Tiger and Dragon Compatibility

The Union of the Tiger and the Dragon is a real bomb — its explosive power is so strong. Both signs have plenty of vital energy, but their compatibility largely depends on which direction it will be directed. The Tiger with the Dragon has a high chance of creating a powerful tandem if their interests converge, and after achieving a common goal, its result will not have to be divided. But in the case when they have to confront each other, the battle will be very fierce, and the defeated will have a hard time.

Compatibility Horoscope for Tiger and Dragon

The horoscope of compatibility of the Tiger and the Dragon implies a reliable and long-term union of these signs. If their destinies are destined to cross, then such an acquaintance will not end quickly. Both appreciate activity, representing for each other both excellent partners and worthy rivals. The Tiger with the Dragon is extremely honest and straightforward in their relationship. They do not go around and around the problem, preferring to discuss the differences as quickly as possible, and in such a way as to resolve the issue in their favor. The Tiger and the Dragon are prone to vivid quarrels that go very emotionally. It is very difficult for others to relieve conflicting people of these signs.

However, even frequent scandals and misunderstandings do not adversely affect the compatibility of the Tiger with the Dragon. The debate will last until someone’s victorious end, without turning into a status of vendetta for past grievances. But it is much more profitable for both signs to cooperate. In a partner, everyone will see a reliable ally. Both sincerely admire each other’s merits, determination and courage, charisma and the ability to find beautiful ways out of the most difficult situations. Mutual respect becomes the key to good compatibility between the Tiger and the Dragon, since without it, creating a reliable union for any pair is not possible.

Tiger Man and Dragon Woman

The tandem of the Tiger man and Dragon woman may be ideal. Both signs are emotional and confident in their actions. The man will be subdued by the bright appearance of the woman, her ability to stay in society, the ability to quickly gain authority. She will always be welcome for him. A woman will also be flattered by the attention of a strong spirit, and often a physically strong man. In this tandem, everyone will play a traditional role: the native element of the Tiger Tree can deplete the energy of the Earth — the element of the Dragon, which will lead to the manifestation of the dominance of a man over a woman. However, in this case, everyone will have the opportunity to realize themselves. The man will be happy about the leadership position, confirming this in every way with his actions, and the woman will agree that he occupies such a position by right, and will obey him.

Tiger Woman and Dragon Man

The Tiger woman and the Dragon man are not the most successful union. In such a pair, quarrels arise even because of trifles, quickly switching to emotions. A woman will seek to suppress a man, with which the latter will strongly disagree. This can turn the relationship into an eternal war, but there will also be thaws and periods of rest in such a tandem. Compatibility of signs can be significantly improved if a woman begins to pay more attention to household issues and routine matters, which she considers very boring. A man will definitely appreciate such steps and will try to thank her. A Tiger and a Dragon in such a pair can come to an understanding if everyone dies their egoism and tries to turn their forces not to confrontation, but to achieve common goals.

Tiger and Dragon Business Compatibility

Tiger and Dragon compatibility in work is very high. Both signs have excellent business acumen, make lightning decisions and understand each other perfectly. They are always ready to take risks, they can easily bluff and improvise, confusing competitors. Such a tandem will be very successful. However, the weakness of this union is the lack of interest in routine work. For its implementation, it is easier for them to find a third person than to try to shove an unloved occupation onto a partner. The Tigers and the Dragon have a similar attitude to wealth — they spend money as easily as they earn. For both, the process leading to victory is more important than enjoying the result.

Tiger and Dragon compatibility in friendship is also high. They can make friends even in the process of conflict, in which everyone will appreciate the character of the opponent. Comrades will quickly find common topics for conversation, their pastime will never seem boring to them. Fighters by nature, they will often sort things out and get real pleasure from it, but the union itself will not suffer at all from such a confrontation. In any difficult situations, they quickly join forces, and their inherent optimism and unbending will overcome many adversities before which others would give up. This is the secret of their high compatibility — they consider themselves worthy of each other.

Tiger and Dragon Love Compatibility

The compatibility of the Tiger with the Dragon in the relationship is high. Feelings between them flare up instantly. The lively interest will be caused by the emotionality and originality of the partner with which each of the signs is endowed. Both are interesting interlocutors; they never get bored with each other. The candy-bouquet period is distinguished by an unforgettable romance and a wonderful pastime, for which none of them will spare the material means. People of this sign will never sit in one place — traveling and visiting unusual beautiful places, new cities and countries will perfectly refresh their feelings.

Problems in the compatibility of the Tiger and the Dragon in love can arise when it comes to formalizing their relationship. Both are very difficult to part with their freedom, because such a serious step may not go soon. It is easier for them to maintain a romantic relationship while maintaining independence than to take responsibility for the future family. Very often, the Tiger and the Dragon break up, long after that remaining good friends, keeping in touch. This also happens because in their beloved person they also see a worthy partner, with whom they go hand in hand through life.

Tiger and Dragon Sexual Compatibility

Tiger and Dragon compatibility in bed is much higher than average. Both signs are very temperamental; they like to express their emotions with intimacy. The Tiger is hardy and passionate, will never allow a partner to feel unwanted. The Dragon will also contribute in the form of a variety of experiments. Their intimate life will always be eventful and regular. Both the Tiger and the Dragon are characterized by increased attraction, sex is very important for them. However, signs should not pull into bed quarrels and conflicts from other spheres of life.

If the Tiger is in disagreement with the Dragon, their compatibility in sex may suffer, since the clarification of the relationship will certainly last in bed. However, often this gives the exact opposite result: lovers after a quarrel just ended have a strong passion for each other, which guarantees them vigorous sex. Often you can hear from such couples that after scandals, intimacy is the most vivid of emotions. Over time, the attraction between the Tiger and the Dragon does not weaken — on the contrary, everyone is convinced of the rich imagination of their partner.

Tiger and Dragon Family Compatibility

The compatibility of the Tiger and the Dragon in marriage can be called high. Although for many their union seems too full of emotions and scandals, this will not affect the relationship in a couple. Spouses are quite capable of reaching the correct opinion and without the help of outsiders, their marriage will be self-sufficient. Both know the value of material wealth, and such a family will most likely not be in poverty. Signs are very energetic, not afraid of hard work in order to increase their general well-being. They treat the same expenses and can easily part with a tidy sum for the sake of a good family vacation. This approach allows you to keep passionate feelings for each other even after many years of marriage.

One of the nuances that adversely affects the compatibility of the Tiger and the Dragon in family life is everyday household chores. Both characters will avoid them. Most likely, they will go to the Dragon, however, the Tiger will also be required at least a symbolic participation in the elimination of routine problems. As a rule, people of these signs who have reached adulthood are happier in marriage. This happens because they make compromises more easily, life experience tells them that it is not always possible to achieve harmony by stubbornness. Judiciousness and mutual concessions will only increase the compatibility of such a pair. In this way, they can improve the family atmosphere. On the whole, their life together will bring satisfaction to both of them.

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