Tiger and Dog Compatibility

Tiger compatibility with Dog is considered one of the best in the Chinese horoscope. These people get along well with each other. The brave, strong-willed, generous Tigers respect the faithful, kind and honest Dogs. Representatives of these zodiac signs harmoniously interact in all areas of life. Both can be friends, love, work in a team, compromise. They have similar ideas about family values, money, parenting. The stars gave these people excellent compatibility in intimate relationships.

Compatibility Horoscope for Tiger and Dog

Both signs represent the masculine beginning — Yang. But possible conflicts are smoothed out by their elemental elements. Wood — "softens" the character of the Tigers with compassion and virtue, and metal — gives the Dogs individualism and determination. The compatibility of the Tiger with the Dog is due to the similarity of life principles and goals. They know how to coexist harmoniously together — understand, respect the interests, feelings of each other, provide assistance and support. They like to enjoy each other’s company, build joint plans. However, both love fun, noisy companies. Mutual sexual appeal strengthens compatibility.

But not everything is so rosy in this combination of signs. Dogs sometimes do not understand the impulsiveness of the Tigers, whose life credo is “the main thing — to engage in battle, and there we will act according to circumstances.” Tigers sometimes can’t put up with the excessive thoroughness of Dogs who are sure that the sequence “money in the morning — chairs in the evening” should always be respected. In addition, representatives of both signs seek to “seize power” in the relationship. For them, being successful means being the first. The compatibility of the Tiger with the Dog promises to be favorable if the partners learn to fully trust each other, abandon the struggle for leadership.

Tiger Man and Dog Woman

The horoscope sees the perfect union of the Tiger man and the Dog woman. This couple respects the classic style of relationship. The husband is the head and earner, the wife is the reliable rear. The compatibility of these people is based on the complementarity of each other. The impatience, passion, and activity of a Tiger man will be “subdued” by the devotion, respect, and logical behavior of the Dog woman. Their relationship is favorable both in love and in the business field. Tiger man and Dog woman can set ambitious goals for themselves, systematically achieve them. They easily agree on the distribution of duties, responsibilities, priority goals. He — admires her mind, prudence, ability to bring to the end any business. She — understands, respects his aspirations, needs, will never allow absurd attacks or criticism.

Tiger Woman and Dog Man

The opposite union is based on friendship, love, respect. A Tiger woman and a Dog man attract each other at the first meeting. Everyone sees the potential and strength of a partner. They easily make common decisions that are beneficial to both. These people are on the same emotional wave — they are comfortable together, questions about a joint holiday or business do not cause disagreement. In such a pair, the husband often voluntarily gives the “reins” to his wife’s hands without suffering from it at all. Horoscope warns that the full delegation of authority can lead to disappointment of the lady in the partner. Therefore, he advises the man to reserve the solution to some issues, and the woman not to abuse the beloved’s trust.

Tiger and Dog Business Compatibility

The business horoscope sees the high compatibility of such a tandem. Tiger and Dog share common goals. They are able to lead people. At the same time, they will not “play” in tug of war. The compatibility of the Tiger and the Dog in the work is based on their rationalism, composure, and industriousness. The former take on the role of leader, generator of ideas, and diplomat with pleasure. The second — they love to work for the result, feel their importance, while striving to remain in the shadows. Dogs often lack a fuse, they are overwhelmed by doubts — a predator colleague brings excitement and stability to their activities. Tigers are afraid of deception, betrayal — a faithful dog will not let you down, will substitute a shoulder.

The lowest compatibility of these people in friendship. The horoscope explains this by the opposite attitude to hobbies, hobbies. Incredibly active in life, the Tigers prefer a comfortable, passive rest — sunbathing on the beach, walking in the park. They are rarely interested in sports, extreme entertainment. Restrained Dogs like to relax actively — live in a tent, go kayaking. They crave movement, new emotions, impressions. The compatibility of the Tiger and the Dog in friendship has the prospect if there are common hobbies that do not carry any practical benefit, except for pleasure. Then these people can become true friends for many years.

Tiger and Dog Love Compatibility

The love compatibility of such partners is very high. Different characters attract these people to each other, and similar life values form a strong, happy union. The compatibility of the Tiger and the Dog in love is based on mutual respect, understanding the differences in some views of each other. In this case, no one pulls a blanket over himself, but gives another freedom of action. True, there is a danger of "invasion" of such an idyll of jealousy. The Chinese horoscope advises both partners to control this feeling, often remind each other of their love.

Tiger and Dog are unlikely to fall in love at first sight. Rationalism, caution will force a long and careful look at each other. But the gradual development of relations gives everyone confidence in the reliability, fidelity, and indispensability of a partner. The compatibility of the Tiger with the Dog in a relationship is explained by the general outlook on life, the ability to establish a joint life. They will not have disputes over the distribution of the joint budget. They can negotiate, prioritize life. Mutual physical attractiveness, which is often already felt when meeting people, strengthens compatibility.

Tiger and Dog Sexual Compatibility

These people have high sexual compatibility. Unity of views extends to the intimate sphere of life. Both love the romantic surroundings of relationships, prefer the comfort of their own bedroom to spontaneous contacts. Lovers feel each other’s desires, know how to enjoy sex, easily communicate on an intimate topic, and are ready to make a novelty in a relationship. Passion and sensuality between them do not disappear with time. These couples do not like to publicly show feelings. But being alone, they can spend hours in an embrace watching a series or discussing life plans.

At the same time, spontaneous passion in a secluded place is not alien to them. Such situations bring brightness and mystery to intimate life. The high compatibility of the Tiger and the Dog in bed is due to the mutual desire to strengthen the union. Intimate satisfaction is no less important for both than well-being. Understanding this, caring for each other’s feelings brings the partners together, making a harmonious, happy life together.

Tiger and Dog Family Compatibility

The horoscope predicts the favorable compatibility of the Tiger and Dogs in marriage. These people strive for prosperity, well-being, comfort. Between them rarely conflicts, disagreements arise. The rationalism of both encourages a systematic, joint movement towards common goals. The compatibility of the Tiger with the Dog in marriage allows them to work fruitfully on creating a strong family. Equipped lifestyle, material well-being, harmonious sexual relations are important for both. Husband and wife will be faithful to each other, they will not have disputes when raising children. The horoscope advises this pair to identify a leading partner at the beginning of a relationship. Then the marriage union will be comfortable for both spouses.

The family life of such a couple seems ideal. It really could be so. Joint solutions are easy for them. Both are able to find a common language with relatives of the second half, they love how to earn and spend money. A balanced, wise Dog will find arguments that can calm at times the "raging" proud Tiger. Spouses are encouraged to learn how to express emotions, openly discuss negative aspects. Tiger-Dog compatibility in family life can be staggered by jealousy. What can happen due to excessive enthusiasm for life outside the family – work, hobbies, community service. The second half will doubt their own need for a partner. The horoscope advises this couple to regularly rest together away from home, colleagues, relatives, friends.

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