Snake and Tiger Compatibility

The relationship between the Snake and the Tiger, be it friendly, loving or business, is a union of two strong and independent people who are ready to do anything for their purpose. If they became friends and began to work in a team, then everyone would benefit from this. And if they become enemies, then there is no need to wait for calm — there will be no winner in this equal struggle. Opposites always attract, so sooner or later they will notice something special in each other. In general, these zodiac signs can count on a good union: the main element of the Snake is Fire, and the Tiger is Wood. And according to the main rule of the eastern horoscope: Wood gives rise to Fire. But the Chinese sages were still in no hurry to give favorable predictions for this unusual couple.

Compatibility Horoscope for Snake and Tiger

Despite the fact that the Snake and the Tiger are different in character, they can often be seen together at themed events and festivals of interest. Among the rest of the crowd, these signs unmistakably identify each other and strive to get to know each other better. At the first contacts, they are not overjoyed at a valuable find: the interlocutor is just as enthusiastic and really knowledgeable in his business. Of course, the Tiger will not be able to "stir up" a little lazy Snake, and this can slow down the pace of development of their relationship. However, mutual interest in the inner world of a new acquaintance will distract the signs from their polarity in the way of life. The compatibility horoscope of the Snake with the Tiger calls their chances of a successful union relatively low, but in practice this couple can stay together much longer than their more "compatible" zodiac partners. Maybe if they both want to. It all depends on the mutual desire of the signs to change for the better.

The first problems in the life of the Snake and the Tiger mean that the couple has entered a new stage of the relationship. Choosing something more than a light community, the signs are rapidly leaving the "safe zone". Mutual understanding and family idyll are definitely not about them. Tigers do not want to think about the distant future, and for the Snake this is the goal of a lifetime. They are united by the desire to conquer career heights, but the paths to achieve the desired diverge and do not intersect. During this period, the compatibility of the Snake and the Tiger drops significantly, because the couple is just beginning to realize the dissimilarity of their foundations and values. Experienced Tigers will definitely want to "teach" the Snake life, but this will be a fatal mistake. Two proud people would rather cross each other off their contacts in a scandal than seek an elusive compromise.

Snake Man and Tiger Woman

The future of the pair of Snake man and Tiger woman cannot be predicted. Either approaching, now moving away, these signs cannot find a golden mean in any way, where everyone will be comfortable. Going to extremes, they seek the truth where there is none, along the way destroying the shaky connection. The path to salvation is awareness and calmness. The Snake will stop "dumping" all housework to his spouse, will be more actively engaged in housekeeping and general boring chores. And the Tiger woman will weaken her ambitious impulses and stop reproaching the man for laziness and selfishness. Quarrels in such a family are almost inevitable, because each of the signs is right in its own way. Constructive dialogues can help clarify a lot, but the signs will not be enough to understand their mistakes. They will have to give up some principles in order to stay together. Joint leisure or active tourism will help smooth out the rough edges.

Snake Woman and Tiger Man

The Year of the Snake, according to Eastern teachings, corresponds to the beginning of Yin, and the year of the Tiger — Yang. Therefore, a pair of a woman-Snake and a man-Tiger has a chance to last longer. A successful combination is considered if the elements of the year of birth of the signs coincide. In this case, the wife will be older than her husband, and this has many significant advantages. By being close to a mature and experienced woman, the Tiger will have the opportunity to learn a lot and learn many tricks. However, there is a chance that the power-hungry spouse will suppress leadership qualities in him, inclining him to a measured life. To prevent this from happening, it is enough to have a heart-to-heart talk and discuss the problem. In general, from such a union, the Snake woman will receive loyalty and sincere respect, and the man will appreciate the mind and insight of her friend, and will often turn to her for help. The Snake is a born strategist, and the Tiger loves to act here and now. They would make a well-coordinated team, but difficulties cannot be avoided. Everyday little things and mess, which Snakes cannot stand, will periodically generate noisy scandals. A couple needs to respect each other’s priorities and desires, otherwise such an alliance will not last long.

Snake and Tiger Business Compatibility

Neighboring desktops in the office for Snake and Tiger are still not enough reason to get closer. Rarely distracted by breaks, they may not know about each other’s existence for a long time. By giving all their strength to the performance of work duties, these signs gain a good reputation with colleagues and superiors. Many employers would like to see a cooperative of such hardworking and intelligent people. As long as they work separately, the compatibility of the Snake and the Tiger at work seems high. But they still won’t be able to work in a team, no matter how they strive for it: signs do not hear each other’s arguments and see a personal implication in constructive criticism. Representatives of the Snake sign can greatly regret the working alliance with the Tiger: an overly active colleague will ruin all long-term prospects.

