesitate to explore their preferences.

Snake and Rat Family Compatibility

In the domestic sphere, the Snake may not receive the desired support. It is alien to everyone, except them, to build schedules and discuss purchases for six months in advance. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for signs to agree. For the distrustful Snake, "freedom" means going beyond the plan, rejecting a calm and measured life and, otherwise, "free views." For the common good, each of them is ready to work around the clock. But if someone refuses to contribute resources to the family, then the question will arise of whether this person is suitable for running a household. In this case, the compatibility of the Snake and the Rat in family life directly depends on the awareness of the spouses.

Rats are born provocateurs and instigators. Daily scandals can nullify all tender feelings. The spouses do not understand when to stop and do not skimp on charges. The horoscope advises to "cool down" and look at the situation soberly. In raising children, these signs are perfect for each other. Rats, as a rule, adore children and family, and Snakes carry every penny into the house. Despite the difficulties in routine family matters, the compatibility rates of the Snake and the Rat in marriage remain acceptable. But with one rule: when discussing family matters, you need to put a ban on emotions.

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