Snake and Rooster Compatibility

Snake and Rooster are opposite personalities. The first are balanced, wise, far-sighted. They go through life smoothly, confidently. Dreams are turned into achievable goals. The Snake does not seek to win the attention of others. However, he will gladly shine with wit in the company. Comes across as an intelligent, mysterious person. The latter are impulsive, harsh, sometimes rude. Seeing the target, they rush to the attack without hesitation. At the same time, they often fly in the clouds of their own illusions. They crave recognition, attention. The people around them see a hot-tempered, proud nature. At the same time, the horoscope states that the future of the tandem is favorable. Compatibility is promoted by common goals in life, mutual diligence, dedication, perseverance.

Compatibility Horoscope for Snake and Rooster

People of signs are intuitively drawn to each other. Understanding the contradictions of characters, we are convinced that cooperation will benefit both. The horoscope explains this confidence by the same polarity of the signs. The basis of compatibility between the Snake and the Rooster is the single feminine principle — Yin. The energy of creation helps the representatives of the zodiac to see the qualities that complement their own personality in differences. Snakes lack emotions, external manifestations of feelings. They intuitively understand that a partner of the second sign will help fill the gap. Roosters find it difficult to evenly distribute the bubbling energy. They feel that people of the first sign will show them the correct vector of efforts.

The horoscope assures that the dissimilarity of the representatives of the zodiac is a stellar trick to draw people’s attention to each other. The discerning Snake feels that the external aggression of a partner is a way to protect a vulnerable soul. The sociable Rooster sees, the deliberate coldness of the opponent is a mask that hides a passionate nature. When meeting people, they find a lot of points of contact. Both gravitate towards material comfort, love luxury. They work for their own well-being, despite the obstacles. Intellectual communication is preferred to empty chatter. Not indifferent to art, science, fashion. The compatibility horoscope of the Snake with the Rooster predicts fruitful cooperation. At the same time, it advises to take into account the peculiarities of interaction depending on the gender of the participants in the union.

Snake Man and Rooster Woman

The Snake man conquers the girl’s heart with equanimity, intellect, determination. The ability to make money "out of thin air" is disarming. The Rooster woman will gladly hide behind a stone wall. She will arrange life, take care of joint entertainment. In this case, the lady will take into account the preferences of the chosen one. A cavalier appreciates care, supports his beloved in creative endeavors. He helps to manage the household. Compatibility of a pair of man Snake and woman Rooster strives for the ideal. However, the horoscope warns the lady confident in her own irresistibility — the companion is unreasonably jealous. She will not share the attention of her friend with competitors. For the well-being of the relationship, the horoscope recommends that the partner limit communication with male friends.

Snake Woman and Rooster Man

The Snake woman bewitches with a mysterious smile, elegance, smooth movements. A prudent, calm lady will rightfully take first place in the heart of a Rooster man. Unobtrusively will help the beloved to determine the priorities in life. Calm down if the "enemies" piss off the chosen one. A grateful partner will surround her friend with care and attention. Fill the relationship with sensuality, passion. The horoscope believes that the Snake woman and the Rooster man are a complementary tandem. Partners intuitively feel each other’s needs. Both seek to protect the relationship from external influences. The horoscope predicts the perfect compatibility of people. The wisdom of the woman and the dedication of the man guarantee a happy married life.

Snake and Rooster Business Compatibility

The business horoscope is less optimistic. The compatibility of the Snake with the Rooster in work is ambiguous. On the one hand, people of signs are hardworking, confidently go to the goal, strive for financial stability. On the other hand, they prefer to achieve what they want in opposite ways. The Snake is guided by cold calculation, patience, cunning. Doesn’t like fuss, rash moves. Works fruitfully alone. People of the second sign act intuitively, go ahead. In business relationships, they often show rudeness and impudence. At the same time, they prefer to work in a team. Labor compatibility of representatives of the zodiac is low. An exception is the family business. Mutual love for money, striving for well-being help to come to an agreement.