Friendship "to the grave" is definitely not about the Snake and the Tiger. Despite the fact that both signs are good friends and are ready for a lot for the sake of their loved ones, they are unlikely to find an approach to each other. An important component of successful contact between them is an interesting leisure time for both. Where it is customary to have fun, serious disagreements await the signs: Snakes are not ready to sacrifice their usual calm for the sake of new sensations that the Tiger needs. This makes it almost impossible to spend time together. It is extremely important for Snakes to receive confirmation from others that they are unsurpassed, and representatives of the Year of the Tiger do not differ in generosity in compliments. Devaluation of the partner’s successes noticeably lowers the compatibility of the Snake with the Tiger in friendship. Failure to admit one’s own mistakes can quickly make former comrades irreconcilable enemies.

Snake and Tiger Love Compatibility

The cold-bloodedness inherent in the representatives of the year of the Snake often prevents them from making new romantic acquaintances. By carefully choosing a partner, this sign breaks one heart after another, without even knowing it. An exception will be the confident Tiger, who can stand out from the crowd and show his exclusivity. A passion for a new lover can last for months. And it may not endure even the weeks of existence of this contradictory union. The compatibility of the Snake with the Tiger in love depends only on themselves. Having successfully avoided the first problems, the couple will be able to confidently move on: a compromise will most likely be found.

Romantic moments are very important in the relationship between the Snake and the Tiger. Both signs prefer not to talk openly about their desires, but both will like a romantic candlelight dinner. A great solution would be a joint ride on horses or bicycles. It is not dangerous enough to scare away the Snake, but active enough to meet the needs of the Tiger. The Chinese horoscope speaks controversially about this pair. Many adjustments in their interaction are made by the elements of the year of birth of the signs. With successful combinations, the compatibility of the Snake and the Tiger in the relationship will be high, and in some other cases, extremely low.

Snake and Tiger Sexual Compatibility

In an intimate sense, the differences between the signs will reach a minimum. The sexual life of such a couple is characterized by diversity, brightness and mutual desire. Non-trivial Tigers are famous for being good lovers: they know how to surprise in bed. It is very important for these signs to create the right atmosphere and tune in to intimacy correctly. The compatibility of the Snake and the Tiger in bed largely depends on this. The more aesthetics and beauty in the environment, the more chances for a pleasant evening. Spontaneous sex is not to the liking of the representatives of the Snakes, so the Tigers should learn how to present them with small romantic gifts.

The peculiarity of the relationship between the Snake and the Tiger is that this couple can become very close thanks to intimacy. Joint discussions of their own desires, trips to specialty stores — all this will unite a couple much stronger than common interests and working moments. The compatibility of the Snake with the Tiger in bed, in comparison with their other areas of life, is the highest. Attraction to each other does not disappear over time and only gets stronger. This is able to preserve the relationship between them, since during sex, both signs forget about everyday problems and give themselves up to each other. Snakes are natural seducers, and Tigers are happy to fall into their networks. Signs know how to satisfy a partner and make it a priority.

Snake and Tiger Family Compatibility

The Chinese horoscope cannot give a definite description of the family relationship between the Snake and the Tiger. On the one hand, they will not be able to get along side by side because of the opposite views and opinions. On the other hand, each of them can be responsible for their own, separate, sphere of family life, and then an ideal balance will arise. The compatibility of the Snake and the Tiger in marriage is directly proportional to the desire of the spouses to live peacefully. The ability to compromise cannot come from just one side. Snakes are more inclined to give in to a stubborn roommate, but this is fraught with accumulating discontent. At some point, the Tigers may find a farewell note on the table.

Disputes in the Snake and Tiger family often relate to the material basis. The opinions of the signs in the areas of savings and purchases differ significantly. Snakes love to save money, and Tigers prefer to realize their desires without regard to funds. If the family adopts a system of separate incomes, then things will be somewhat better. Strict agreements will save the spouses’ nerves. The compatibility of the Snake and the Tiger in family life is not the highest, but sufficient for a happy marriage. Signs should distribute responsibilities and understand how different they are.

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