Friendship of the Snake with the Rooster is a frequent occurrence. Relationships develop on the basis of a common hobby. Collecting, interest in any kind of art bring representatives of signs closer together. The compatibility of the Snake and the Rooster in friendship is being built gradually. Character differences complement the personality of each comrade. People understand that together it is easier to overcome the hardships of life, to find a way out of the situation. Communication with each other is a pleasure. The horoscope sees favorable compatibility in companionship. People of the first sign know how to listen, do not point out the mistakes of a friend, help in difficult times. The second are natural speakers. There are a lot of non-trivial stories and jokes in the arsenal. The first to come to the aid of a friend.

Snake and Rooster Love Compatibility

The love horoscope promises a fast-paced romance. Mutual sympathy grows stronger from the first minutes of communication. People are comfortable together. The Snake needs spiritual closeness with a partner, admiration for its own person. At the same time, he understands the desire of the beloved to be the center of attention. Ready to play along. The Rooster is generous with compliments, gives the chosen one sensual pleasure. At the same time, she will gratefully use the wise advice of her companion. The horoscope considers the perfect compatibility of the Snake with the Rooster in love. The mutual physical, sensual attraction of lovers is harmoniously combined with the ability to use opposite qualities of each other for the good of the union.

The relationship of lovers develops like a master string beads on a thread. At first, partners are delighted with each other’s appearance, manner of communication. Then they discover similar interests, hobbies, addictions. As a result, they understand that they have the same life values, goals, views on relationships, family. The compatibility of the Snake and the Rooster in a relationship is favorable. The horoscope assures that the representatives of the zodiac are suitable for each other. The first ones wisely smooth out the sharp angles of interaction, help the chosen one to cope with emotional outbursts. The second — bring passion into communication, are grateful to the partner for support and understanding.

Snake and Rooster Sexual Compatibility

Just as lovers are unlike each other, so their intimate communication differs from stereotypes. In the first stage of the relationship, partners visit the bedroom to satisfy their physical needs. The first are cold, do not show feelings. The latter control emotions by focusing on the process. The situation of the representatives of the zodiac suits. The Snake in love is not ready to be liberated in bed with lightning speed. The Rooster, enchanted by the chosen one, does not rush things. Sexual life is built on the physical compatibility of people. The picture changes with the development of relations. The trust of lovers to each other grows — intimate passion boils.

Convinced of the sincerity of the chosen one, the Snake throws off the mask of indifference. Shows tenderness in bed, speaks of feelings. The delighted Rooster leaves the framework of control — a storm of emotions rushes into the bedroom, passion. Lovers enjoy each other. Intimacy gives new sensations. The horoscope assures that the compatibility of the Snake with the Rooster in bed gets stronger over the years. The nightlife of experienced partners is similar to the intimate communication of young lovers. The Rooster shows imagination, offers to indulge in pleasure not only in the bedroom. The Snake agrees, enveloping the chosen one with affection, care. Lovers are faithful to each other.

Snake and Rooster Family Compatibility

Spiritual intimacy combined with intimate harmony brings the Snake and Rooster to the registry office. Astrological compatibility helps partners build a strong alliance. Decisions about everyday life, recreation, childbirth are made intuitively. The spouses seem to voice the prevailing thoughts, not at all surprised by the partner’s solidarity. Household responsibilities are distributed on a subconscious level — no discussion is required. The compatibility of the Snake and the Rooster in marriage grows stronger in proportion to the time of life together. At the same time, the horoscope warns — the partner of the second sign will get bored without the opportunity to shine in public. Therefore, it recommends spouses to go out more often.

Life together is going well. Conflicts are rare. Sometimes a sense of ownership awakens in the Snake, provoking jealousy. The horoscope does not advise to doubt the loyalty of the chosen one. The Rooster will calm the partner. However, frequent claims will get bored, you will want to change the situation. The compatibility of the Snake with the Rooster in family life is based on mutual respect, trust, loyalty. Over the years, the spouses become truly close people, understanding each other without words. They are not in a hurry with the birth of children. They do not so much strive to live "for themselves" as take care of the material base for their offspring. Become great parents.

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